Thursday, April 23, 2015

Short Story: Charmaine

Charmaine has just ended her speech day in school. She walked home with sluggish footsteps, looking forward to finally laying down in her bed again, getting her well needed beauty sleep.

Due to her fatigue from all the fun and hype at the speech day at school, Charmaine failed to notice the presence of several shadows stalking her. Suddenly, she felt her legs being swept out from under her, and her body fell into a person’s arms. Acting on instinct, she tried to hit with her hands, but another pair of arms have grabbed hold of them. As she tried to scream, her mouth was covered with one of her attacker’s hands. A well-coordinated attack, Charmaine was then blindfolded and gagged, and she felt herself being carried off somewhere.

Soon enough, she was thrown onto the floor. The floor felt like a rough carpet, and then, a door slammed shut near her. She began to wonder what was going on. The floor then began to move with her, and Charmaine realized she was in a vehicle. Was she being kidnapped? Hands held her down, and as the vehicle moved, these hands started to touch her in her private areas. She struggled, but she was too tired and weak against the strong hands that held her down.

One of the hands started touching her boobs, circling around it, and squeezed it hard, so hard that Charmaine wanted to scream for the pain to stop through the gag. Hands unbuttoned her blouse, and tugged down her bra violently, exposing her breasts to the cool air inside the vehicle.  Her nipples hardened in the cool air, and she felt one of her nipples being pinched, and pulled at. It was painful, but Charmaine could also feel jolts of electricity running through her body, exciting her despite the situation. Something wet then covered over her other nipple, and she felt suction as something slimy and warm flicked at her nipple. This attacker alternated at sucking and biting her nipple, causing her more pain, which was overwhelmed by her arousal. Charmaine screamed and moaned into her gag, not being able to control the mixed feelings of pain and pleasure.

Yet another hand moved up her thighs, lifting up her skirt and exposing the FBT shorts that she wore underneath. The hand moved over the inner lining of her FBT shorts, stroking her pussy through the thin material. Charmaine felt the vibration before she heard it, as a vibrator was pressed against where her pussy is, moving along her pussy slit, pausing at the top, where her clit is. The combined feelings of pain and pleasure was too much to handle, and as she lost control, Charmaine’s body started to jerk as her back arched, while feelings of ecstasy filled her entire body. She felt the release through her pussy, a feeling as if she peed inside her FBT shorts.

Feeling dazed, Charmaine released that the attackers did not stop. They continued to squeeze and suck at her nipples, while the vibrator was still pressed against her still sensitive pussy. Charmaine felt her FBT and panties being pulled downwards and off her, exposing her naked pussy to her attackers. A long object entered her, moving about inside her, touching the sides of her vagina walls and pushing against them. Charmaine could hear the wet sounds her pussy made as her attacker fingered her, arousing her further despite having just orgasm-ed.

The vehicle stopped, and the door of the vehicle opened once again. The gag was removed from her mouth, and Charmaine remembered her voice. She screamed and she yelled for her attackers to stop, despite her body enjoying all that was being done to her. Mid-scream, a hand grabbed her ponytail and something warm and large filled her mouth, pushing all the way inwards, past her teeth, over her tongue and to the entrance of her throat. Charmaine choked violently, spit covering the dick that was now in her mouth in place of the gag. The dick smelled bad to her, a musky smell with a hint of urine, and she felt disgusted at such a filthy object in her mouth. She tried to scream for him to stop, yet as she tried, her moth opened wider and loosened her throat, allowing her attacker to deep throat her mouth and fuck her face. Charmaine felt the dick throb and pulse in her mouth, as spurts of thick and gooey cum hit the back of her throat. Surprised, Charmaine swallowed all of it, feeling the thick cum going down her throat.

The dick was removed, but before Charmaine could gasp for air, another took its place, filling her mouth once more. She felt her hips being lifted forward at the same time, and fingers were removed from her pussy. In place, something else filled her, pushing into her smoothly with her pussy being so wet. Yet it encountered resistance as Charmaine was still a virgin. The dick pushed through forcefully, causing Charmaine to scream once more, allowing her to be deep throated. Pain and pleasure overlapped as she was fucked brutally in her mouth and pussy, and she came once again, squeezing and sucking into her pussy whatever cum there was from the dick inside her.

Her attackers continually replaced one after another, and throughout the course of the fuck session, the accumulative semen leaked from the side of her mouth onto her boobs, her pussy felt sore from all the fucking, and she lost count of the times she came. Yet she still wanted more, even as the vehicle door was opened and she was tossed from it.

With her hands free, Charmaine removed her blindfold and saw that they left her back at where they picked her up. Her gray skirt was soaked with her squirt and her entire uniform was dotted with random spots of white semen spilled from her mouth and her pussy. Her attackers had taken her panty, bra and FBT shorts as souvenirs, and left her naked under her uniform. As she stood on her feet, she stumbled, buckling at her knees and sore between her legs. Making sure her body was covered decently again, Charmaine struggled step by step, walking home with a breeze under her skirt.