Thursday, April 23, 2015

Short Story: Little Did He Know

It’s the recess week, but Brendan could not afford to take a break during the week despite not having lessons. There were Mid-terms tests after the break, and he even had a presentation on the first Monday after recess week. Dragging his feet to school during the recess week made him wonder why he even choose his course in the first place, especially with the crazy amount of workload piling up, and the demanding requirements from his tutors.

Moreover, Brendan was from Material Science Engineering, and Engineering schools have always been reputed for their lack of girls, and even lesser beauties, as compared to other courses like Business or Humanities, where girls are plentiful, and beauties in abundance. However, Brendan struck gold this semester, as his project group was led by one of the rare cuties in school, Li Ying. She was petite and quiet, and had a slim figure with a pair of breasts that seemed to be made for her body proportion. The clothes she wore often hugged her slender features well, and the demure and innocent look she wore all the time made her the wet dream of many guys in school. Despite having lots of guys approach her with confessions or simply just trying their luck with her, each and every one of them were disappointingly turned away, as she seemed to have no interest in them.

With her as Brendan’s group mate, he’s able to ogle at her during project meetings. More often than not, he caught himself staring at her body in a lustful way, and spent countless nights masturbating and developing sexual fantasies about her, jerking off to mental images of Li Ying, or even her Facebook photos. These masturbating sessions often kept him sane every day in the stressful studying environment that he is in.

With the recess week drawing to a close, and the project deadline approaching quickly, Li Ying organized a final meeting with the group on the Sunday before school resumed, to practice the presentation together in school. Brendan was elated as this meant that he could see Li Ying once more before the project concluded and they would part ways again.

Brendan decided to wake up earlier to practice his speech beforehand, hoping even for the slightest chance that he would impress her with his flawless presentation. He knew that chance was extremely low, but little did he know, things were about to change for him really quickly. Brendan seized the opportunity extremely quickly, when Li Ying contacted the group again during Brendan’s early morning solo presentation practice, asking for anyone in the group to help with practicing her parts as she was unsure of how she should practice, since she was quite shy in front of a crowd and all.

‘Oh my, this is my lucky day! Some time alone with the cutie Li Ying.’ Brendan thought. He immediately volunteered himself to help her, and made his way out of hall to find her in school to help her with her practice presentation.

‘Hey Brendan, thanks for offering to help. Sorry to trouble you for coming all the way to school this early in the morning.’ Li Ying seemed apologetic, but seemed pleased that he was here to help. Brendan waved it off, and they decided to head off to an empty classroom to help her practice for her presentation. Brendan analyzed her from head to toe. She was wearing a grey tank top that allowed a little of her innocent white bra to be seen from the side. From the front, her small yet firm breasts forced her tight tank top outwards, forming a shadow between her petite breasts that Brendan wanted to put his hands into. She was also wearing a pair of black FBT shorts, and her milky white legs caused Brendan to drool mentally simply at the sight of it.

As they were walking to the one of the old classrooms further away from the main building, Li Ying decided to go to the toilet. However, there were no female toilets around, only a male toilet as well as a handicap toilet. Having no choice, Li Ying used the handicap toilet, and then they continued on their way.

‘Oh no, I think I left my stuff in the handicap toilet earlier on! Would you mind if we went back together to get it? So sorry.’ Li Ying exclaimed, and they both made their way back to the toilet. As Brendan was the faster walker, he went ahead of Li Ying, glad to impress her at a moment’s notice. As he opened the door, he noticed a bag lying on the cistern. He heard Li Ying’s hurried footsteps from behind him, and proceeded to reach for what he supposed was her bag. The next thing he knew, something hit him behind his knees. Brendan lost his balance on the slippery floor, and he crashed headfirst against the cistern, and then he blacked out.

Brendan came back to his senses from someone slapping his cheek. His head was throbbing mildly from the short black out. He tried to open his eyes but saw nothing. He realized his eyes were covered, and tried to raise his hands to uncover them. His hands were bounded, and so were his legs, which were tied in a way that made him spread his legs apart. The mild movement was noticed by the person slapping his cheek, and the person stopped and he thought he could hear a sigh of relief.

‘Oh thank God you’re awake. I thought I accidentally killed you.’ The voice was that of charming little Li Ying. Hearing her voice made Brendan at feel slightly reassured that Li Ying was there. As the throbbing of his head reduced to a mild ache, Brendan started to think, and he wondered why he was tied down and blindfolded, and what Li Ying was doing.

