Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Short Story: A Cable Car Ride

The rain from the morning has died down a little as Madeline laid in bed, cuddled within her soft, white linen sheets, hearing the birds chirp away outside her window, watching her curtains sway in the morning breeze. Today is the first morning after her exams has ended, and Madeline haven’t felt so relaxed and so carefree in the longest time ever since school started last August. She turned around in her blankets to look at Chris, his eyes closed and his chest heaving with each breath he took. Even after a few years of being attached with him since her JC years, Madeline thought him to look so devilishly handsome, and she never failed to feel herself falling in love with this man all over again as she woke up next to his sleeping face. Sex last night felt really good, and it was even better, their bodies having spent 3 weeks without sex due to the exam period.

As Madeline got out of bed, her slight movement woke Chris up. ‘Good morning dear.’ She gave him a light peck on the cheek, even as Chris rubbed the sleepiness from his eyes. Today was the day that they would go out together for a date after exams, and Madeline could barely contain her excitement. Both of them got out of bed and slowly got dressed, Madeline putting on a romper that she got just before exams started, saving the new outfit for their first date after the end of their exams.

‘How do I look?’ Madeline turned a circle, letting Chris see what she was wearing. Chris was still half dressed, standing beside her cupboard half-nude, just like one of those A&F models. Chris walked over to her, hugged her around the waist and whispered in her ear ‘You always look beautiful, dear.’ He paused for a while to let his breath fall across her ears, one of Madeline’s sensitive spots for arousal. Madeline closed her eyes and felt his soft breath fall on her ears, and she let out a gasp as he gave her ear a playful nibble, sending a little sensation of pleasure from the stimulation all over her body. It brought back Madeline’s memories of their lovemaking from last night, a little reminder of the slight yet comfortable soreness between her legs. Madeline felt herself getting a little aroused from the slight touch, and slowly moved away from his embrace. Chris then went and got dressed, wearing a matching color to suit Madeline’s romper.

It was a bright and sunny day, with a slight breeze in the wind, an excellent day for going out. Madeline was almost jumping around for joy, glad to be out seeing the sun and the bright colors all around her, as if the ending of exams was the beginning of life and everything good. She held Chris’s hands firmly with her small hands, her other hand holding onto her purse. Madeline has been planning for this date for quite a while now, since she found it rather distressing to plan for dates during her exam period.

Despite being over twenty, there was something about relieving her childhood memories that she cherished, be it visiting the zoo, the Jurong Bird Park, or even taking the cable car, which is what she has planned for today. Being a weekday, there was a slight queue at the cable car station. Visitors include little kids with their parents, all whom seem to be around their primary school age. Madeline remembered the first time she sat in a cable car. She was in primary school, much like the children around her. She was fascinated about the cable car and was extremely excited to sit upon the moving metal box, her face pressed against the glass windows as she observed the city landscape from the cable car.

Madeline and Chris managed to get onto a cable car of their own, and both of them had the one car to themselves. As the cable car started to move off from the cable car station, the city view came into view, and Madeline stood in front of the windows, taking photos of Singapore’s beautiful landscape. And of course, not missing out the selfie with Chris in the cable car.

They embraced each other and enjoyed the ride, the cable car gently swaying in the wind. Chris had his hands around her waist, and his other hand moved to caress her cheek, bringing her face in for a light kiss. The romance of the moment was too much for Madeline to bear, and she decided to reciprocate the kiss, lifting her lips once again to his mouth, feeling his soft lips and wetting her lips against his.

A little aroused from this morning, Madeline wanted to see if she could take this a step further. She placed her hands around his broad shoulders, pulled his head in for a deeper kiss, their lips opening to allow their tongues to explore one another’s mouths. Madeline tilted her head a little, allowing Chris to push his tongue into her mouth, and he drew circles around her mouth and her lips, an action that never failed to cause Madeline to shudder with pleasure as little sparks of electricity seemed to flow through her body, hardening her nipples under her romper, giving her pussy a little moisture between her legs as it started to get a little warm down there.

