Saturday, May 2, 2015

Short Story: Consultation?

Why did they even need to have exams? Valerie sighed. She had already completed two exam papers, with two more papers to go to put an end to her miserable first year in university. Due to exams, there were no lessons at all, just endless hours of mindless mugging and studying, followed by more hardcore studying and mugging. Valerie had booked a consultation session with her professor that day, she had to meet him to clear some doubts and answer some questions. In her hand, she carried the past year papers that she had completed, along with a foolscap with a long list of questions that she had in mind to ask her professor that day. She was dressed extremely lightly, since the session was only limited to a short 30 minutes per student, and she was going back to her hall after that anyway. Valerie was not very pretty, she was more like a nerd during her JC and Secondary School days. She was quite the genius, always miraculously passing her quizzes and acing her exams, coming to university only to find out that there were loads of people smarter than she is. Yet as hard as she studied, she managed to keep her grades at an average of ‘A’ for the first semester, scoring a GPA of 4.7.

Valerie walked down the silent hallway of the staff offices, aware that her footsteps was the only audible sound in the carpeted hallway. The staff offices consisted of multiple individual rooms, and each room held the office of one professor. The place seemed eerily creepy to Valerie, and a few of the offices did not have lights on, indicating the absence of their owners. However, despite the school being on study break, Valerie was surprised that there were so many professors still working away in their offices. With hurried footsteps, Valerie searched the panels on the door, looking through the room numbers and the residing professor’s names.

‘Ah. Here it is.’ Her voice seemed to fade away into the distance, the silence in that hallway really too much for her to bear. She turned to the door with her professor’s name, and gave the wooden door a few light knocks.

‘Come on in.’ Said a muffled voice from behind the door, and Valerie opened the door hesitantly, this being her first time meeting a professor in his office. The walls of the office were decorated with endless shelves upon endless shelves of books, and despite the large volume of books that already occupied the shelves, the floor near the bookshelf had a few piles of books as well, and the space in the office was very constricted due to the mess all over the floor. There were certain odd apparatus littered on whatever space was available on the shelves, and Valerie also notices a few portraits of people and groups of people, some with her professor being part of the photo. Those must be his family photos then.

‘Valerie, is it? I received your email last night regarding consultation today. You may sit.’ She finally notices her professor, his old frame hidden behind a pile of books placed on a table. Her professor cleared some space on the table, shifting a pile of books off his table and onto the floor. Her professor seemed to be much older than her, and Valerie estimates him to be of about his late forties, seeing that he still had a head of healthy black hair. Her professor had the face of a grown man, and Valerie could see a hint in him of how handsome he used to be. Valerie sat down on the chair in front of the professor’s chair, waiting for him to take a seat.

‘So what do you have to ask me today…?’ Her professor sat down and clasped his hands in front of him, looking at Valerie through his black-rimmed glasses. Valerie took out the stack past year papers that she attempted, indicating for her professor to check through her answers, and correct her mistakes along the way. Her professor took out the first completed paper on top her stack of papers, starting with the paper from 2 semesters ago. While he was checking her paper, Valerie noted the expressions on her professor’s face, the frowns and the sighs that he gave away as he looked through her answers. If those were any indication of how Valerie had done for her past year paper, those weren't good indications.

Giving one last sigh, her professor looked at her and asked ‘It’s about two more days to your final paper and you’re still this far behind? Most of your concepts are wrong, and it seems like you have barely paid any attention at all during my lessons?’ Valerie was really worried. Was it really that bad?

Her professor turned to his computer and clicked around till he found her name in his records. ‘Ah. Valerie from Seminar 26, is that right? Well your course work seems to be on average, you barely even scraped through for a ‘B-‘. Your individual assignment seems to be terribly done too, you should be thankful that I gave you a ‘C+’ for that type of work.’

Valerie’s heart raced as she started to digest her thoughts. Well her finals for this module is indeed two days away as her professor has put it. By focusing on her other modules this semester, Valerie had decided to neglect this module of hers, only keeping till a few days ago to start revising for this module. She thought that the module was seemingly easy, and she could afford for last minute studying as she once did in JC. It was indeed too little, too late. Well what can she do now? She needed to maintain her First Class Honors for her degree, and if she did not get a good grades for this module, it was sure to pull down her whole GPA. Her mind started to search for solutions, going through the possibility of each solution and thinking of desperate measures.