‘Hey Li Ying, what are you doing? Am I tied and blindfolded?’

‘Yep you are. I am the one who tied and blindfolded you.’ Li Ying said. Her voice had a certain smug that I have never heard before. ‘I noticed all your lustful stares all over my body in the past few weeks. This is punishment for all the staring that you’ve been doing.’ As she said that, Brendan felt a light smack on the insides of his thighs. He realized that he wasn’t wearing any pants, and he was only wearing his underwear. But he could not figure out what hit him. It felt too thin and solid to be her hand, almost like a belt.

‘Nothing to say huh? I noticed all your stares all over me in the last week. I bet you masturbated and jerked your cock off to me right?’ As her suspicions hit the mark, Brendan felt scared and the beat of his heart resounded in his ears. Despite the situation, hearing cute Li Ying speak those dirty words with her angelic voice started to turn him on, and he felt his cock start to rise to the occasion. With his legs wide open, Brendan was sure that Li Ying could see his growing erection from wherever she was. His thoughts were confirmed, as the same thing hit him just on the tip of his growing cock, slapping it to the side and causing blood to fuel his erection further. Brendan opened his mouth to give a shout of pain, but he found his mouth filled with a piece of cloth. With a dreadful realization, cute Li Ying was not the demure girl he knew, but she had a BDSM fetish. And here he was, being teased and dominated by her with a riding crop. This fantasy never occurred to him, but the thought of being dominated by her aroused him.

‘Getting aroused huh? Your cock tells me everything I need to know.’ Li Ying landed a few more gentle pats on his dick with the crop. ‘If you have to know, my panties are in your mouth right now. I wore it overnight, so it should smell just a little. It’s disgusting, but you’ll enjoy it right, being the horny little boy that you are?’ Brendan’s cock continued to grow as he inhaled Li Ying’s sweet scent on her panty. He smelled her pee, and he tasted the soft satin material with his tongue. Her panty was salty yet sweet, perhaps a mix of her pussy juices, sweat and pee. The body soap that she uses also left a faint scent on her underwear. Brendan felt aroused, knowing that this piece of cloth that covered Li Ying’s intimate parts were now in his mouth. Amidst his helplessness, his cock was so erect it hurt, and he was surprised that his cock did not tear out through his underwear by now.

‘I see you’re enjoying this. Well, you’re not supposed to, since this is a punishment after all.’ Brendan felt another sting across his thighs, his yelp muffled by his panty gag. ‘Here’s how it will hurt. You will not cum unless I let you do so, and if you do, there’ll be worse punishment in store for you.’ With that, Brendan heard fumbling in the distance. Something cold touched against his hip and went snip. He felt his underwear part at the side and his cock stood at attention in the cold air. Li Ying moved the surgical scissors to the other side, and released Brendan’s cock fully from its confinement. More fumbling, and Brendan felt Li Ying spray something cold around his cock and onto his balls. Unable to see nor move, he heard the snip of the scissors going away at his pubic hair, and felt the hair fall away from his skin. Li Ying drew a razor across his pubic hair, and Brendan was helpless as she shaved him clean.

After the shave, Brendan’s cock did not shrink at all, but stood as tall and proud as it could in his situation. He heard fumbling as Li Ying kept the shaving materials. Then, he felt something soft on his cock, a soft and warm feeling at the tip of his cock. Brendan moaned as she stroked his cock up and down, wetting his cock along the way. He felt his cock being engulfed by soft lips, and he realized that Li Ying was giving him a blowjob. Her small fingers were wrapped around his shaft, and her warm and small mouth was closed around the head of his cock, sucking and stroking his manhood gently. After being shaved, it made it even better as her skin was directly in contact with his, intensifying the sensation. It took Brendan almost all of his willpower not to cum right there and then, even as this moment that he has fantasized about for the past few months has come into being. Li Ying slowly removed her hands and relaxed her throat, and tried to take Brendan’s entire length into her mouth. Brenden felt her lips moving all the way down to the base of his shaft, his cock squeezed tightly in her throat. He could not take it anymore and his body was at its limit. He clenched the muscles in his penis as tight as possible to stop himself. Just before he went beyond the point of no return, Li Ying drew her mouth away from his cock, removing her hand and leaving his body as taut as a drawn bowstring, just a bit away from orgasm.

