Thursday, April 23, 2015

Short Story: Joycelyn

With cheerleading competition finally over, Joycelyn could finally afford to take a rest. Without weekly cheer practices to take up her time during the night, she can finally put the spare time at night to better use, spending much needed time to revise her school work.

Back before school started, she thought Majoring in Mathematics was going to be easy, but it wasn’t easy at all. Now that she’s in Semester 2, proving Mathematical Theorems wasn’t easy, and she was on an ever uphill slope trying to even understand a gist of what she is doing. Ever since she has enrolled into university, Joycelyn has been struggling with never ending commitments: cheerleading, hall activities, advertising for her sponsors, all of them taking up so much of her time that she was unable to cope well with her studies last year.

The clock on her table read 2am. It was rather late in hall, but Joycelyn was struggling to keep awake trying to understand what was gone through in lectures in the past half of the semester. She felt at a loss, knowing that her peers in school most probably understand the concepts better than her. Joycelyn pushed her chair away from the table, and leaned back against the back of the chair, heaving a high sigh. Her roommate was not around as she had gone clubbing, and Joycelyn listened to the quietness of the night, the chirping of insects outside of her window. . She felt her body relax, the tension losing itself bit by bit. Joycelyn wanted to release her stress and she did it in the way that she always did when she was alone, by masturbating.

Joycelyn raised her hands slowly, slowing running her hands up her thighs. She imagined them to be hands of a stranger running over her, feeling her firm thigh muscles, a result of countless cheer practices. Joycelyn was vain, but deep down within her, she was aware that this vanity can be attributed to the sexual pleasure that she derives from knowing that guys want her, dressed in her pretty dresses. Moreover, who doesn’t want a cute and sexy cheerleader in their beds? As she reached the smooth material of her FBT shorts, her other hand continued to caress her body, reaching under her shirt, tracing her belly button and feeling the smooth skin under her fingers.

Joycelyn was lean, and while her breasts weren’t one of those humongous ones that other girls had, she was satisfied by how she can fully grasp her boobs with her hands. She reached upwards and pulled her shirt upwards to reveal her breasts to her hands, and her fingers traced the light brown areola of her nipple, which was slightly erect from her arousal. All the while she imagined that her slender hands were those of a stranger, exploring her sensual body with his hands.

She adjusted herself to sit in a more accessible position, her feet on the seat of the chair. She used her hands to spread her knees apart, then reaching towards her groin, imagining that stranger trying to reach and feel her most intimate places. Even while she traced the outline of her slit through her FBT, she continued to imagine someone touching her. Her other hand grasped her breasts, which fit just right in her hands. She imagined that same stranger fondling with her breast, feeling her up and molesting every inch of her. She could see herself in the mirror on her table, legs spread wide apart, one hand between her legs and the other fondling with her breasts, her face flushed slightly from arousal, mouth open in a slight ‘O’ from the pleasure she was giving herself.

She reached under her FBT shorts and felt her panties under her fingers. Placing her fingers over her crotch, Joycelyn could feel a slight dampness, an indication of how wet she has gotten through the soft cotton material that her panties were made of. She continued to fondle herself, imaging how much guys would want her, knowing that there are people out there beating their meat off to her pictures on her website, featuring her looking pretty whenever she posted another post to endorse another clothing shop.

Moving her panties to the side, Joycelyn felt how wet she truly was. Her fingers traced the landing strip that she maintained, reaching her clitoris, which felt slightly engorged due to her arousal. This move never failed to turn her on even more, as her fingers moved over her pubic hair, sending little jolts of electricity through her as she moaned in pleasure. She realized that her roommate, Eileen, was not around, and she could afford to moan as much as she wanted. Even in bed, Joycelyn was a noisy fuck. She would moan, and sometimes rather loudly, as she rocked her pussy on her boyfriend’s cock. She continued to prod at her clitoris, moaning softly to herself, fantasizing about being touched there by men she did not know.