Madeline moved her hands all over Chris, feeling his defined jawline, moving down to his muscular chest, well defined abs and caressing him all over. Her hands moved further down, and she felt the stiffness in his pants, a hardness signaling to her that she was not the only one aroused at that point in time. And there they were, making out in a cable car dangling over the city.

Madeline broke away from the kiss, and found herself looking deep into Chris’s eyes, eyes that seemed to turn a lighter shade of brown from the sunlight shining into the cable car, making him look even hotter than she ever thought possible. Madeline placed her face close to his chest, inhaling the masculine musk that he gave off, the smell that she never got accustomed to even after all these years, the smell that turns her on further as they enjoy the scenic city view. She moved lower, and the smell changed as she reached his pants, a smell of arousal that she knew so well, one that she enjoyed last night.

Unzipping his pants, Madeline placed her thumbs under the waistband of his boxers and pulled down to reveal the hardness that she was looking for. Looking up, Chris seemed to be enjoying what she was doing, and he looked at her with a loving smile. Madeline gripped his cock with her small hands, and she lowered her head to his cock, her lips engulfing his fleshy rod of pleasure. Her tongue got to work, swirling around the head of his cock. As she did that, she slowly bobbed her head up and down, only able to reach half of the shaft as his cock was too big for her to take all of it into her mouth.

She looked up once again, half of Chris’s cock in her mouth. His head was thrown back and he was facing the sky, his eyes closed and his mouth hanging open. Madeline loved that expression of his, a facial expression that told her she had what it takes to pleasure her man. She continued to bob her head up and down the head of his cock, her small hands starting to stroke what she could not fit into her mouth, her tongue swirling the head of his cock. Not long later, Madeline felt his cock stiffen up, a sign of his approaching orgasm. Relaxing her mouth a little, she started to stroke his cock faster, her mouth sealed tightly over his cock.

Chris let out a moan just as the tension in his cock released, depositing spurt after spurt of cum into her mouth. Having relaxed her mouth, cum filled her mouth, making her mouth a temporary cum reservoir. Feeling the spurts getting lesser and softer in quantity and force, Madeline started to swallow it all, having no place for her to spit out the cum. She swallowed it all, and took to cleaning Chris’s cock with her mouth. She licked him clean and sucked him dry, making sure that there was no left over cum.

Slowly, the couple felt the cable car coming to a halt. Madeline wondered what was going on, seeing that they were equidistance from the cable car station they just left and the one they were approaching. An announcement came on ‘Ladies and gentleman, we’re so sorry for the slight delay in the cable car ride. We will be stopping the cable cars for a short while to carry out some checks on the cable cars. Please do not panic, and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.’

Well, so not only do MRTs breakdown, but cable cars as well? Sigh. Seizing the opportunity, Madeline stood up again, gazing out of the window. The adjacent cable car compartments were at least 100m away, both filled with families wondering why the cable cars have stopped. Turning back to face Chris, ‘Well it seems that we have some time to waste on our hands. Shall we continue?’

She was quite sure that the other two cable cars would not be able to see exactly what was going on in their compartment. Madeline slowly eased out of her cardigan, her slender arms coming free from it. Walking teasingly towards Chris, she started to do a little striptease from him, sliding the top of her romper off her shoulders, leaving the excess material bunched up around her waist. Madeline was wearing a white lacy bra, which were holding her breasts under the sunlight streaming into the cable car.

She pushed her cleavage into Chris’s face, feeling him take a deep breath of whatever feminine smell that was on her. His strong hands cradled her back, feeling her butt cheeks and giving them a playful squeeze. Chris started to give Madeline’s breasts the attention that she wanted, leaving using his lips to trace a line of kisses around her bra. One of his hands moved under her strap, pulling one cup downwards, revealing Madeline’s breasts in broad daylight in the cable car dangling over the city. The excitement thrilled her, being exposed in public, and Madeline turned to look at the adjacent cable cars, feeling naughty that anyone could be watching her make out with Chris in the cable car.

