Saturday, April 25, 2015

Short Story: Getting MC

Eileen was in her final year of studying Medicine at university, and as required by all Year 5 Medicine students, she had to go on an internship with a medical institution, in order to gain a first-hand experience of what it is like to practice Medicine in the real world. Due to her overseas exchange from the previous semester, Eileen was slightly delayed from returning back to Singapore to attend the interviews for her internship opportunities. In the end, she missed out on several golden opportunities to complete her internship opportunities. In the end, she missed out on several golden opportunities to complete her internship at more renowned hospitals, and she had to settle for an internship under the Ministry of Health, as a trainee doctor at the poly clinic near her house.

During the past 2 months as a trainee doctor, Eileen was familiarized with the regular patients that visited the polyclinic. They were made up of mostly the elderly coming for their regular medical checkups, or young mothers coming to do their scheduled medical examinations on their newborn child. Occasionally, she would encounter students or young adults, feigning illnesses in order to get a medical certificate (MC) to serve as a valid reason for absence from school or from work. This particular group of patients intrigued Eileen the most, as she was amused by how they feigned sickness, with common symptoms such as a runny nose, nausea and vomiting, and ‘braver’ patients claiming to have had high fever the night before, that seems to have mysteriously subsided that morning. Due to this, Eileen had to discern between patients who are really sick, and patients who are just pretending. Being a student herself, she was actually quite good at identifying those feigning sicknesses.

It was a Monday morning. Resisting the urge to go back to sleep, and Eileen put on a white tank top and a matching skirt, and made her way to work. Her slim and petite body fitted well in the clothes that she wore, but it was a little disappointing that she had to wear a doctor’s coat to cover up due to the cold and professionalism. Thinking about it, Monday happens to be a day where there were a lot more students or young adults feigning sick, as these people wanted an extended weekend to spend at home, away from their school or work. Settling down at her desk, she buzzed in her first patient of that day, an elderly grandma, coming to do a regular checkup on her aching back problems. After doing the necessary checks and prescribing the correct medicine, Eileen sent her patient on her way to the dispensary. Eileen buzzed in her next patient, and turned to the examination bed to prepare the bed for her next patient.

‘Um… Good morning doctor?’ It was a polite voice, and the unmistakable voice of a young man. Eileen turned around as her next patient peeked in. She took a quick glance at the name on top of the medical documents on her table, and replied ‘Yes come in and sit, Jun Li.’

Jun Li walked in hesitantly, making his way to sit on a chair beside Eileen’s desk. Eileen estimated his age to be about 18 or 19, and he had quite a well-built figure. Looking at the waiting slip that he has in his hands, Eileen noted the green colored card that he was hold onto as well, indicating that perhaps Jun Li was still serving his National Service in the army. Perhaps that’s why he was quite well-built and fit.

Eileen took a seat at her desk, and took a closer look at his face. Well he seems to be pretty cute. She noted his sharp features, tanned complexion and his eyes a shade of dark brown under the light. His hair was neatly trimmed at the sides and the back, the standard look of someone still serving the army.

‘So what brings you here…?’

‘Erm… I think I caught a flu. Plus I had a sore throat developing this morning.’

‘Open your mouth and say ah…’ Jun Li obeyed, and Eileen took a torch light to shine into Jun Li’s mouth, looking to check for symptoms of a sore throat. At that point in time, Eileen’s doctor’s coat opened up, revealing to Jun Li her petite body figure in her tank top. Eileen was used to stares, and continued to examine her patient. Jun Li’s throat seemed to be doing fine, and Eileen could not spot any inflammation nor any distinct features of a sore throat. Eileen took her torchlight away, and she started to suspect that Jun Li may be trying to feign sickness to get an MC. She forced a frown, long enough to make sure that Jun Li noticed her feigned confusion.

‘Are you sure you’re having a sore throat? Can you describe how you felt?’

‘Erm… It just felt like a sore throat lor, like my throat was really dry and it was quite painful trying to drink water.’ Jun Li seemed to be panicking, a clear sign to Eileen that he wasn’t really sick, but trying his best to feign his illness to get an MC. Eileen thought about it again, and thought that perhaps she could have some fun with Jun Li.

‘Well Jun Li, from what I can see, you aren’t having a sore throat, and it seems to me like there’s nothing serious at all.’ His face started to turn pale, and Jun Li was clearly having second thoughts of his actions. From all the stories that Eileen has heard from her guy friends in medical school, failure to produce an MC on a day of absence would warrant someone to get a punishment of extra duties at the least, with the worst outcome being imprisonment in the Detention Barracks due to Absence without Official Leave. She also knew that the punishment for feigning illness would be more severe, so she decided to take this even further.

‘From what I can see in your medical documents, you’re currently serving in the army. As far as I can tell, I do not think that you’re ill in any way, and I suspect that you’re pretending to be sick to get an MC. You do know that this is a very serious offense?’ Well, the medical documents bore no information of that sort, but Eileen was sure that her statements hit the target right on the mark, as she saw Jun Li’s face drain of all color and the poor boy breaking out in cold sweat. Jun Li was silent was Eileen continued to pretend to be the serious and righteous doctor, giving him a look that she was sure made him even more frightened of the consequences that could come.

