Thursday, April 23, 2015

Short Story: Chinese New Year Visiting

[Arielle being bored with CNY visits and entertaining relative at her distant relative (grandaunt’s) place, a huge bungalow. She meets a handsome cousin Melvin, who just returned from university education overseas. Attracted to his looks and confidence, she teases him for a quickie upstairs, before returning in the living room as if nothing has happened.]

It’s Chinese New Year once again. During this period, Chinese families visit one another, exchanging greetings and well wishes. This is a period where many Chinese traditions are upheld; the cleansing of houses to prepare for visiting, buying of new clothes to wear during the festive season, the annual reunion dinner, greeting of relatives who have not been seen since the last Chinese New Year.

It was the second day of Chinese New Year. Arielle was supposed to visit her maternal grandaunt’s place today. Each year, her aunts and uncles would agree to meet at a place, to save the trouble of going from one house to another. This year, they had the luxury of using her grandaunt’s place, a huge bungalow of 3 stories.

Arielle’s family was the first to reach, and hence Arielle had to help her old aunt to serve the visitors later than them, exchanging pleasantries and entertaining the usual questions that she has to face every year, regarding her studies, her hobbies, and of course, her singlehood. After some time, as the adults finally turned to their loud drinking and gambling, and Arielle was left alone. She took the dirty dishes to the kitchen, helping her grandaunt wash them. As she was washing, a man came into the kitchen, holding a dirty cup that she missed earlier.

‘Hello, do you need any help? I can help you wash the dishes.’ Arielle could not recognise who this was, but smiled and moved to one side to allow the person to take up his place beside her to wash the dishes.

She started to analyse the unknown person. He looked pretty cute, and she wondered who he was. He was wearing a tight fit long sleeve shirt, containing his well-built muscles. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows to allow him to wash the dishes without getting his shirt wet. Arielle caught herself looking at his long slender fingers, wondering how those hands would feel, touching her over her body.

‘Don’t you remember me, Arielle?’ The stranger asked. Arielle’s trance was broken, and she stared into his face. She couldn’t recall where she has seen this person before.

‘I’m Melvin! Remember?’ Melvin was Arielle’s cousin. He had to further his studies overseas as he was unsuccessful in his application to a course he wanted to study in a local university. When they were younger, they used to play together from time to time, especially during the Lunar New Year. Arielle recalls him making advances on her before. However, he used to be so nerdy and not her type. Moreover, they were cousins. Now he just seems so… Different. More matured, more muscular and somehow sexier. Arielle found her thoughts stepping across taboo boundaries.

As they chatted and spoke of old times, Arielle continued to check him out, and she felt a warmth start to stir within her loins. As Melvin continued to wash the dishes, she took the opportunity to place her slender arms beside his muscular arms, the slight contact turning her on further. As Arielle reached around Melvin to grab a cloth to dry the dishes, she made sure to press her breasts against his back, feeling his strong back against her soft breasts. While Melvin showed no signs in his unwavering chatter, Arielle noticed a growing bump in the front of his tight pants. Staring at his groin, Arielle felt her pussy growing slightly wet.

After finishing dish-washing, Arielle and Melvin went around exploring the places they used play at. Whenever they had to go up some stairs, Arielle would make sure to go before he does, giving Melvin a good show up her skirt as they climbed the stairs. As they explored the third floor, they entered one of the guest rooms, and Melvin suddenly closed the door behind them. Arielle stared at him, scared, intrigued, and horny as hell at the same time.
‘What are you doing?’ Arielle wanted to sound scared.

‘You were teasing me just now weren't you?’ Melvin folded his arms.

‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’

‘I’m sure you know.’ In one swift movement, Melvin took both of her hands and raised them above her head. He pushed his body against her, pinning her against the wall. Arielle was too shocked to resist, and as she felt her cousin’s cock bulge against her stomach, her half-scream turned into a moan.

‘When did you turn into such a horny bitch?’ His leg wedged between Arielle’s legs, slowly sliding it upwards towards her pussy. Arielle could not reply, but she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as she felt his leg stimulate her even further as it moved along her thighs. Her open mouth was met by his mouth, and she felt his tongue invade her mouth, making its residence in her.