Chris gave her nipple a flick with his tongue, then proceeded to tease her by drawing imaginary circles around her nipple. Madeline’s erect nipples were really sensitive, each movement by Chris causing her to moan slightly, her nipples begging for more attention even as he teased her. Without notice, Chris pulled Madeline forcefully towards him, his mouth engulfing as much of Madeline’s boob as possible, his sucking more forceful than before. The roughness of the situation, of being handled by Chris made Madeline really horny, and she wanted to have him inside her at that moment.

Knowing what she wanted, Chris pulled the rest of her romper down, and Madeline was left with only a pair of matching white lingerie in the cable car. Moving her thong to the side, Madeline exposed her shaven mound to Chris. She positioned her pussy over his dick, his cock still hard from the stimulation despite having orgasm-ed just moments ago. She straddled his hips, and slowly lowered herself over his cock, feeling the warm flesh fill her up inside. Her pussy was really wet from all the teasing and foreplay, and there was almost no friction at all as the width of Chris’s cock parted her pussy lips, and he entered her. There was even a wet sound as his cock entered her fully, his entire length sunk deep into her. Madeline enjoyed the full feeling of being filled with his cock, and she never got tired of how it made her feel, like she was truly his.

She started to ride on his cock slowly, feeling the thick meat slowly being pulled out to be pushed back into her again, reaching deep within her innermost privates. She threw her head back in pleasure from being filled up, her moans escaping from her mouth. Chris continued to fondle with her breasts, and by this time both of her breasts were exposed to the sun, her pale and slender body displayed for all who could see, her nipples a shade of light brown in the afternoon sun.

Whirring noises started above them and the cable car started to move again, but the couple weren’t distracted by the noise from their heated exchange. Madeline knew she had to hurry if she wanted to finish her orgasm. She started to move faster over Chris’s dick, feeling and enjoying thoroughly the length of him moving deep into her. Chris seemed to understand her situation, and assisted her by thrusting his cock into her every time she came down, synchronizing his up thrusts with her downward movements, his cock really penetrating deep into her. Madeline started to moan louder, almost screaming at the pleasure of sex. Chris continued to play with her breasts, his hands groping her breasts wildly and his lips constantly wrapped around one of her nipples.

Madeline tightened herself as she felt the orgasm approaching, preparing for the pleasure that was to come. She continued to push her tight pussy over Chris’s big cock, her pussy trying to milk him of all that he has to offer. Chris enjoyed the tightness of her pussy, Madeline’s well-trained muscles squeezed tight and grinding over his cock.

As the continued to approach their destination, Madeline estimated the remaining distance to be about 1km away. The family in the cable car in front of them still did not seem to notice them at all, seemingly still transfixed by the scenery that Singapore had to offer them. Madeline gave one last push and held Chris’s cock deep within her, her innermost regions being the tightest part of her. The additional tightness pushed Chris over the edge first, his cock releasing the second load of the day, spilling his seed deep into her. The warmth of his cum was all that Madeline needed to push her over the edge, her body shuddering as the waves of pleasure started to explode from within her, her head thrown back and her mouth open in a mid-moan.

As she felt the last intense wave of her orgasm pass by her, Madeline got off from Chris’s dick, feeling the gaping hole that his dick just filled moments ago, already missing the fullness of his dick within her. She moved the crotch of her panties back over her pussy again, feeling a little of Chris’s cum flow out of her and onto the lacy material.

The cable car was quickly approaching their destination, and Madeline hurriedly put on her romper, dusting off the dirt gathered onto her romper from the floor of the cable car. Just as they pulled in into the alighting bay, Madeline managed to put her cardigan back on, stepping out of the cable car compartment onto solid ground once again. The cable car ride was amazing, and it was indeed a delight to relieve her childhood memories, especially with a little added fun to it.