She needed something in her. Reaching to her table, Joycelyn grabbed a pen from her table. Looking at it, she changed her mind and picked up a whiteboard marker instead, one those used in school by the professors, which was thicker and could pleasure her better. Joycelyn licked the marker, lubricating it with her saliva. With the marker, she stroked her pussy along its slit, imaging a penis painting up and down her pussy, teasing her further and depriving her from having a cock for just for a little while longer. Slowly, Joycelyn inserted the marker into her pussy, easing the thick length into her pussy. She realized her saliva was unnecessary, as she realized how wet she actually was, and the marker slid into her rather easily.

Slowly, she pushed the marker in and out of herself, moaning from the pleasure the marker is able to give her. The marker stretched her tight hole, and Joycelyn could feel the marker’s length entering her body, its irregular shape pushing apart her pussy lips whenever it sank deeper into her, making her groin ache with pleasure as the marker filled her up. She picked up the pace, and started to thrust the marker harder and harder into her pussy. The wet sound as the marker entered and exited her could be heard audibly, so loud that Joycelyn did not hear the hurried footsteps outside her door. As the door knob turned, she paused in mid-moan and turned in horror to look at the door, and pulled the marker out of herself, throwing it onto her table and then turning to the door to face her late night visitors.

Her visitors seem not to know how to open her door and she heard them fumbling with the door knob. She got up from her seat, adjusting her panties back over her wet pussy and opened the door for them. Outside was Eileen, clearly passed out, supported by two of her clubbing friends. As she invited them in, her friends put Eileen onto her bed. Joycelyn reassured her friends that she would take care of her, and only then did they decide to leave, closing the door behind them as they leave.

Joycelyn still felt warm between her legs, and she could feel the wetness around her groin, soaking her panties. She didn’t know how she could continue, with her roommate being back. She called out her name a few times, but got no response other than a few murmured ‘Hmm…’ and ‘Ahh…’ After confirming that Eileen was truly passed out, Joycelyn took up her position on her chair, picked up the marker from her table, and continued to stroke her pussy, all the while keeping an eye on Eileen.

She felt really scared and turned on, masturbating in the presence of another person. She continued to stroke her pussy discreetly, fearing that her roommate knew what she was doing. As she withheld her moans and attempted to masturbate quietly, she could tell that her roommate was not going to wake up anytime soon. She did not move, nor did she even stir the slightest even when Joycelyn gave out a particularly loud moan. Feeling brave, Joycelyn removed her shorts and panties, and moved onto her roommate’s seat. She took off her shirt as well, totally naked while Eileen was passed out beside her. She continued to masturbate, putting her legs up onto the side of Eileen’s bed, her legs spread wide apart, the marker penetrating her open hole.

Joycelyn stroked her pussy with increased fervor, the large marker spreading her lips apart as it entered and exited her. She continued imagining herself being fucked, being taken while her roommate was out cold beside her. Joycelyn left her mouth open as she moaned freely now, her head arced backwards, her eyes closed as she pleasured herself. As she pushed the marker as far as it could reach within her, stroking it deep within her, she received her long-awaited orgasm. ‘OH FUCK OH FUCK YES…’ She moaned as she came, her orgasm rocking her body, releasing waves after waves of pleasure.

As she removed the wet marker from her pussy, she turned to look at her roommate. Eileen was really knocked out, passed out from the long night of drinking. Joycelyn observed her breathing, her breasts moving up and down beneath the black dress that she was wearing. Makeup was still on her face, and she indeed looked pretty as she lay there asleep. If Joycelyn was a guy, she knew that she would have laid her eyes upon her and perhaps even fantasized of fucking her.

Then a thought struck her, she was curious. What were the bodies of other girls like? Joycelyn reached for Eileen, resting her hands upon her chest, letting her hand rise and fall in unison with Eileen’s gentle breathing. Noticing that Eileen did not move or even notice her hand, she continued to move her hand along, tracking the shape of her body, running her hands over her firm stomach and feeling the entire length of the body till the hem of her dress.

