Monday, June 8, 2015

Jezebel's Diary 3: IT Fair

The holiday went brilliantly for Jezebel. However, due to how much she enjoyed her holiday and the busyness of the work that followed soon after, she did not have much time to fill up her diary entries. However, she will try to write, as often as time permits. Work can be quite… To put it in the Singapore way, ‘shack’.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sigh. What a great morning it is today. A great day to snooze in bed and just slack around doing nothing at all. The much needed rain made staying in bed for a little while longer all the more worth it. I slept in an air-con room, but the rain still made leaving bed much harder than usual.

Today was the last day of the IT fair for this period, and I only heard of it recently, from one of my blog’s many readers, one who was nice enough to tell me of the IT fair. If only all my readers are as nice as she is. Hahah. Back to the topic, I had to go to the IT fair for this period, to get myself a new laptop from the IT fair. My current laptop is giving up on me, having used it since the start of my JC days, all the way till now. I was looking forward to the IT fair, but I totally forgot all about it. So once again, thank you my dear reader for telling me, even though it’s by chance. Hahah.

I got out of bed, my hair in a little frenzy, well-styled by my oh-so-lovable pillow. My cute little soft toys looked at me from the side of my queen sized bed, and I simply stared back at them. They can be so adorable, despite being non-living and stuff. Hahah. The rain was still pitter pattering outside the window, the raindrops an amazing symphony to my ears in the quietness of the morning. I slept in the nude, as I usually do, so I took up my sleeping gown and threw it over my head. Can’t possibly walk around my house naked. I usually placed my sleeping gown beside me as I slept so that I can grab it if my family comes into my room or something. Not very likely, but just to be sure.

I took my usual warm morning shower, the water going over my sleepy face, soaking my hair. I could feel the warm water heating up my body part by part, the warm water cascading over my shoulders, breasts, flowing downwards towards my stomach, down and between my legs. I touched my body, feeling the smoothness of my skin under the water. My pubic hair was growing out a little, the stubbles prickling my fingers and causing me a little discomfort. I took time to shave myself once again, keeping my pussy well shaven, just how I liked it.

I put on a pair of white thongs that I bought from La Senza recently, a pair of seamless ones, one that compliments my skin tight dresses that highlight my skinny figure. I really liked g-strings and thongs. They had no panty lines and they made things much breezier. There also will not be a problem of one’s underwear riding up your ass too.

Being a rainy day, I picked out a black dress that I wore rarely, one that I can actually wear due to the wet weather. I could afford to dress up a little more than usual today, since the rain made the weather so much more bearable. I could still fit into the dress, as surprising as it seems. I managed put on a little weight during my last semester, and honestly I’m quite conscious about how I look like now.
I still had to get my laptop today. I went out, and the bus was already crowded, even though it was barely noon. Shouldn’t these people all be at lunch right about now? The bus was crowded and noisy, the Sunday crowd irritating and suffocating me inside.

It was even worse off at Tanah Merah, where the entire throng of people were just so packed to get to expo. I managed to find a good spot to cut into the queue, and sometimes I thank God for making me so small and tiny that people can actually not see me doing shit like this. So yep, I managed to get onto the next train, and then my trip to expo. Upon alighting, it seems as though everyone in the train was going to expo. The entire train seemingly alighted and all headed towards the same direction towards the IT fair.

The IT fair was extremely crowded already, balloons high up in the air, sales people grabbing unsuspecting customers and whatnot. I was there alone, and I barely did any research before going. Ah shucks I should have done so. Oh well. I decided to walk around a little, carrying my black clutch and a little notebook and pen, taking down notes as I went along.

The thing is this – You can go around for the first few times, asking around about the specifications and how it makes the computer good and whatnot. By the time you’re done with about 5 salespeople, you more or less are able to state which computer specifications you’re looking for and what you actually want, and act all professional about it. So I did a crash course by asking random sales people from different companies, taking note not to speak to the same salesperson more than once.

The sales staff were mostly made up of Polytechnic kids and some university students, earning quick bucks during their summer holidays. Most were IT noobs like me, but I managed to speak to much more mature looking people, to get to understand how computers are like and stuff. In all honestly, I actually scored an A+ for my Information Technology module at school, but I don’t know nuts about IT in reality. Opps hahah.

I approached salesperson after salesperson afterwards, going around to HP, Dell, ASUS, Lenovo, and some of the other not so well-known brands. Of course, there was always a long queue at the Apple store, and I didn’t even bother going there since my price range was way lower than an average Macbook.

The place was really crowded. I tried talking to salespeople, only to have them attend to other customers and whatnot. Nevertheless, I did have some good conversations with people, finding out more about the laptops at each booth. My notebook slowly became filled, each brand having a laptop for me to make my final decision.

