Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Jezebel's Diary 4: Work Work

"Jezebel, 5 minutes, my office, thank you." I got broken out of my trance, and I looked up from my computer only to see the back of my boss walking away. Sounds of typing and clicking continued on around me, while some of my colleagues were engaged in phone calls and conferences with customers. I took a look at my table top mirror, and readjusted my messy fringe. My makeup was light and plain, just suitable for office work. I locked my computer screen, stood up from my table, readjusted my blouse and made my way to the boss's office.

A few heads turned to look, and I got a feeling that the males weren't exactly looking to see who has gotten up from her desk. Rather, their eyes seem to be drawn to certain areas of my body. I got a little self-conscious. Was it my make up? Was my blouse inappropriate? Ah, I shrugged. It must be just a coincidence. Perhaps they were looking at something else.

I gave a light knock on my boss's door and entered, closing the heavy wooden door behind me. The office was well-furnished, with bookshelves covering one side of the wall, stacked with books upon books, interrupted by a few family photos, a few medals and plaques. On the other side stood a row of metal cabinets that were locked, probably to hold any secure documents the office had. My boss sat behind the wooden desk placed in the middle of the room, the back of the desk facing a full length glass window that overlooked whatever scenery it had to offer. I could make out the Changi Airport control tower just faintly in the distance.

"Yes Miss Chang, you wanted to see me?" I think I already knew what was coming, having worked here for the past month already. Nevertheless, I asked out of politeness, a courtesy. Miss Jasme Chang was my boss at work, a young yet successful team leader of the operations department in her mid-20s. Rumour has it that she managed to earn her way up the ladder so quickly due to her good looks, coupled with certain favours done for the higher-ups. I, of course, do not know the truth of these things. However, what I knew, was that Jasme may be no simple lady.

Today, Jasme wore a royal blue dress that hugged her slim figure well, a cardigan that went round her shoulders, topped with a silver necklace with a cute little key. She wore a pair of black flats, no need for heels with her height that matched that of any average Singaporean man. Even from day one, I knew that I paled her in the department of looks.

"Jezebel, it has been such a stressful day today. I would want the usual today. You know what to do. Just a quick one." Jasme said it with an attitude just as casual as if she was ordering a cup of coffee from Starbucks. She was sitting on her brown leather chair, her arms laid causally on the armrests and her legs crossed in a ladylike manner. She smiled her usual killer smile, a smile that was sure to charm anyone, ladies included.

I knew what she wanted, and I simply smiled and knelt down before her, complying with what she wanted. I was her employee after all. Anyway... It’s not like I hated doing this... But she doesn't need to know that... Right?

I moved my face closer to her knees. I could already smell her perfume, a light smell of a fruity flavour that suited her angelic face. Her legs were smoothly waxed, her shins shining in the light above us. I raised my hands to touch her milky soft skin, admiring it and yet jealous of it. Some girls were just born with such flawless skins.

Slowly, I parted her legs gently. She aided me by unfolding her legs, allowing my hands to reach up her skirt if I so wanted. I wanted to take my time, despite Jasme's request for a 'quick' one. I lowered my leg and kissed her knee, tasting a little of her soft white skin. I stroked her shins, feeling my fingers glide over her flawless skin. I looked up to see Jasme looking at me, and I could see from within her soft eyes that she was enjoying this, and she wanted more.

With both my hands on Jasme's knees, I started to slide my fingers upwards, moving them underneath her royal blue dress. I caught my thumb on the hem of her dress, and I started to peel her dress upwards, exposing more of those flawless legs. The dark shadowed area between her legs started to get illuminated, and I could see clearly her black lacy underwear. Her thighs were just as white as the rest of her, firm and slim as well. I kissed my way upwards from her knees, letting my hair fall over her thighs and allowing them to trace a way upwards along with my lips. I could hear Jasme moan a little, my hair and lips creating anticipation for what was to come.

As more light shone on Jasme's exposed legs and privates, I could see clearly the outline of her neatly trimmed landing strip through her panties. My fingers found the waistband of her panties, a thin seamless string that went around her waist. I slipped my fingers under them as well, peeling her panty off her bit by bit. Jasme helped by lifting her ass off her seat for a little while. Most of the lacy material came off with ease, though the crotch of her panty stuck to her pussy for a little while longer, coming off with a line of transparent fluid, a good indication of how wet Jasme was.

I spread apart Jasme's legs to expose her pussy, neatly shaven around her tight pussy lips, and her well-trimmed landing strip just above it. Her pussy was small and cute, the inner folds hidden within. If I didn't know better, I would think this pussy belonged to that of a teenager barely gone through puberty, her vagina untouched and unblemished. A film of shiny liquid lined her pussy like lipstick to her pussy lips, giving them a glossy look.

"Miss Chang, may I?" At this point of time, my mouth was done kissing their way up her thighs. I was a few centimetres away from her pussy, and I could smell a hint of that sweet fluid that coated her pussy lips. My hands were upon both her inner thighs, keeping her legs spread apart.

"Oh fuck yes." Jasme opened her eyes to look at me again, this time with eyes full of lust and desire. She placed her slender hands around the back of my head and urged me towards her pussy. I resisted her advance a little, slowly inching my way towards her pussy.

I stuck out my tongue, and I just touched the tip of it against her tiny slit, just under her landing strip. Jasme moaned a little, her sweet voice enough to make anyone cum as well. I could feel her trying to lift herself up a little more, to feel more of my tongue upon her pussy. My hands held her down, withholding from her the pleasure she so desired. Jasme grunted, her efforts spent in vain. She tasted really sweet, a taste I was familiar to now.

I tasted more of her bit by bit, sinking my tongue into the inner folds of her labia, my nose buried in her landing strip. She tasted really sweet. I could feel myself getting a little wet between my legs as well, and I used one of my free hands to confirm my suspicions. My hands fondled and managed to push my g-string to the side, allowing me access to my own pussy just as my face was in Jasme’s pussy. I felt my wet vagina as I explored hers, my tongue and finger exploring both our pussies.
I was just as wet, if not wetter than how Jasme was right now. Jasme’s head was thrown back, her mouth agape and her moans overlapping upon moans in sheer pleasure. I rubbed my clit just as I licked her clit, feeling my fingers against my own sensitive spot just as I prodded her at hers. With my other free hand, I started to pull apart her vagina with my thumb and forefinger, exposing her inner most privates to me for a little while. I could see her pee-hole very clearly, her engorged clit and most importantly, her gaping vagina. I stuck my finger into her just as I stuck it into my own vagina, feeling my fingers fill two vaginas at once. I was really turned on by this, the feeling of two pussies in my hand, one that I was extremely familiar with, the other belonging to someone I barely knew for a month.

Jasme moaned more now, being filled with my fingers. She always needed to have something within her to cum, and I could feel that she was near orgasm, her pussy clenching down on my fingers inside her. I lifted my hand a little, and I found her g-spot within her, a little spongy area just a little inside her vagina. I started to give more attention to it, stroking it slowly, seeing how Jasme would respond to it.

When she was done, all she could do was to motion for me to leave her be, while I left her office and returned to my seat. My hair was in a frenzy but my makeup was still intact. Yet some guys gave me a curious look as I walked past back them back to my seat. I wonder what they think of what transpired in Jasme’s office?

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