Sunday, May 31, 2015

Short Story: Recruit Sam Part 2

Agnes woke up from her lazy slumber, hating the dream that she just dreamt of. She dreamt of one the sexual fantasies that she had experimented with Chris, her ex-boyfriend, in the past. Both of them would often try out different sexual fantasies to find out who liked what. Last they tried, Chris tied Agnes to the bed frame, just like how it was like in 50 Shades of Grey. Agnes didn't really like it. She preferred soft, gentle sex.

Agnes tried to get up from her bed, but she realized her hands were both tied at the wrist, tied to the two opposite sides of the bed frame, just like how it occurred in her dream. Agnes started to panic. Was she still dreaming? She hated being tied down.

Her eyes have yet to adjust to the darkness, but Agnes was sure someone else was there. Suddenly, Agnes became aware of the fact that she was naked and lying on the bed. With her hands tied, she could do nothing to cover herself up. Her clothes still lay on the floor beside her. She took them off while masturbating earlier that evening. Agnes was really helpless before whoever this was.

Moonlight shone into her room through he open window, giving her a little sense of sight. Her hands were tied with thick dark green ropes, taped with black tape to secure it in place. It seemed very amateurish and not very expertly done, but it served it's job of keeping her restrained.

Her captor knew that she was awake, judging from her quickened and panicked breaths. Agnes's legs were free, and she drew them as close as she could to her body, covering as much of herself as she can. She was really afraid now, not knowing if she was awake or still dreaming.

As her captor moved in the moonlight, Agnes gazed upon his face for the first time, recognizing it to be her younger brother, Sam. She gasped, he mouth agape at the identity of her captor. She almost screamed, but Sam moved towards her and covered her mouth with a piece of cloth. The cloth had a familiar smell to it, that of her own. She could feel the intricate design of lace within her mouth, the panty which she was wearing earlier. He must have picked it off the floor. Sam pulled out a black tape with his free hand, taping Agnes's panties inside her own mouth.

She tried to scream but to no avail. Her makeshift gag was tight in place, and she got rewarded instead with more taste of herself. She could see Sam clearly now, her eyes now adjusted to the dark. Sam was very much overweight, almost double of her size. It was really disgusting and gross, as compared to how Chris was, tall, muscular and handsome. Sam also smelt a little bad, probably due to his sweat, whereas Chris used to always use that musky perfume that never failed to excite her senses. Agnes wanted to fight him off, but she couldn't. Not when she was naked and tied to the bed.

"Oh Agnes, how pretty you look." Agnes frowned at Sam's comment, angered and humiliated that her younger brother was doing this to her. Sam reached out a hand and touched her cheek, trying his best to caress her cheek gently, but only succeeded in smudging his pudgy fingers over her face. Agnes shied from the contact, and she tried to kick him away.

Sam easily caught hold of Agnes's flying leg, and Agnes knew the mistake she made. Having her leg held by Sam caused her legs to be spread apart like a pair of scissors, her pussy exposed for her younger brother to see. Her pussy was hairy and unkempt, a messy patch of pubic hair above her vagina. In that little light she had, she could see Sam lick his lips, a habit he always had as a kid whenever he was excited, in anticipation of something fun.

Agnes tried to bring her legs to close together again, but Sam held her leg high enough to make her efforts futile. Sam lowered himself while keeping her leg up and apart, lowering his face to eye level with Agnes's pussy. Agnes could feel tears welling in her eyes, the humiliation she was suffering too much for her to bear. Her younger brother, whom she loathed and hated, was staring at her most private parts, reserved for people she truly loved.

Agnes felt Sam push his face into her pussy, feeling him take a breath of the scent of her pussy, her feminine smell. Sam placed his lips against her sex, giving her messy licks along her slit, a tight valley of flesh below her pubic hair. Sam's tongue was doing a really bad job, his tongue simply tracing the line, his fat cheeks preventing him from licking even deeper. His saliva was wetting her vagina, dripping all over the bedsheet. Agnes grunted into the gag, disgusted at how her amateur brother was giving her oral sex. However, her grunts came out as moans through the gag, encouraging Sam to continue further.

