Saturday, May 23, 2015


Dear my fellow loyal readers,

Once again, so sorry for the long wait between the last story and this one! I'm having holidays right now, if my previous story wasn't clear enough. Hahah. I think just to clarify once and for all, I have my own personal life as well, and writing erotica is a way for me to de-stress from all the schoolwork and nonsense that I face at work or at school. It's a hobby. Since it's holiday, well... I need my break okay! Hahah. So do expect less entries from me in the meantime, but I'll try to write when I'm bored, alright?

Just a little update for my dear readers, any personal update from me is under the tag 'Personal', so do refer to this tag for anything that I have to say regarding my absence and whatnot about myself.

'Jezebel's Diary' is the tag that I would be using for stories that are based on myself and what I am doing at this point of time in life. It's kind of a sexualized version of my life. Whether it's true or not... Well... It's all up to your imagination! Hahah.

Meanwhile, I would like to thank everyone for their support thus far! It's been really inspiring and heart warming to see people reading my blog and giving feedback where necessary. So guy AND girls (Yes there are girls reading my blog too, you know who you are. :D), do continue to give me your feedback and support!

Lots of love,


  1. Enjoy your holidays! Is it possible that u could do collabs with me?

    1. Hello Des,

      I would like to hear you out. What do you mean by collabs? Do contact me at my email!