After making sure that I have covered all the brands in the area, I managed to compile together a list of potential laptops being sold at the expo, also inclusive of the name of the salesperson who recommended me. Well, I am a very nice person. Hahah. Since the person was nice enough to talk to me despite me looking like a broke university student like I actually am, I would go back to the sales person and help a bit with his/her commission.

My list was full and I looked over the list once again, checking out the deals that I have seen in the last two hours of walking around and fighting the crowd. Ah. There was this deal by Christine earlier on I think. Her company was selling the laptop that wanted for a price of $1,000, a much better deal than the other stores, which were selling me at $1,200 for the exact same laptop. If I could recall correctly… She’s a rather nice person as well I think.
Jumping into the crowd once more, I managed to find Christine again. She was about my height, a head with light brown hair, large eyes and a slim figure. Christine didn’t manage to recognize me. Not surprising, seeing as how she saw at least a few hundreds of customers in the past few days already. She has this nice pleasant smell about her, a smell that I noticed despite the stink of the crowd around me. The uniform she wore was bright yellow, and she matched it with a pair of black pants that highlighted her skinny legs. Despite the bright yellow shirt, I could still see a vague outline of her bra that she was wearing underneath, her breasts sticking out a little despite the oversized uniform of her company. I know I’m a girl, but I can’t help but notice that Christine was really pretty, and she seems to be about my age.

I spoke to her regarding the same laptop again, the one that was selling at $1,000. She nodded her head hesitantly, seemingly shy and a bit flustered. Perhaps I caught her while she was zoning out. Hahah. Nevertheless, she checked with me once again what I really wanted, and she was really excited to bring me to the back to rearrange for the laptop. She ticked of the freebies that I could obtain from the purchase, as well as the laptop itself.

I could smell the aroma of her shampoo as she walked in front of me, the slight draft that she created while walking bringing the fragrance to my nose. I continued to ogle at her longer, and I noted her fair skin, her light make-up that made her look so much more desirable. Many of the girls at the IT fair had such heavy makeup on, such that they looked kind of like the nobles from the Hunger Games. Christine, on the other hand, was rather pretty, an innocent budding flower, as if she was waiting to be plucked.

I was very distracted by how pretty she looked now, and without knowing it, I raised my hand to run it through her hair. Christine looked rather stunned for a moment, her awkward smile replaced with a short moment of shock. We were behind the display booth, and no one was really looking at us. Nevertheless, this was something that I should not be doing.

‘OMG I’m so sorry! I just really liked your hair… And I just…’ I stammered. Christine resumed her awkward smile again, a little less bright than before. She told me that it was okay and she continued doing her stuff, double checking the items that I’m purchasing.

I queued up to collect my items, while Christine waited alongside with me, as she needed my receipt to claim her commission for the laptop that I have purchased. The crowd was really crazy, and we really were waiting a very long time.

‘So… Erm… Are you studying now?’ Christine asked, perhaps hoping that the conversation would help pass time faster.

‘Yes I’m currently studying in NTU. How about you?’

‘Ah yes I’m in Singapore Poly.’

Ahhh she was really adorable, her little awkwardness and her innocence. After small chit chat as I got to know more about her, where she stayed, her internship and whatnot, I finally got my package.

‘Can we go to somewhere near the back of the expo for you to check my receipt?’ I asked. Christine has to check my receipt to get the receipt number to submit for her commission. We went all the way to the back of expo hall, behind the banks, where there was a lot of space and no one was there. I leaned my stuff against the back of their partition wall and waited while Christine took down the number on my receipt with her phone.

‘Thank you so much!’ Christine smiled. Once again, I raised my hands to stroke her hair. However, this time she did not shy away, but she allowed me to touch her hair and run my fingers through them. I leaned in a little closer and I smelled a whiff of that clean smell that she had around her, the smell of her shampooed hair.

I weaved my fingers below the back of her head and tucked a little, causing Christine’s head to be pulled back a little. I planted a kiss on her head and she closed her eyes, allowing me to do as I pleased. And indeed I did continue, my other hand reading around her back to pull her body close to mine, her bright yellow uniform against my black dress, and her breasts against mine. I could feel her heartbeat beating fast in her chest, and her body felt good against mine. Her hands found their place beside my hips, and she held them there just so naturally.

I continue to move downwards, and my lips found hers. Her lips were soft and supple, very dry due to the air-conditioned expo hall and hours after hours of talking. Yet it felt good to kiss her, as if kissing a girl was natural for another girl to do so.  I wasn’t sure if this was Christine’s first kiss, but she indeed knew what to do. While I led the way, Christine corresponded with the same actions, gently kissing me back, her head tilted to one side to allow our lips to meet while not having our noses collide awkwardly in the middle. I started to part a little, allowing us some time to breathe a while. I stuck out my tongue to lick her lips, tasting how she tasted like.