‘Well, seeing as how this is, I think I’ll have to inform my superiors about this.’ Eileen was throwing all her eggs into this bet, hoping that Jun Li would try his best to persuade her otherwise.

‘I’m so sorry! Please don’t do anything! I just want an MC to take a longer weekend off!’ Jun Li was really panicking by now, and he was looking at me with his eyes almost tearing, being on the brink of tears.

‘Well, why should I give you an MC then?’ Eileen was dangling a carrot above Jun Li’s head, hoping that he will take the bait.

‘Please doctor, I’ll do anything.’ These words were what she wanted to hear, and Eileen was glad that her blackmail was so successful, now having the power to make Jun Li do whatever that she wants. She has always had a fantasy of having a guy at her control, and she relished at the power of being able to do ask him to do whatever she wanted of him. She smiled a sly smile, just enough to make Jun Li relax just a little, wondering about the impact of what he just said.

‘You sure you’ll do anything? Anything I tell you to do?’

‘Yes…’ He murmured, ashamed of being exposed of his actions.

‘You do know that if you fail to comply with the punishment I have in store for you, I’ll just have to do what I mentioned earlier, and I’m sure that’s not what you want right?’

‘Yes. I’m so sorry.’

Satisfied with his answers, Eileen mentioned for him to stand up and come over to her. She tilted his body to face towards the door, his back to her so he doesn’t know what she is doing. Eileen decided to tease him a little before she did anything to him. She selected a 30cm wooden ruler from her desk, and stroked the wooden ruler along the contours of his body, tracing his shoulder blades, and moving down his spine. As she reached the bottom of his back, Eileen raised the wooden ruler off his body, and brought the flat side of the wooden ruler down onto his butt cheeks with a light smack. Jun Li shuddered a little from the sudden impact, but did not utter a sound. Eileen raised her hands to his butt cheek, caressing the spot that she has just hit.

‘From now on, every time I hit you, I want you to count it in sets of 4, just like you do your physical training from where you come from.’ Without listening for a response, Eileen brought her ruler down onto Jun Li’s butt again, hearing a satisfying smack landing on his firm ass.

‘One Two Three Four. Two two three four. Three…’ Smack after smack she delivered, increasing and decreasing intensity as she wished. As she hit his ass, Jun Li felt humiliated and shamed at the treatment that he is receiving. Despite that, as his body received a beating, he could not resist being turned on at the cute and young doctor hitting his butt cheeks with a ruler, his cock starting to fill with blood just as he felt his butt cheeks turning warm from the beating.

‘Ten two three four.’ Eileen stopped hitting and groped Jun Li’s ass, noticing him jerk upright from the foreign contact that was obviously not her ruler. She tilted her head to the side, noticing that Jun Li had a tent in his pants, the material being stretched to the front to accommodate the erection.

‘Oh you seemed to be really warmed up.’ Eileen said, as she reached forward and with one swift moment, grabbed Jun Li’s growing erection. Jun Li gasped but didn’t make a sound, afraid and confused as to what would happen next. He felt his cock rise further, pushing outwards at his underwear. Eileen grabbed her ruler again, and slowly inserted her ruler into the waist band of Jun Li’s shorts from behind. Catching ahold of his shorts with her ruler, Eileen slowly moved the ruler downwards, pulling Jun Li’s pants off him. His ass had distinct red markings of the ruler, and they glowed slightly pink from the spanking.

She noted his gray underwear, and moved to the front to get a better view of his erection. His cock formed a tent in his briefs, the thick material being propped up by his erection. Not only that, with the material being gray, there was a small circle of precum starting to show on his grey underwear.

‘Why don’t you take this off by yourself?’ Jun Li obeyed without saying a word, taking his underwear off, letting his cock spring upwards in the cold air conditioned room, his cock throbbing from the blood now flowing freely into his cock, fueling his erection. This was the first time a girl has seen his cock, much less a cute and pretty doctor. Ashamed of how he must look now, Jun LI tried to cover his erection with his hands. Yet his hands failed to cover all of his cock, which stood up straight and proud as it can be.

‘Did I give you the permission to cover your cock? Go over to the bed and bend over, and put your head and hands on it.’ Jun Li went over to the bed, and bent over obediently. However, as the bed was rather short relative to his height, he had to open his legs wider to accommodate for his height, bending down in a compromising position, revealing his asshole and all his privates to Eileen from behind.

Now this was really interesting. Eileen thought to herself. From behind, she grabbed Jun Li’s cock and started to stroke it, lubricating his shaft with the precum oozing from the tip of his cock. With her other hand free, she raised her hand to bring it down upon his ass again.