Then one of the desperate solutions seemed to appeal to her, though it was really out of the world. Being a girl who scored a constant A for GP during her education in JC, Valerie recalled from her current affairs of that time, of how girls in university seduced their professors into giving them better grades. Desperate at that point in time, that wild solution seemed so logical and so simple to her. Yet being a virgin, Valerie had no idea what to do. Despite her professor being around her father’s age, somehow having sex with this older man did not daunt her from making the decision.

Valerie noticed her professor still staring intently at her, seemingly at a loss of what to do. Valerie sighed and wondered ‘Professor, is there anything that I can do at this point now?’

‘Well you can try going back to revise for the module once more. I feel that it may not be too late. If you study a little harder, just maybe you’ll be able to secure a ‘B’ for this module. Or as your classmates may have put it, perhaps you can tabao this module. Though I am not supposed to give you advice on such matters...’

Valerie got up from her seat, and her professor assumed that she was done with her consultation. Her professor attempted to pass her past year papers back to her, and Valerie simply collected it from him to place her stack of papers on the seat she just got up from. She edged around the table and came standing right in front of her professor, who was still seated in his chair, his facial expression frozen in confusion.

‘Please professor, I would do anything for my grades.’ Her professor was still confused, not knowing what this girl was planning to do in her head. Leaning forward, Valerie planted as best a kiss as she could muster on her professor’s lips, feeling his stubble prickling against the top of her lips. Her professor tasted like that of an old man, his lips a little dry from the air-conditioning in the room. It was a little uncomfortable, but Valerie wanted to get this over and done with. She stuck out her tongue and used it to part open her professor’s lips, tasting the mouth of a man more than twice her age. Her soft lips were pressed against her professor’s lips, and her tongue was exploring his mouth.

‘Stop it Valerie!’ Her professor seemed to regain his senses, and pushed Valerie away from him. Yet Valerie was quick-witted, she had already thought of a solution to make her request one that he cannot refuse. She started to unbutton her shorts, and she let the denim material fall to her ankles. Then she pulled her blouse over her head, and threw her blouse down beside her shorts. There she was, standing in front of her professor in only her underwear. Despite being a nerdy girl on the outside, Valerie took great care in choosing her underwear. Today, she wore a pair of matching nude colored underwear. Both her panties and bra were a little bit translucent, and Valerie was sure that her professor could see the dark outline of her pubic hair near the crotch of her tiny panties, as well as her light brown nipples through the bra that held her B-cup breasts. She could see that she was having a slight effect on him, noticing the slight bulge forming in his pants.

‘If you don’t want this, I would just run out into the corridor and scream that you tried to take advantage of me. Who would people believe huh, a nude girl? Or you?’ Seeing that her professor was silent and in a dilemma, Valerie decided to add on, ‘You might as well enjoy this right?’ Without waiting for a response, Valerie moved towards her professor and started to caress his face, tracing a line of kisses along the sides of his face, moving her hands over his body while she was kissing him. She felt his dry hair, his soft flesh, a body way past its prime.

Kneeling on the floor, Valerie was ready to go all out, despite being new to this whole experience. Her successful blackmail fueled her and all she had in mind was to pleasure this man who was twice her age, to get her much needed grades. Her hands fell upon her professor’s crotch, feeling his semi-erect dick under her fingers. She continued to stroke him through his pants, looking up to give her professor the sexiest nerdy girl smile that she could muster. It seemed to have a positive effect, as Valerie felt her professor’s cock continue to grow in hardness. She brought her face close to place her mouth against his crotch, feeling hard cock with her lips over two layers of cloth. She opened her mouth to cover the bulge with her open mouth, grasping her professor's cock with her teeth over his pants. She unzipped his pants, smelling her professor’s arousal escape from within, the warm and musky smell filling her nostrils and making her a little disgusted at the unusual smell.

Valerie reached in with her hands, and managed to find the waistband of his underwear, pulling it down to reveal to her the first cock she has seen in her life, a cock standing erect at about 5 inches, the cock of a grown man. To her, it was really ugly though, the red swollen head, the shaft a tone darker than her professor's skin. A tiny drop of precum was gathering at the tip of his cock, a clear teardrop on the head. She knew what she had to do. She brought her lips close to his cock once more, this time preparing to do what she had to do. She opened her mouth a little, stuck out her tongue and tasted the little bit of the precum oozing out of her professor’s cock. The taste was salty, and seemed to be a bit gross, smelling of the same smell of arousal and of pee. Yet Valerie did not hold herself back, and continued to flick at her professor’s cock with her soft tongue. She circled around the large cock head, and alternated between flicking and circling.

