Monday, June 8, 2015

I need a break.

Dear readers,

I will be taking a short break for a while now. As I have mentioned to some of you, especially those closer ones, I've just broken up in my relationship and I feel that I need some time to take a short break from everything and just chill for a while. By the way, the prior story post to this was me ranting out my feelings and whatnot, thus the flurry of violent emotions and everything from me was contained within that particular story. Those more observant readers would definitely know which one.

So yep, so sorry for the break that I'll be taking! No worries I'll still write but it's going to be a lot slower now than before for the time being. Anyway, I just updated my blog with another post before my short break so I hope you all like this one! It's back to my usual style. Hahah.

Another thing is that I am unable to follow through systematically for my Jezebel's Diary Series, so I do apologize for that. Nevertheless, do continue to read! I'll try to link it to the previous entry, but no guarantee is given. For those who are still too slow to get it or you haven't been reading my Personal news flash, that series is a sexualized version of my life, so I guess there is some sense of continuity there I guess.

- edited - For those readers who have seen the paragraph prior to my update, so sorry for the miscommunication. I didn't know what came over me (no pun intended), but I just felt a little reckless when I posted that. So sorry ya!

Lots of love,


  1. Hi Jezebel! I actually talked to you on whisper before but I lost the convo. Hope you are feeling better! Is there any way for me to contact you?

    1. Hello anon,
      You can contact me through Kik: Jezebel.Ira or through my e-mail: Hope to hear from you soon! Hahah.