Saturday, May 23, 2015

Jezebel's Diary 2: Staycation

Ahhh sweet holidays. The sun on my face, the beach sand under my toes, perhaps a little Long Island Iced Tea to blend them both into the perfect holiday in Bali or perhaps the Maldives. Oh well, I’m still a poor university student, struggling to even pay for my own expenses during my school term. Nevertheless, I deserve a long break! Away from everything else, all the noisiness of the city, free from having to worry about anything at all.

I cancelled my tuition appointments with my kids for this week, taking an off that is well-deserved after a long semester. I think a hotel stay would be worth it, somewhere discreet, and of course, cheap. Well, looking at the budget hotels is Geylang, they seem very shabby. And obviously, all of us Singaporeans would know what usually occurs in these hotels. Who knows what those white sheets have been stained by before? Much worse, would I even be able to sleep at night with all the noise going on left right center?

In times like these, Google is often one’s best friend. I opened my laptop and started to browse for hotels online. Finding the cheapest yet classy looking hotel, I took out my credit card and made a booking online for my hotel this weekend. I started to pack my small golf bag, putting in it everything I needed for a weekend stay at the hotel. I packed my usual home clothes, as well as a few dresses for going around the city area to eat. Checking to see if I have forgotten anything, I decided to toss into my bag a pair of bikinis that I have bought recently, but did not have time to wear. Well, I reserved these for the beach, but I guess a hotel swimming pool would do. Satisfied with what I have packed into my bag, I decided to call it a night.

The next day…

I awoke with an excitement to my limbs, a little light footed and airy. Well, I was on a holiday! Hahah. I know I’m kind of deceiving myself, this being a local staycation after all, but of course it’s better than nothing. I decided to leave my phone behind, away from all the phone calls and noisiness of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Well, I was on holiday!

Checking into the hotel, the receptionist was extremely nice to me. I guess she could tell that I was a local. The pleasant lady was dressed in a formal attire, to impress the customers I guess. Her hair was tied in a tight bun, and I could see clearly the amount of make-up she put on her face to make up for her company’s image. She was extremely nice and patient with me, telling me to wait while she was processing my check in.

I decided to walk around the hotel lobby area, checking out what the hotel has to offer for my stay here. Placed at the lobby was a juice dispenser, which I took gladly. Well, Singapore is pretty hot and I’m a customer here anyway. I folded my arms and took small sips of orange juice while I walked across the huge lobby area, which was rather empty save for two small families waiting to check in, me, and the receptionist.

Out of the window, I could see clearly the swimming pool that the hotel had. The hotel pool was a small and modest one, covered by trees on the other three sides. There was a lifeguard stool at the pool as well, but it was empty. Well, there was no need for one, really. It was such a small pool.
‘Miss Ira?’ I was broken out of my thoughts by my receptionist, who has managed to check in my details. Holding out a key, I collected it as she briefed me about my stay here. I started to zone out while I smiled politely at her, nodding at appropriate moments to pretend that I was listening. Well, I’m a local here. I don’t need to know what locations and sightseeing I have to do here. Sheesh.

Just halfway through her speech, a male staff walked behind her and gave me the same polite smile that was plastered onto the receptionist’s face. He was wearing something different from the polite receptionist, a polo tee and a pair of basketball shorts. Around his neck was a little black whistle and printed across his left breast was the name of the hotel I was staying at.

‘… and we hope you have a pleasant stay.’ Miss Polite Receptionist finished.

‘Thank you so much.’ I forced myself a smile while taking up my bag.

‘Staying here alone?’ Mr Polo Tee asked. I was a little stunned by the question, and I answered yes without thinking. A split second later, I was starting to scroll through my mind of all the crude things that could happen to people travelling alone.

‘Here, let me help you with your bag.’ Mr Polo Tee smiled at me and offered out his hand. Well, what am I thinking? I’m a local here, and I of all people should know how safe our country is. Hahah. Mr Polo Tee seems nice too. I let him carry my bags, and he accompanied me up to my floor, and we never exchanged a word. Checking into my room, I signaled for Mr Polo Tee to place my bags on the floor.

‘Thanks so much!’ I gave a slight smile, a real one this time, glad to have someone nice enough to help me.

‘Sure thing. Do let me know if there’s anything you need to make your stay here comfortable. My name is Thomas, you can reach me from through room service.’ He gave a little bow and left me alone to my devices. Well, that was a good start to my holiday. Hahah.

I checked to make the door was locked before taking off my clothes. I stripped out of the tank top and shorts that I was wearing, and I reached back to unhook my bra. My breasts fell free and I was a little relieved at how free I was, standing in my hotel room with only a pair of g-string on. I went to open the window and took a look at the scenery. I managed to get a room with a good view, overlooking the Singapore River. Well, I happened to be on the 8th floor as well, and I’m quite sure that no one would look up to see a nude girl standing there. Yet at the same time, I could see the people walking to and fro, busy with their weekends.