She did not know what to do, but she pretended that she was eating the most delicious ice cream popsicle in the world, sucking the tip of the popsicle as it melted to give her its sugary fluids. She continued to lick her professor along his entire length, lubricating the large cock. She held the lubricated shaft in her hands and started to stroke her professor while sucking him off. This was having obvious effects on her professor, as her professor closed his eyes and moaned in pleasure, enjoying a blowjob given to him by a younger girl. His wife never did that to him anymore, and he simply enjoyed the blowjob that he was getting, having not received one ever since his wedding night.

Just then, a knock came upon the door. Valerie and her professor both jerked upright, as a voice drifted through the door once more. ‘Professor, are you in?’ Valerie looked up at her professor, and decided to hide under his desk. She motioned for him to come forward, and signaled to him that it was alright. Her professor slid his chair back into position, his legs placed on both sides of Valerie and his erect cock in her face.

‘You may come in.’ Valerie could see both sides of the room from where she was under the table. On one side was her professor with his cock in front of her face, and on the other was the door to his office, from which she entered earlier. The door opened, and Valerie noted another girl entering the room. From what she could see, the girl seemed to have well-toned legs, and Valerie noted the hem of her floral dress.

‘Hello Cherrie. You booked consultation today right?’ Huh, Cherrie? Valerie knew her. What a coincidence. They were in the same Seminar Group. They were quite good friends in the previous semester. It was of pure chance that they have landed into the same classes again. They have become good friends over this short period of time, doing projects together and studying together. Yet Valerie knew she could not expose herself right now. What would Cherrie say, seeing Valerie dressed only in her underwear under their professor’s table? Hmm. Valerie looked at her professor’s cock, throbbing in her face, as Cherrie sat on the other side of the table. Valerie could see her legs up close, and she could see a little triangle of her black underwear up her floral dress. Perhaps she was sure that no one would look up her dress, Cherrie sat a little haphazardly, exposing her black underwear to Valerie’s eyes.

Done with the formalities, Cherrie started to ask some questions, all of which were answered by her professor, clearing some of the doubts she has. Valerie looked at his cock, which did not shrink the slightest at all, and it was still throbbing in her face. She thought of an idea. She took his cock in her hand, and felt him jerk a little. She resumed what she was doing earlier, stroking his cock as the consultation continued. Valerie used her mouth to envelope his cock head into her mouth again, tasting that weird taste in her mouth once more. She continued to lick and stimulate him, using her hands to alternate between stroking his shaft and playing with his balls. She could hear her professor stuttering a little already, his words a little hurried and in short phrases when he replied Cherrie's questions.

‘Professor, are you alright?’ Cherrie asked.

‘Nah I’m… I’m fine. Just a… A little cold. That’s all.’ The professor continued to stammer.

‘Oh, your jacket’s here.’ Cherrie picked up her professor’s jacket from beside the door, and started to move towards the side of the table where Valerie was still sucking his cock. Oh damn, Valerie knew how nice Cherrie can be. Her professor was a little stunned at her kind gesture, but could not do anything to stop her from coming to his side. Valerie looked up to see her professor, a little lost for words, and Cherrie was just standing there, her feet beside Valerie’s clothes, her mouth gaping open in exclamation at the scene that she was looking at.

This was somehow shocking to Cherrie. So her mind started to digest what was going on. Well she knew that Valerie wasn't doing well in this module as well, so seeing as how Valerie was kneeling on the floor with her professor's cock in her mouth, it seems like she was sucking him off for her grades. In that split second, Cherrie had to make a decision. Seeing as how Valerie was her good friend that she made since coming to university, she decided to take a leap of faith as well.

'I'll let this slip past... If I get whatever she's getting, okay?' The professor nodded reluctantly, being blackmailed by two girls at a time. Seeing as how Valerie was her good friend, she decided to join in. She approached their professor, and put her lips against his, just as Valerie had done a few minutes ago.

Having a few boyfriends in the past as well as being attached now, Cherrie was much more experienced than Valerie was, her soft lips finding the right angle over her professor’s mouth, using her tongue with expert skill. At the same time, the professor’s cock was being serviced by Valerie, her head going up and down on his cock head, her hands sliding all over his shaft, well-lubricated with her saliva and his precum. The professor could feel his orgasm coming, yet he wanted to get what was worth out of this blackmail. Pushing himself away from the table, he indicated for Valerie to come out from underneath. Due to this, Cherrie also had to break off her kiss with the professor.