Just then, Li Ying brought down the crop onto Brendan’s cock, hitting it with the flick of her wrist. Li Ying continued to whip his cock, swinging his engorged member all around. As pain travelled down his shaft, his groans of pain were mixed with his moan of pleasure as the hard leather hit his cock. As his cock flew back to its upright position, Brendan could not hold on any longer despite her order. He started to cum, shooting spurt after spurt into the air. He felt his cum land on his feet, on his thighs and all over his torso. As he came, Li Ying started to whip his cock faster, squeezing every bit of semen from his cock with her crop. This has to be the first time Brendan actually came so hard, intensified by the pain caused by Li Ying’s whipping.

As his orgasm came to an end, Li Ying stopped her whipping. As the remnant semen trickled down his cock, Brendan lay there panting from the intense orgasm, his body shaking from the large force. His mind was in ecstasy, and his cock was still throbbing from both the pain and the orgasm.

‘Oh you naughty boy. You came without my permission.’ Li Ying cooed. Brendan felt Li Ying climb onto his, her knees on his thighs. She placed her hand behind his head, ruffling through his hair. She grabbed hold of a tuft of hair and pulled his head backwards sharply to expose his neck. Brendan was being manhandled by Li Ying, but he let it happen, enjoying the dominance she has over him. Li Ying leaned near his neck, placed her mouth against it and gave Brendan a hickey as she kissed his neck forcefully. Brendan felt her soft breasts against his chest, his still hard cock pressed against her groin between her legs. Li Ying lined a row of kisses down his body, stopping near his right nipple to give it a little suck. As Brendan moaned, he could feel his cock still throbbing, it’s head held high in the air.

Then, Li Ying got off from his thighs, and Brendan wondered what was going to happen next. After some time, Brendan felt Li Ying’s soft hands on his cock once again. But this time, her hands seemed to have lube on them. Li Ying lubed his entire cock, covering his entire length with it. He felt her hands on his thighs, as Li Ying slowly lowered himself over his cock. Brendan felt Li Ying remove one hand from his thigh to position his cock. He felt his dick at her entrance, which seemed to be dry. As Li Ying continued to lower herself, her hole relaxed and opened, welcoming his cock into her body. Warmth started to engulf his whole cock, as Brendan felt his cock being squeezed into her petite body. As she lowered herself all the way, he felt her ass cheeks against his pelvis, and he knew that he was fucking her ass.

Her ass was tight, and Brendan felt his cock being tightly fitted into her hole. The lube made it better, and it was even more comfortable than his fist when he masturbates.  As Li Ying started to move, his shaft left her tight hole, only to be pushed back in again. Every time Li Ying moved up and down, Brendan felt as if she was trying to milk all of him through his cock. He felt her spread her legs, and he could even feel her touch herself between her legs as she received anal from Brendan. When she started to finger herself while fucking Brendan, Brendan could feel the movements of her fingers within her pussy from his cock in her ass.

Brendan felt Li Ying slowly increase the tempo as she got used to the size of Brendan’s cock in her ass. He felt her finger herself faster and faster as she slammed her ass against Brendan’s thighs. He knew that she was approaching orgasm as her body started to tense up for it. As she tensed up, her asshole squeezed even tighter around Brendan’s cock. The additional pressure around his cock pushed Brendan over the edge once again, and he had another orgasm for the third time, shooting the remaining of what he has deep into Li Ying. As he came, he felt Li Ying reach her orgasm as well, her body going through wave after wave of pleasure, forcefully jerking Brendan’s cock in the process.

As both of them rested from the orgasm, Li Ying slowly stood up, and Brendan’s limp cock flopped out of her ass. Li Ying then removed her panties from Brendan’s mouth and cut him loose from the bonds. As he removed his blindfold, it was just in time to see the handicap toilet door shut behind her. He saw his cock, clean from her shaving, and red from the whipping, a reminder that this was not just a fantasy. His wrists and ankles were also slightly red from the ropes he was tied with earlier. He could not put on his destroyed underwear, so he put on his pants and feeling slightly free as his cock and balls swung to and fro. Adjusting himself in the mirror, he spotted the hickey that Li Ying left earlier on his neck. Li Ying stood outside waiting for him, as if nothing has happened and he was just using the bathroom. Practice presentation went smoothly, but Brendan could not help but forget his lines whenever he caught Li Ying’s gaze, which was made worse when she gave him her signature angelic smile.