Arielle wanted to feel more of him in her. With her hands held in place, Arielle wanted to grind her pussy against him, but she could barely move. With his free hand, Melvin reached under her skirt only to find her panties completely soaked. He barely touched her, but Arielle’s pleasure from being touched is evident as she arched her back in pleasure. His fingers pushed her panties to the side, and two of his fingers easily slid into her. Arielle felt those long slender fingers entering her, reaching her innermost depths that she could never reach on her own. Within a few minutes of him stirring his fingers within her, she squirmed as she felt her pleasure building up, and she came on his fingers. Her pussy tightened around his fingers, and she felt her body convulsing as her pussy squirted for the first time in her life. She felt the fluid soak her panties and spray on her inner thighs, all over Melvin’s arms.

All these while, Melvin’s cock was waiting to be served. His cock strained against his pants, begging for release. As Arielle came down from her height of ecstasy, Melvin released her hands and she slid down the wall, only to see in front of her the cock bulge she was staring at earlier. She put her hands against Melvin’s pants, feeling the hard cock pulse under her palms. She unzipped his pants and pulled put Melvin’s erect member. His cock was about 7 inches long, and precum coated the head of his cock. The smell of Melvin’s arousal hit her in the face, and Arielle wrapped her lips around her cousin’s cock, barely taking half of him into her tiny mouth. Her small hands wrapped around his shaft and stroked his cock while she sucked him, tasting his sweet arousal on her tongue. She did not know what to do, this being the first blowjob she was giving. She circled the head of his cock with her soft tongue, and she watched from his cock as Melvin closed his eyes and opened his mouth to release a moan of pleasure. As Arielle continued to suck, she stroked his cock, and increased her tempo as she felt his balls tense up. As she took his entire cock into his mouth preparing to receive his cum, Melvin pulled out from her mouth at the last moment, delaying his orgasm.

Melvin easily lifted Arielle’s small figure and set her on the edge of the bed in the guest room. Melvin pulled her lacy panties off her, and threw it to the side. He admired her pussy for the first time, noting that she did not shave her pussy. Arielle’s pussy was still coated with her squirt from earlier on, and it was still wet from her arousal. Melvin positioned his saliva coated cock at her entrance, watching as he slowly slid his massive cock into her pussy. Arielle broke her hymen when she was younger, and Melvin met no resistance as he slid his cock into her. Arielle felt his warm cock slowly fill her, reaching even deeper than his fingers before. Arielle had never felt so full before, her pussy so full of cock. Melvin started off slow, slowly stroking his cock in and out of her pussy.

As he continued to move in and out of her, Arielle lifted up her legs and wrapped them around his torso, pulling him into her even further. Melvin grunted as he felt his cock enter even deeper into his cousin’s tight hole, the sound of his balls hitting her butt as he pounded audibly heard. He reached under her red top, and managed to grab a hold of Arielle’s breasts as he pounded away in her.

Then Arielle felt Melvin’s tempo getting faster, his cock drilling away into her depths. Her pussy tightened once again, this time round squeezing her cousin’s cock deep within her, squeezing him dry of what he has to offer. Melvin felt her pussy tighten around his cock, and he gave one final push into her deep hole, and he came, spurt after spurt, into Arielle’s pussy.

As Arielle lay panting from the intense orgasm, Melvin kept his cock back into his pants, turning to leave the room. As he turned back to look at Arielle, he picked up the lacy panty that she wore earlier, and proceeded back downstairs to join the celebrations once more. Arielle returned to the party a while later, and Melvin spoke to her normally as if nothing has happened. The only evidence of what had occurred was the cool air that she felt on her pussy.

As the day drew to a close and the cousins bid their goodbyes, Melvin leaned into Arielle’s ear and whispered: ’Thanks for the warm welcome back, cousin. It’s good to be home. Perhaps you could drop by my place sometime to collect your stuff.’ As he said this, Melvin’s hand toyed with the tip of Arielle’s panties, which was just poking out of his pocket.