‘Lay down, girl, if you want that ‘A+’, I better put you to work for it.’ He pointed at his table, and Valerie got onto it, lying down on the table with her butt at the edge of the table. She knew what was coming. Her virginity was going to be taken, and taken by her professor for the sake of her grades. Her professor approached her, and Valerie could see his cock, the rod of meat that was going to be inside her within moments. Valerie knew that there was no going back anymore. Her professor pushed aside the crotch of her nude satin panties, his slippery cock head placed at the entrance to her pussy. His cock needed no extra lubrication, already well-lubricated by his precum and Valerie's saliva.

Cherrie watched as her professor started to push into Valerie, his cock too large for her small tight hole. Valerie bit down on her teeth, feeling the pain of being stretched by his large cock. Yet the pain was still bearable for her, and Valerie did not utter a sound. As she felt his head enter her, Valerie thought that the worst part was over. Then she felt his cock push past a barrier, tearing her hymen and the rest of his cock sliding smoothly into her. Valerie let out a yelp of pain, as her professor’s cock took away her virginity, sinking all the way deep into her. Her professor was a little shocked that she was a virgin, but it felt so good to be in a fresh pussy, unused by anyone else. Valerie’s pussy was really tight, her hole squeezed around the cock of a grown man, and she could swear that the cock felt like it was reaching her stomach.

Hearing her yelp, Cherrie noted that Valerie was a virgin, and from her experience, she knew that her first time would hurt a lot, just like how it had hurt from her first time back in her JC days. Wanting to minimize the pain for her friend, she knew she had to help her professor finish fast. Cherrie got onto the table as well, her legs placed on both sides of Valerie, and she resumed kissing her professor. She took his large hands and guided his hands to her breasts, allowing her professor to molest her, so that he will finish faster. She pulled her dress downwards, revealing her two firm mounds for her professor to hold within his hands, the firm breasts of a young girl, a feeling he has not felt in ages.

Valerie was face-to-face with the black crotch of Cherrie’s panties, and she could smell Cherrie’s slight arousal from the situation. Her professor’s cock was inside her, causing her a lot of pain. Trying to distract herself from the pain, she lifted her head up to nuzzle her nose against Cherrie’s pussy, smelling the sweet nectar of her friend, a smell so much sweeter than her professor’s precum. She heard Cherrie moan from above her, her pussy stimulated at the unexpected contact. Her hands being free, Valerie spread open Cherrie’s ass and started to lick at where she supposed Cherrie’s pussy would be, trying her best to distract herself from the pain by tasting Cherrie’s sweetness. Cherrie moaned into the professor’s mouth, feeling her friend’s tongue flick over her sensitive regions. She felt herself getting even more wet there as well, her pussy juices and Valerie’s saliva soaking up the smooth black material. Valerie enjoyed the taste of another female’s pussy, and she started to lick even more fervently, the sweet taste distracting her from the soreness that she was starting to feel in her pussy.

The lesbian act by the two girls was really turning the professor on. The professor felt his orgasm approaching once more. This time, he was satisfied enough with the sex these two girls were giving him, his cock buried balls deep within the pussy of a young virgin girl,  and another girl's firm tits within his hands. The tightness of Valerie's pussy was wrapped around his cock, and he has never had sex this good in quite a while already. He started to thrust faster and faster into Valerie, and his hands held firmly onto Cherrie’s round tits. Giving one last shove deep into her, he started to cum into her, his spurt of white semen hitting deep within her, filling her up and almost overflowing. Valerie felt the semen hit her vaginal walls within her, the forceful fluids hitting her innermost parts. As her professor pulled out, the tightness of her pussy resumed a little of its original tightness, squeezing a little of the semen out and onto the carpeted office floor.

Their professor then went to grab a few tissues to clean up his cock, while Valerie and Cherrie got off the table to clean up as well. Valerie's pussy was a little sore from sex, and she readjusted her panties over her cum filled vagina. Both girls adjusted their clothing, picked up their belongings and thanked the professor for the consultation session. 

As turned to leave their professor’s office, the professor said ‘Well… I have to say, both of you girls are well-deserving of the ‘A+’ you’ve earned. Good job.’ 

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