Thursday, April 23, 2015

Short Story: Eunice

Eunice is a short girl, yet well-endowed with a stunning figure. She had the curves just at the right places. Even when she was in Secondary 1, her breasts completely filled up a B-cup bra while her classmates still wore training bras. She had a round and firm ass that any would wish to caress and squeeze in their hands. She knew she had an attractive body, and used it well to her advantage. When going out with the class or her schoolmates, she would lean forward in her low cut t-shirts or a loosely buttoned blouse, and her cleavage would naturally show. On the ‘luckier’ days, she would be wearing a loose bra as well, causing her beasts to lean out further as she does this, creating in many of our minds an image to jerk off to when we next release our load. Despite her innocent looks, rumor has it that she does little actions like these to tempt us as she was an attention seeking whore.

I decided to test this for myself, and hence pretended to chase after her. She played hard to get, and after what seemed like a long while, she gave in and decided to go on a date with me.

At the end of our ‘first date’, we sat down at a shelter just beside the beach. Eunice was wearing a leopard-print two-piece swimsuit, while I was just in my pants. I took out a towel, and offered to dry her hair for her. She gave me a puzzled look, but still came to sit nearer beside me. I moved the towel along the length of her hair, drying it from top to bottom. As I moved toward her back, I slid one of my fingers under the strap of her top. Slowly, I moved the strap to the side. She slapped my hand away and readjusted her top.

I could see that she was irritated, but I didn’t stop there. Using one hand, I continued to dry her hair. Freeing my other hand, I quickly slid my hand around to the front of her waist, and plunged my hand right under the waistband of her bottoms. I moved before she reacted, and reached my hand further downwards. I felt a tuft of hair, then I felt the soft texture of her pussy lips.

Immediately, she tried to stand up, but my hand was firm. I stuck the tip of my forefinger into her pussy. She then tried harder to push herself away from me, and I decided to let go to see what would happen. Due to my hand between her pussy and her bottoms, when she stood, her bottoms slid down to her thighs, exposing her pussy to me for a brief moment before she pulled it back up. She has shaven her pubic hair into a landing strip, an even and thin line of hair above her pussy. She then took her things and rushed away quickly.

Things have not ended yet. I decided to follow her discreetly along the path, I stalked her quietly as she went into one of the isolated toilets along the beach.

Checking that the female toilet is clear, I entered and stood near the cubicle that she entered. As she opened the door, I acted quickly, pushing her back into the cubicle, stuffing a wad of toilet paper into her mouth before she knew what was going on. By the time she started to make sense of her attacker, I’ve already tied her hands to one of the pipes running along the toilet walls, using the dream catcher necklace she was wearing that day. Her eyes were afraid, and pleading, no more of the anger I saw previously.

Oblivious, I started to lift up the dress that she was wearing. Underneath, she still wore the same two-piece swimsuit. Continuing where I left off, I laid my hands on her waist, one hand moving upwards, one moving downwards. My left hand pushed the top off and away, revealing to me one of her fleshly ample tits. I brought my lips close to her nipple and started to lick and at the same time, my right hand found the landing strip I saw earlier. I toyed with her public hair and her nipple, plucking and pinching playfully at the pubes, sucking and licking her nipples.

Before long, she ceased to struggle and started to moan gently into the wad of tissue. Then, her body tensed and suddenly, her body shook and shook and I felt a gush of warm liquid over my right hand. Damn this whore was certainly enjoying getting all the attention she wanted.

I slipped off her bottom, and decided to enjoy myself as well. Eunice was still dazed from her orgasm, as I pulled my throbbing dick, and placed it at the entrance of her pussy. Her orgasm has lubricated her own pussy with ample fluids. I slowly inched my dick in. Damn she was tight. My dick slid in slowly, the warmth and wetness engulfing the head of my penis. Then I felt a resistance, and I pushed through to home. Her scream was muffled by the tissue I’ve stuffed into her mouth, and her eyes were starting to tear.

My penis is now in a place where many have fantasized about. The warmth surrounded my entire length, and her pussy gripped me so tightly. I then started to move my hips, moving my dick in and out of her. As I moved in, the warmth engulfed y penis and as I moved out, the tightness of her pussy threatened to suck my penis off. I could feel the orgasm slowly building within me. Then, her body tensed up again, and her pussy gripped me tightly and sucked me in further, and I came alongside with her.

Wave and wave of pure ecstasy came over me as I shot lengths and lengths of cum into her pussy.