Monday, July 6, 2015

Short Story: The Scholarly Student Part 1

To everyone else, it was just another simple day at school. Crowded trains, quiet mornings, students with school bags and white collar workers heading to work. Gina hurried on to school just like the rest, carrying in her hands a small stack of notes, studying for her Math mid-years later on. Not that she had to worry even a bit. She was one who seemed to be naturally good with studies, forever acing tests, quizzes and exams one after another, never failing to top the cohort chart during every major examination. Despite that, Gina was not concentrating on her notes, but her mind was somewhere else far away.

Everyone knew Gina was smart and talented, a pleasant and quiet girl that kept mostly to herself. She was often seen with a small clique of equally quiet and demure girls, often seen studying or eating together. Nobody really paid much attention to Gina, since she was so quiet and all. She topped the charts every examination, but yet she remained humble and quiet. No one usually bothers about the top anyway, since everyone was too busy struggling even to pass exams at JC.

Not only did Gina excel at her studies, she was also one who managed her work-life balance extremely well. She was proud to be part of the student council in school, as well as part of the committee in her symphonic band. Her family loved their talented daughter very much, and didn't have to worry much about her. Gina coped very well, even earning her own pocket money through giving tuition.

Many people looked up to Gina, respected her, some even revered her. Despite that, Gina was not all that she turned out to be. She had a secret, a large secret kept by almost all humans, one that no one usually confesses to.

Gina was very addicted to her sexuality. To keep up with the high amounts of stress she had since secondary school, Gina discovered the pleasure of masturbation. Every time she was stressed, she masturbated. Her masturbation sessions kept her going, and she found that the more she played with herself, the more relaxed she was, ready to hit her books, ending off her studying session with another orgasm.

In time to come, Gina discovered that the pleasure of sex itself was so much better than that of masturbating alone. She got her virginity taken by some stranger she met online, one who was even willing to pay her for sex. That she gladly accepted, and since then, Gina has been earning her own keep through her 'tuition' sessions with different men every week. After all, it seemed like a pretty good deal to be paid for having orgasms with a live dildo. While keeping her sexual desires at bay, Gina continued to excel at her studies, even at her school commitments.

With all the amount of success that she has had, everyone else would think she was naturally gifted, that nothing would go wrong for her. Yet Gina knew, if anyone ever found out about her dark side, things would go so wrong.

It was just last week that Gina received a mail from a totally anonymous sender, one without a return address, a physical snail mail with only her name printed upon it in big and bold fonts. It was an anonymous mail, untraceable and unknown. It wasn't the anonymity that scared her the most, it was what was inside. As she opened the mail, photos of what she did during the June holidays fell out onto her desk, piled one upon another. These photos shocked her, they were taken from angles that she had never thought to look. Yet the message was clear, that someone knew what she was doing, someone had the evidence, and someone was blackmailing her.

During the June holidays, Gina studied very hard for her mid-year exams. She was a little stressed, and she decided that more 'tuition' sessions would help. The photos revealed Gina in the middle of her sexual acts, one depicting her making out with a much older man in his car, another showing her giving a blowjob to an ITE student at a void deck, and one was even taken through a window, where Gina was riding a guy while she had her bare breasts being grabbed.

The message was typed out into a letter and fitted into the anonymous envelope with the rest of the photographs. She was to meet her mysterious blackmailer in a particular area in school right after her Math examination, and the mysterious person was even nice enough to tell her to come prepared. Gina's blackmailer seems to know her schedule and her school layout... Perhaps he/she's from her school?

The math mid-year examinations went without a hitch, and Gina could easily answer all of the questions despite her mind being off somewhere else far away. She was wearing a cardigan, her cloth bag slung upon her shoulder, her uniform clean and spotless, fresh from her wardrobe just that day.

Gina made her way to the fourth floor toilet straight up from the library, the furthest area of the school away from the school hall, where the examination was held. Most of her peers are leaving or have already left, traumatized by the hard paper that they just had. Hence, the school was relatively quiet, the fourth floor akin to that of a cemetery. She was to expect her blackmailer here, where he specified in the mail. She stood outside the toilets, not seeing anyone in sight. She turned to face the only corridor that led here, wondering when her blackmailer would appear.

Unsuspecting, strong hands grabbed Gina from behind, one arm around her waist and another hand cupped her mouth to muffle the silent scream that followed. Her attacker actually hid in the toilet before Gina came along, easily sneaking up on her from behind. Her attacker's hands held firm despite her best efforts to break free. Gina lost the fight almost immediately. Held in place, she could not turn around to see who her blackmailer was.