Joycelyn moved herself to the bottom of the bed and lifted Eileen’s dress slightly, peeking up her dress. She was wearing matching lacy black panties to go along with her dress, and Joycelyn could see the slight outline of her pubic hair through the thin lacy material. Well, it was obvious that Eileen did not shave like she did. Making sure that her roommate was asleep once more, she lifted the hem of her skirt upwards, exposing the panties to her eyes.

Joycelyn placed her face closer to Eileen’s pussy, noting the cute bow tie at the top of her underwear, smelling the musk of her roommate’s pussy and observing the few stray hairs of her pubic hair protruding slightly out of the lace material. It smelt strongly of Victoria Secret perfume, but Joycelyn could definitely identify the unmistakable smell of her pussy, being familiar with the smell of her sex whenever she masturbated. Slowly, Joycelyn pried Eileen’s legs apart, revealing the crotch of her roommate’s panties to her exploring eyes. Seeing that her roommate was wearing side tie panties, Joycelyn pulled at the strings, releasing the front of the panties. She made a mental note to get herself some side tie panties, seeing how sexy it looks on her roommate. Her pussy was never trimmed, her hair covering the top of her vagina, as well as its sides. The smell of her sex was even more empowering now, and Joycelyn could smell it without even trying.

She felt scared, but Joycelyn wanted to satisfy her curiosity. She placed her fingertip on her roommate’s clitoris, slowly dragging her fingertip downwards to where she knew Eileen’s vagina would be. Her pussy was dry, but she knew that inside her vagina, it would be wet. As she put the tip of her finger into her, Joycelyn heard a mild moan from Eileen. Looking up, her roommate did not stir, but still seemed asleep. She sank her finger deeper into her, her pussy juices within lubricating her finger along the way, and she felt no resistance to her finger, even as her first and second knuckles entered into her pussy.

It felt soft within, tight even. Joycelyn was sure that Eileen would be tighter than she was. She moved her finger around inside her, feeling around the insides of her vagina. Joycelyn could hardly push against the edges, with Eileen being so tight. As she continued to move her fingers, Joycelyn could see that Eileen was visibly turned on, as her pussy started to get wet even as she was passed out. Pulling the finger out from her, Joycelyn tasted Eileen’s pussy on her fingers, tasting the similar sweet nectar that she tasted of herself, mixed with a little hint of Eileen’s Victoria Secret perfume, and perhaps a little hint of what Eileen smells like. Well, if she could turn wet in her sleep, could she have an orgasm too?

Hesitantly, Joycelyn returned her fingers back to Eileen, inserting them once more. She began to stroke Eileen slowly, stroking her as she would want to be stroked, feeling for her g-spot under her fingers. Being a girl as well, Joycelyn had no problem finding Eileen’s sensitive spots, exploiting every single one of these spots, giving them the right attention as and when needed. She could see a slight frown appear on Eileen’s face when she looked up, and it seemed to be concentrated upon something. Yet her breathing got more ragged, and Joycelyn could tell that Eileen’s pulse was getting faster, even as she saw her face blush ever so slightly against her pale skin, or even from the pulse that she could feel within Eileen’s vagina. Joycelyn started to thrust her fingers in and out of Eileen, slowing adjusting herself to please Eileen.

As she increased her speed, Joycelyn inserted her middle finger along with her index, pushing her two fingers deep within her. As one finger went deeper into Eileen, Joycelyn used her other finger to move around near the entrance of her pussy, playing around with her g-spotnd pleasuring her. Soon enough, Eileen started to orgasm, and her body jerked slightly, her pussy clenching around Joycelyn’s fingers. At the same time, a little trickle of water shot upwards and landed on Joycelyn’s wrist.

Slowly, Joycelyn stood up from Eileen’s bed and went to her side of the room, laying down on her bed. It was not long before fatigue took over, and Joycelyn went into a peaceful sleep.

As she woke up, Eileen was already up, having bathed and prepared to go for lessons. As Joycelyn pushed herself upwards from the bed, she could see Eileen already dressed and ready for school, drying her wet hair with her towel. ‘Thanks for taking care of me last night.’ She said with a smile, leaving the room. Joycelyn sat there in a daze, not because she just woke up, but because she was wondering if Eileen did know of what transpired the night before.