‘Now where is my counting?’ Jun Li obeyed, and started to count in a shuddering voice as Eileen continued to hit his ass and stroke his cock at the same time. It was really tough to multitask, knowing that the cute doctor is stroking his dick with her soft, small hands, her fingers sliding along his cock so smoothly, pausing a little and gently squeezing him just under the head of his cock, where he knew that was the most sensitive region, sending little waves of pleasure along his length. Yet the other hand was giving him pain, smacking his cheeks left and right, all while he was counting the number of times she spanked his ass.

‘Eight… Two… Three…’ Eileen knew that Jun Li was very near his limit, and decided to pause once more at the tip of his cock head, giving him another squeeze before she started stroking his cock faster than before, the entire length of him coated with his precum. Eileen pushed him off the edge, and Jun Li couldn’t hold on to his orgasm any longer. His body shuddered as he came, his cum spurting all over the disposable bedspread Eileen laid out earlier. Eileen hit his ass harder, and pain and pleasure blended into one as Jun Li came jet after jet of hot sticky cum all over the bed.

‘Oh great. Now you’ve dirtied the bed.’ Eileen picked up his underwear off the ground, and used his underwear to wipe off all the cum on the bed, the excess that leaked to the floor, and wiped down Jun Li’s throbbing shaft, which was still as hard as before.

‘Get onto the bed.’ Eileen commanded, and Jun Li obeyed and got onto the bed, lying down on top of the wet spots caused by his cum from earlier. Eileen stretched his underwear onto his face, letting him smell his own cum and preventing him from seeing what she was about to do. Walking to her desk, Eileen selected one of the extra-large gloves meant for doctors with larger hands. She cut off the middle finger section, and turned around to Jun Li. His cock was still standing upright, throbbing along with the blood pumping through his body. Eileen stretched the improvised condom over his manhood, and took off her doctor’s coat. She lifted up her skirt and pulled down the black cotton panties that she was wearing, and noted that her pussy was quite wet from the situation.

Eileen got onto the bed, positioning herself above Jun Li’s cock in a squatting position. As she lowered herself onto him, she directed his cock to the entrance of her pussy and lowered herself onto his cock. Despite the improvised condom not being lubricated, her pussy was wet enough for him. She sank his cock slowly into her, enjoying the feeling as it stretched and pushed at her vaginal walls from within. She continued to lower herself, until he was balls deep inside her and his cock filled her with a sensation of being full. Having a small and petite figure, large cocks felt even better to her than other girls of larger size. Eileen noted that Jun Li’s mouth was opened wide, gasping from the pleasure he felt with the warmth of her pussy engulfing his length.

Despite having orgasm-ed just moments ago, Jun Li’s cock was still hard. The throbbing of his cock felt like mild vibrations within her pussy, massaging her vaginal walls. Eileen started to move her body up and down his shaft, stroking his cock with her pussy gently and slowly. She clenched her muscles, squeezing his cock within her, releasing a moan from Jun Li. She took his hands and placed it upon her chest, and his hands found the small tits that she had, automatically caressing the small mounds on Eileen's chest. Eileen pulled her tank top and bra downwards, allowing Jun Li to toy with her small nipples that were standing outwards, erected from her arousal and the cold. She enjoyed toying with her nipples, as it sent little jolts of ecstasy into her as she rode his cock.

Eileen felt her orgasm slowly approaching, and she tightened her pussy on Jun Li’s cock, and moved faster than ever. She slammed her ass into his balls with all that she had, the rock hard cock reaching into her deepest parts, pleasuring her at places that she could not reach with her mere fingers. To Jun Li, Eileen’s pussy felt better than her fingers from earlier, and felt himself approaching orgasm once more. As the warmth surrounded the entire length of his cock, Jun Li came once more, his body jerking upwards involuntarily, pushing further into Eileen with the strength of his orgasm. Eileen felt the impact drive his cock further into her than she thought possible and she came alongside with him, her pussy squeezing out every ounce of cum that Jun Li had to offer.

Getting off his cock, Eileen took off the improvised condom, sucking and licking the cum off Jun Li's cock. She liked the way his cum tasted, which was probably due to the amount of exercise that he got while in army. She licked off every bit of his cum, even as his cock shrunk to its flaccid state.

Aware that she has spent much time attending to Jun Li, Eileen got off the bed and put her panties and doctor’s coat back on, before moving to her desk to fill in the prescription and MC as needed by Jun Li. She instructed Jun Li to get dressed, and he wore back his cum-stained underwear. Eileen passed Jun Li his three days MC, with the reason being swelling and red rashes over certain parts of his body. As she sent him to the dispensary, she told him: ‘Do come back within three days if symptoms persist. Ask for Dr. Eileen.’

Jun Li left with a smile, knowing that he would definitely come back to Dr. Eileen whenever he needed an MC, or if the swelling in his cock comes back. As she buzzed in her next patient, Eileen continued to work as per normal, this time with her underwear still soaked with her bodily fluids from earlier. Patients who feigned their illnesses were really interesting.