Thursday, April 23, 2015


Dear all,

My name is Jezebel. I am currently studying in a local university here in our sunny island, and I am just an average person that you will see around on the street, probably not a person that any of you would take particular notice of. 

I enjoy cooking, baking, reading, watching drama (Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, etc.), and of course, writing erotica. Writing erotica is a secret hobby of mine, a hobby which I like to take up in my spare time to relieve stress, which mostly comes from schoolwork. I started writing erotica for a few blogs about a year ago, mostly short stories here and there, some of which have been posted prior to this post. It has been fun meeting the other erotica writers out there, people coming from a wide range of ages, of different professions and from different walks of life. 

Through writing erotica, I hope that everyone out there will enjoy my stories and give me feedback where necessary. Do not worry about offending me, as I am very open to feedback. Do note that while I can handle criticism well, insults and rude demands are not welcome. I believe that we are all civilized people, and courtesy will be very much appreciated. 

While I perceive erotica to be an art form and I seek to perfect my artworks to allow people to enjoy it better, I think that it is inevitable for people to relieve themselves in their own ways over certain stories while reading them. Do feel free to enjoy my writing, in any way that is the most pleasing to you. I hope to improve on my writing and continue to write even better erotica in time to come.

Do note that stories written here are not based on true stories, other than certain personal stories that I will be writing. Even these personal stories are not entirely true. The rest are made up of my imagination and are of pure fantasy. As mentioned in the disclaimer, any resemblance of events written here to reality is of pure coincidence. I do not intend to expose the sexual acts of individuals through writing erotica.

Feel free to contact me through the chatbox on the left of the website, and feel free to contact me at for any further or personal queries that you have have. I will also be very willing to take in fantasy requests by you readers, to come up with a story to suit to your tastes. I would want to hear from you readers soon and I hope that all of you will enjoy reading what I will be writing in time to come.

Lots of Love,