Sam was indeed encouraged, his tongue attempting to lick faster, and he even pushed his fat face more forcefully against Agnes's pussy. It was a really messy job, his saliva going all over the place and around her entire private region. He tried to stick his pudgy fingers into her, his fingers spending a really long time trying to find the entrance to her vagina. As he stuck his finger in her, Agnes knew she was dry inside. His finger caused a bit of friction going in, and Agnes yelped a little, only to be passed off for a moan through the gag once again. Sam simply left his finger there, not knowing what to do with it, thinking that he was making his sister really aroused, whereas it was only his saliva making her wet and her grunting sounding like moans through the gag.

After a torturous amount of time, Agnes was really tearing now, tears running down her face. Her hands have already given up on trying to fight against the bonds, and she wanted this to end, for her brother to stop this. Agnes tried to fake an orgasm, lifting her ass a little off the bed an pretending to jerk a little. She even tried to squeeze her pussy on Sam's fingers, hoping he would stop once she was done 'cumming'.

Sam did indeed stop, removing his fingers and standing back, and somehow he looked like he was admiring his work. He even seemed to be a little proud. Agnes prayed hard that he would go away, that this would all go away. Sam reached to the waistband of his shorts and pulled it all off, pants, underwear and all. His cock stood as erect as it can be, but it was an inferior specimen of the male genitalia as compared to Chris. As Sam removed his shirt, his belly fats jiggled a little, the sight extremely revolting to Agnes. She closed her legs again, trying to protect whatever modesty she had.

As Sam started to walk towards Agnes, she realized what was going to happen, and she started to shout as best as she could through her panty gag, already fearing for the worst. Yet these were once again passed off for sexual moans. As Sam got onto the bed with her, indeed her fears were proven right. She was about to get fucked by her younger brother, her fat, disgusting little brother, and she could do nothing to stop him. Her arms were getting a little sore, after being tied to the sides of the bed for so long. Sam easily pried her legs apart, positioning himself between them to stop her from closing her legs again.

Sam positioned himself on the bed, leaning the entire of his weight against Agnes's petite body, trying his best to position his little cock against her vagina.

"Wet for me huh, dear Agnes? You know despite your struggle that you want this, you horny girl." His pudgy fingers fumbled at her entrance, feeling the thickly coated layer of saliva he left earlier. But Agnes knew that she was dry inside. She felt Sam position his cock at the entrance of her vagina, even as he parted her pussy lips with his fingers to gain access to her most private area.

Sam leaned his weight forward, pushing his cock deep into Agnes. Indeed she was really dry inside, causing her to yelp once again in pain as her younger brother's cock went into her. On the bright side, his cock was not as large as Chris, and it did not hurt as much as she expected. But that was no consolation, as Sam started to move back and forth, fucking her as he pleased. Sam moaned while Agnes grunted through her gag and closed her eyes shut, wishing this would all go away.

Sam felt really good inside his first pussy ever in his life. He fucked his sister, imagining her to be a tight, petite school girl. Well, there was no need to for him to imagine Agnes was tight. Her dry pussy caused friction all around his member, but Sam only knew it felt good to him. Agnes's eyes were really clamped shut, her face looking away to avoid the humiliation, her mind far away, trying to ignore the pain.

Sam grasped Agnes's boobs, holding them in his hands. Her breasts felt soft and fleshy to Sam, and he toyed with them, playing around with them forcefully, not caring if it hurt Agnes. The first boob that he was holding, the first sex, giving his virginity to his sister. Sam was pulling out and pushing into Agnes, stroking his cock in and out of her. Agnes felt really good to Sam, even when dry.

Yet the worst was not over. Sam decided was near orgasm, and he couldn't control himself from cumming. He grunted like a old, fat geezer, and he came spurt after spurt into Agnes, all while she panicked, knowing that she hasn't been on the pill ever since she broke up with Chris. Her little brother's disgusting cum spilled into her, filling her sore vagina with his semen. With one final grunt and one last spurt, Sam held himself inside Agnes as his engorged cock shrunk within her, before he pulled out.

Agnes was really stunned now, and she did not know what to do. Her cheeks were streaked with tears already drying, and she had no more tears left to spare. Sam's cum started to drip out of her vagina, a little droplet oozing out and onto the bedsheet.

"Agnes, I hope you liked your orgasm." Even in the moonlight, Agnes could see her little brother grin a little. He was still naked, his flaccid cock a small and pathetic sight to behold. As Sam removed her bonds and gag, Agnes sat in the same position, her hands to her sides and her legs spread apart in a missionary position, not knowing what to do next. What can she do?

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