Another pair of hands came into view, holding a piece of dark cloth in front of her face. In her scuffle, Gina failed to notice that there was more than one person behind her. While her first attacker held her head in place, the second person covered Gina's eyes with the dark piece of cloth, stealing from her the reassurance of safety that sight provided.

'Hello Gina, you've been a very naughty girl, very naughty indeed. Never expected some scholarly girl like you to be such a dirty slut.' Blindfolded, Gina did not say a word. Instead, she wondered what they wanted from her. Was it money? Was it her reputation at stake? Or was it something else?

Strong hands carried Gina, not that it was difficult, given how light she was. She could not feel the ground below her feet, and all she had was her sense of hearing and smell to rely on. Gina felt herself being moved from the open corridor into a room, and she heard the spinning of a fan and smelt the pungent smell of pee. A small cheer that echoed within the toilet was a small indication of the number of people hidden within the toilet. Gina was quite frightened right now. She had no control over what was happening, the situation seemingly messed up.

'Eh really can ah?'

'Wah I thought you joking sia.'

'Eh she really that top student leh omg.'

Comments were thrown around Gina, but Gina had no idea what they were going to do. Hands still held her firmly, and she could do nothing to get out of it.

'Lai lai I start off first okay?' The guy holding her said from behind her. One hand loosened just a little, only to find its way upon Gina's breasts. Today, Gina wore a softly padded white bra over her C-cupped breasts. She had large breasts than most girls her age, but the baggy uniform hid her priced assets. She felt her breasts being squeezed and fondled, hands playing roughly with them. Gina was rather used to it, with her experience with all the guys who have paid to sleep with her already. With her softly padded bra, Gina could feel the stranger's fingers over her breasts, and Gina was sure that he could feel her soft breasts very well. She did not utter a word, but merely let the guy do as he please.

'Wah she not saying anything leh.' It was as if Gina could feel the stares upon her despite being blindfolded, she was a little less afraid, the feeling of fear replaced by that of arousal, knowing that she was being watched while one played with her breasts.

'Eh don't just stare leh. Join me la? Later you all say bojio.' The guy toying with her breasts voiced out once more. One hand joined his in groping her breasts, followed by two more, three more, till Gina lost count of the number of hands touching her. She felt hands all over her breasts, her hips, her stomach, her shoulders. Gina could feel the heat coming from all around her as the bodies of strangers crowded around her. She could feel their hands exploring her, molesting her all over. She was roughly handled, her uniform a mess now.

A few hands were started to move downwards, around her hips and started to grope at her ass through her school skirt. While the skirt was made of a thick material, Gina has a perky ass that pulled the material taut, her ass that was just as good as asset as her breasts were. She felt the hands move and roam all over her ass, touching her just as hands molested her breasts and any bit of her that they could reach.

Hands on her front started to move downwards as well, moving down from the front of her blouse, downwards and across her mons pubis. Gina let out an involuntary moan, feeling the foreign fingers trace across her pubic region. Her clit must be quite engorged and sensitive now, for Gina to be able to feel the arousing tingling sensation through the thick material of her skirt.

'Woah her moan is so hot.' One brave hand slipped under her skirt, feeling her bare skin underneath for the first time. Gina moaned involuntarily again, her body in a clear state of arousal from being molested by so many people. She felt the hand explore further underneath her skirt, only to find her bare ass cheeks.

'Wah she not wearing underwear ah?' With that, the owner of the mysterious hand flipped her skirt upwards, and Gina felt her lower body being exposed to the group. Gina knew what she was wearing, a white mesh bikini thong which was a little see-through, where her pussy outline could be easily traced. Gina kept her pussy cleanly shaven, out of comfortable hygiene purposes.

'Idiot la she wearing thongs.'

'Oh opps paisei.'

Hands returned to explore her, this time across her bare thighs, squeezing her bare butt cheeks and kneading her soft thighs. The hem of Gina's skirt was neatly tucked into the waistband of her skirt, so the group had full access to her bare bottoms. Gina started to get turned on by strangers touching her all over. She could feel the dampness between her thighs, her pussy was sure to be soaking wet. Yet while she silently begged for someone to touch her pussy, arching to and fro without being to suspicious, her wish was not granted.