Turning around, I went to check out the bathroom, making sure that they do indeed have the bathtub as I have requested. The toilet was splendid, a bathtub in the middle of the toilet and a huge mirror that covered the other side of the wall. I stood there admiring the toilet and myself, my brown hair falling lightly on my lightly toned shoulders, my body illuminated by the warm glow of the toilet light. The nude g-string I was wearing blended well with my skin, hugging my waist just above my hips.

I turned on the tap and allowed the water to run, filling the bath tub with foam bath and water. I wanted to take a bath first, the start to my holiday. I started to unpack while the water ran, placing my necessities all over the hotel room and making myself at home.

Making sure that the tub was full and the temperature was right, I took off the last piece of clothing I had on me. I slipped into the bath, one leg at the time, before lowering myself in gently. The warm water caressed and welcomed by body into the depths, the water taking away all the stress that I had with me away into the bubbles and soap. I heaved a sigh of relief, pleased with myself for this short holiday. I laid in the tub, letting my body enjoy the warmth of the water and the aroma of the bath.

I ran my hands over my body, feeling the little waves of water going all over my body. I felt the slight tingle of arousal start to bloom into existence in my body, me being fully relaxed in the tub right now. Well, why not? I was on a holiday anyway. I traced my hands across my chest, gently touching my nipples at the right places where I knew I was sensitive. With both hands, I grasped my breasts and fondled with them gently, feeling the roundness and my nipples growing hard in the warm water. I let myself moan, since I was in the hotel alone anyway. I decided to let myself go freely, moaning louder and louder, not caring if anyone heard me. My moans filled the toilet, bouncing off the marble tiles and creating echoes of moan.

I reached down towards my groin, feeling my smooth pussy mound that I kept cleanly shaven for hygiene purposes and because it simply looked good. Well, the latter was the original reason actually. I loved how my body looked, curvy and moving smoothly from my head to my feet, curving over my breasts, abs, my pussy mound, uninterrupted by hair.

I found my pussy lips and I parted them, feeling the warm water joining the warmth that I was starting to feel within my loins. I could feel that I was excreting fluid from my pussy, my groin a little more slippery than my breasts, I started to rub myself, feeling my fingers move smoothly over my pussy lips and my clitoris, giving my clit a light touch while I continued to touch myself. ‘Ahhh… Mmm…’ I continued to moan, my voice echoing off the marble walls of the toilet.

Being able to freely masturbate and moan as I please excited me, liberated me. This was somehow different and refreshing, as compared to how I had to control my moans at home or even in school while I masturbated in the female toilet, afraid of how I may get caught masturbating.

I continued to rub my clit, and I started to pull at my nipples. My mouth was wide agape with moan after moan being released from my mouth, and I didn’t restrain myself any longer. I started to cum, and I felt my body release wave after wave of pleasure from my pussy along my spine. I could feel a little water movement across my vagina and I knew I was squirting underneath the water. I was really turned on by the situation as I continued to cum, feeling six or seven waves go over me before the waves started to ease in intensity and I started to regain my senses.

I was trembling a little, heaving short breaths from the orgasm that I just experienced. It felt so good, and the little waves were still there, a warm afterglow in the warm tub that I was in. My hands were still on my breast and my pussy, and I decided to continue to go a little further.

I parted my pussy lips once more, and as best as I could, located my vagina with my trembling middle finger and started to push my finger in. I felt my warm flesh start to engulf my finger, feeling it sink past my third, then my second knuckle. As I couldn’t reach in further anymore, I felt my pussy lips wrapped around my first knuckle, my thumb facing upwards. I used my thumb to locate my clit once again, and I started to circle the sensitive organ, moaning out load softly again as I continued to masturbate.

I started to move my finger in and out of myself, my thumb hitting my clit every time I went in. I continued to fondle with my breasts, imagining someone fucking me so gently and so intimately, his length filling me up inside.

Somehow, I imagined this person to be Mr Polo Tee from earlier, or Thomas, as he introduced himself. I moaned his name, the name sounding foreign on my lips. ‘Oh fuck me Thomas..’ ‘Oh push it in’ ‘Oh yes right there ahhh’ ‘There you go there you hmmm…’ My imaginary fuck session with Thomas continued as I pushed my finger in and out of myself, imagining his cock buried deep within me. Soon, I felt myself coming towards orgasm again, and I threw myself over the edge with one more thrust.

I came again, this time much more violently than before. My head was thrown back in mid-moan, and my eyes were closed as I imagined Thomas’s cock within me, reaching all the way in. I felt the water splash all around me, the water waves way slower than the waves of my orgasm coursing through my body. I came over and over again, losing count past my ninth wave. I felt myself feeling a little faint before my orgasm started to subside, and I lowered by entire body into the tub, aware of my heavy breathing.

With my eyes still closed, I enjoyed the remaining warmth of the bath, or whatever that was left of it. Feeling myself calm down till I could properly function again, I raised myself out of the tub and dried myself off.

I walked out of the bathroom and I saw the neatly arranged clothes that I have laid out for myself to wear. Hmm. Well, I’m along anyway. Why bother? I threw myself naked on the bed and I wrapped myself in the fluffy blankets, dozing off from the fatigue due to my intense orgasms. Ah what a great start to a holiday.

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