Looking around, no one seemed to be looking at us, despite there being people a few people here at the back of the expo hall. We were in a secluded area of the hall, a slightly darker corner as compared to the rest of the place. It was really exciting, to be kissing a girl that I just met a few minutes ago in the crowded expo hall.

Christine looked at me expectantly, and I met that expectation with a kiss to seal our lips together once more. I held her head close to mine, my other hand pressed against her back to hold her close to me. We kissed much more passionately this time, both of us wanting for more from each other. Using my leg, I shifted my thigh to between her legs and moved a little upwards, stroking the insides of her thighs with mine. I could feel Christine moan a little, sending vibrations through her lips as we kissed. Truth be told, I was a little turned on by this whole experience as well.

I let go of Christine’s head and I started to grope at her chest. Christine did indeed have adequate breasts, which were well hidden by her oversized company shirt. I felt her soft mound of flesh through her clothes and bra, and I held her boob in my hand, cupping them and just fondling with them. All the while, I continued to tease her with my thigh rubbing, inciting more moans from Christine, the whole ordeal a really arousing one, most probably for both of us.

I continued to move downwards, and I found the top of her black pants. Immediately Christine broke off from the kiss and gave me a worried look. Yet her eyes were full of lust and longing, for me to touch her more and show her the meaning of pleasure. I looked around once more, and I noted that there were a few curious onlookers who were pretty far away, but just close enough to know that we were sharing an intimate moment.

I just reassured Christine that all is well, before unbuckling the button at the top of her pants. As that button came loose and I touched the skin being exposed, Christine closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure, my finger finding contact with the skin near her private region. Christine did not shave, but her hair was fine and soft to the touch. She wore a normal cotton panty, and her innocence was really turning me on. I could feel myself getting a little wet down there as well, my pussy needed some attention.

I grabbed one of Christine’s hands at my sides and redirected them to the hem of my dress/ I whispered in her ear to follow as I did. Christine found my crotch with ease, just as I found her pussy. She gingerly slid her fingers along the sides of my thongs and found my bald pussy. Yet Christine was not shocked at all at my hairlessness, but she continued to stroke it, apparently enjoying the smoothness of my pussy mound.

I managed to find Christine’s clit, an engorged piece of flesh just above her pussy. Christine must have been really aroused by now, her clit almost the size of a small penis in my hands. I stroked it and Christine gave cry between a moan and a yelp. Perhaps that area was too sensitive to her. Ah what sweet innocence. I traced the lips of her pussy, and I found that little wet hole of hers. Christine followed just as I did, and she found my wet hole as well.

‘At the count of three okay?’ She nodded. ‘One… Two… Three.’ As I was counting three, I pushed my finger into her. Perhaps that was a little unexpected, but Christine threw her head back a little, closed her eyes and moaned, experiencing he pleasure of the sudden entry into her vagina. Christine did not forget to stick her finger into me as well, and her finger entered me slowly, a bit awkwardly, as she did not know what to do with them. Moreover, one finger was much too little for me, and I barely felt anything as Christine entered me.

I swirled my finger around her, probing her innocent insides and her soft vagina walls with one finger. Christine continued to moan, her eyes closed, her mind in a state of ecstasy with all the pleasure that I am giving her.

‘Christine, I think you’ll have to use two fingers for me.’ Christine obliged and she stuck another finger into me. I started to move my fingers in and out of her as much as possible with her pants in the way, and Christine reciprocated the action, fingering me under my dress. It was much easier for her to finger fuck me than for me, and it felt really good, her long slender fingers sliding in and out of me. Her knuckles felt the best to me, the thick part of her fingers constantly spreading me out upon entry and exit.

Soon, both of us continued to finger each other and we moaned into each other faces, all while keeping up the act of hugging, but I was sure the people around us knew what we were doing. The excitement of doing a lesbian act with innocent little Christine in public was amazing and exciting to me, and it felt really good.

I started to increase the pace of my fingering, and Christine did as well. I could feel her vagina walls clamping up, preparing her body for the oncoming orgasm. My body tensed up as well, and I felt that we could actually come together. Soon, with one final and forceful push, I could feel Christine cum in my hands, just as I have cum in hers, both of us minds in ecstasy and in pleasure, enjoying the feeling of both our fingers in each other.

As we both caught our breaths back, we settled down and we tidied both of us up. The onlookers had really interesting expressions now, the males looking curiously at our corner of the hall. I picked up my new laptop and both Christine and I disappeared into the crowd, but not before exchanging numbers.

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  1. i was at the it show that day too! but sadly not one of those lucky ones that saw your shenanigans hahhaa