Hands fondling her breasts reached for her buttons, unbuttoning her blouse one button at a time. Without waiting for the last button to be undone, Gina felt her blouse being torn open, the last button at the base of her blouse torn off, landing on the floor with a light clink. Gina could feel her breasts being exposed to the crowd before her, the cold air blowing upon the skin that was not covered by her bra. Yet Gina’s nipples got erect, feeling a sense of arousal as well as the cold air upon it. Her nipples could surely be seen through her thin bra.

‘Woah are these her…’ The sentence was left unfinished, as fingers found her nipples through her bra, squeezing them through the thin fabric. With her nipples standing erect, with the added sensitivity of her nipples, Gina moaned in pleasure, her moan definitely heard by all, echoing around the small toilet. She clenched her thighs together, trying to rub her pussy in any way she could to bring herself to a climax.

Gina’s blouse was taken off her shoulders, but left around her arms. With skills gained from boy scout somewhere by one of the boys, Gina’s hands were quickly bound behind her back by her own blouse, her white bra all that is left to cover her decency. That soon came off, but not as how Gina would expect it to come off. Fondling with the straps, the guys did not know how to get Gina’s bra off her entirely without unbinding her arms. Instead, they managed to cut her straps off, and Gina felt the bra land at her feet, her C-cup breasts fully exposed to them now, her hands tied behind her back. Gina felt helpless yet aroused, knowing that everyone in the toilet must be admiring her breasts now.

Gina felt her bikini bottoms loosen at the sides, the strings being pulled out of their knot. As the strings fell beside her thighs, all that held Gina’s thongs in place was her squeezing her thighs together. Roughly, someone pulled her thong from between her thighs, the entire length on the thong rubbing against her clitoris. With that, Gina moaned once more, her arousal clear to the people in the room.

‘Wah she really very slut leh look at how wet she is.’ Gina felt a finger upon her pussy, and she was not surprised at all to find that the finger was touching something wet between her thighs.

Strong, muscular hands held Gina’s legs and pulled them apart, revealing her bare shaven pussy to those who were in the toilet. Gina was blindfolded, but she knew that they could see every detail of her pussy, one taken by so many men, yet still as tight as it ever was to begin with.

Hands continued to fondle her large breasts, her nipples being toyed with and the huge mounds being handled roughly. Hands managed to find their way on her inner thighs and this time, a few fingeres dared to explore her pussy.

Gina felt her pussy lips being pried open, her inner pussy lips exposed to everyone who was free at that point of time to see. A finger landed on her clit, and this touch itself was enough to send Gina into euphoria, a little sense of electricity running through her veins, resulting in more moans that echoed around the toilet walls.

Gina felt her clitoris being toyed with as she continued to moan about. As another finger was laid upon the entrance to her pussy, Gina felt it slide all the way in with ease, her pussy as wet as it could have ever been. There was no need for lubrication, her pussy was self-lubricating enough. With a ‘come hither’ action, the fingers within her found her g-spot with ease. The sensation of having her g-spot and her clit stimulated at the same time was one new experience for Gina. She squirmed in her bondage, trying to reposition herself into a position to maximise her sensation, to bring herself to orgasm.

Yet that effort was not really needed, as the feeling of having her nipples, clitoris and g-spot being toyed with all at the same time overwhelmed Gina, feeling her head with nothing but the sheer joy of her orgasm. Gina orgasmed, her body going into spasms, jerking forward as each wave of orgasm hit her with tides of pure pleasure. At the same time, she also felt herself squirting, fluids shooting out from her pussy in short bursts, probably wetting those who were in front of her.

‘Wah did she just cum?’

‘Eh she can squirt ah?’

‘Wah not bad sia didn’t know she so scholar yet so slut.’

With her orgasm over, Gina collapsed from the intense orgasm. She did not bother about their comments or paid any attention at all. Gina fell backwards into the guy behind her, her pussy still tingling from the intense experience. She was laid down on the cold toilet floor, and she did not bother if it was cold or not, her breaths coming in short gasps.

‘Guys… Why don’t we enjoy our dear little slut a little longer?’ Well… This is far from over…


  1. I'm in the midst of a very long period of edging myself and it's been weeks since I've cum.
    This story made me lose control in the most exquisite manner.

    1. Thank you for reading my story! I think the rest don't have to know what you have been doing while reading. (:

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    1. Sorry for the (VERY VERY HAHAH) late reply. Thanks for enjoying my story! (:

  3. reading your story gets me more excited then watching porn

    1. Hello. Thank you for your kind compliments... I guess?

  4. It's very interesting and awesome😊