Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Short Story: The Scholarly Student Part 2

Gina lay on the cold toilet floor, feeling the cool tiles against her face. Her body was still shuddering from the orgasm she just experienced, her pussy feeling the little tingle that was always present after an intense orgasm. Her mind was fuzzy as well, and her breaths came in short packets.

Gina didn't bother to get up. Her legs were usually jelly after cumming. Anyway, it's not as if she could get away, with the number of guys in the toilet with her. Not only that, she was blindfolded as well, her hands tied behind her back. No chance of escape whatsoever. Her eyes were covered, and all she could feel were the cold tiles against her bare skin. Her breasts were exposed and her legs are naked waist down as well. 

Gina heard zips being unzipped, and a faint yet familiar smell came to her nose. With her mind in a fuzz, she could not put her finger on where she smelt that familiar smell before.

Gina was lifted up gently from the cold floor by her arms. Her blindfold remained intact and she was propped up on her knees. While the person held her up, Gina felt another grab her by her hair, which was in a ponytail. Something thick and fleshy was put against her mouth, the familiar smell much stronger now.

Gina took in a scent, and she recalled the smell of sex, the smell of precut and cocks. She knew that she had to do. Opening her mouth, she took the cock into her mouth bit by bit. She felt the thick, warm fleshy cock go past her lips, her teeth, her tongue wetting the piece of meat in her mouth. She knew just the right amount of suction to apply, a little teeth to apply the needed friction within her mouth. Her tongue swirled the cock head within, tracing in circles as she worked all the way to the tip of the cock.

Gina knew the guy was enjoying her mouth, his moans told her so. She hummed as she sucked his cock, the mild vibrations causing the guy to moan even more. Gina could taste more salty precum coming out of his cock, leaking inside her mouth. She enjoyed giving blowjobs, the power of pleasure she felt as she sucked on cocks felt good to her. She knew just how to pleasure guys with only her mouth, not even saying a word too

Not only that, Gina enjoyed the presence of a cock filling up her mouth just as she enjoyed it filling her vagina. She could feel herself getting heated up between her legs as she continued to suck, the thick warm cock filling up her mouth. Relaxing her throat in the same way that she has done so many times before, Gina brought her mouth down over the cock inside her mouth, feeling with her nose his unshaven pubic hair, as well as feeling the cock head pop a little inside her throat as she started to deep throat him.

Gina felt his cock convulse as sperm flowed through his shaft and into her mouth, shooting his load deep into her mouth, into her throat. Gina held her breath for just a little while longer as his orgasm subsided, before pulling his softening cock out of her mouth. His semen tasted just as salty as his precum, and Gina swallowed it after.

'What the fuck that was damn fast!'

'Eh why you so cui? So fast cum liao. Not even 10 minutes leh!'

'She's really good la what the shit. She suck his cock like pro like that leh.'

Gina said nothing, her mind deep in thought as to what would happen next. That was soon to be answered, as her hands were untied, and she was led to hold onto something cold. Toilet bowl? Nope it was not round enough. Ah. It's the urinal.

Her hip was lifted up by the same person who lifted her, her legs barely holding her up, her butt exposed to those who are able to see in the room. Gina felt her legs being kicked apart, both her anus and vagina open for them to see. Not that she resisted. She kept her legs spread wide apart, leaving her vagina ready for inspection.

'Eh... Wah she fucking wet leh.'

'Her butthole so cute one.'

'Her ass like damn firm leh.' With that, a 'thwack' given to her butt as a hand landed on her ass. Gina let out a moan, soft yet audible to the guys.

'Wah she moan some more. My turn ah.' With that, a pair of hands grabbed Gina's, presumably the same hands that smacked her butt. Another cock was positioned at her entrance of her vagina, the first one to enter her pussy that evening. Foreplay was not necessary, with Gina being as wet as she is. The guy pushed his cock in, and it slid in with ease. Gina felt herself being filled by his cock, balls pushed all the way against her clit, just the way she liked it.

'Eh why only one at a time?' As that was being said, Gina felt another guy  brush past her and grab her head once more, as another cock was brushed against her lips. Gina opened her mouth, allowing the second cock into her mouth, letting the cock to fill her mouth just as another one was buried in her pussy. The fullness of a cock in both her mouth and her pussy made her dizzy with pleasure, her body tingling with excitement.

Gina held on to the cold porcelain urinal even harder, trying to keep herself upright as two guys started to fuck her, the two cocks pumping too and fro in her pussy and her mouth. She could barely suck his cock properly, her mouth was wide open as she moaned with pleasure, and the guy simply fucked her open mouth.

Another hand pried one of her hands from the urinal, directing Gina's hand upon another male genitalia. Gina grabbed the cock on instinct, the pounding of the two guys made her hand shake to and fro as well, and Gina continued to jerk the third guy off.

She felt the pleasure build up once more within her as she came, with two cocks within her another cock in her hand. Gina felt her pussy contract around the cock in her pussy, generating more moans from the guy fucking her. She could just feel the size of it going in and out of her pussy, the friction it caused as it plunged in and out of her wet hole, his balls slapping against her clit. Her mind was in a blank, and all Gina felt was the pleasure of being filled, of being full of cock and of the waves of pleasure coursing through her veins.

It was soon that the guy fucking her pussy pulled out, and Gina felt his hot cum land on her back as he released his load onto her body. The guy filling her mouth pulled out as well, releasing yet another load, this time on her face. The warm cum hit her on her cheeks, her nose, and Gina smelt the sweet, salty smell of cum on her face. Gina continued to stroke the cock in her hand, knowing that this guy was far from finishing.

'Eh lai lai my turn.' Another guy took over her pussy once more, and Gina felt the eager boy push his cock all the way inside her once more, filling up her gaping hole. Gina moaned as she was filled again, her pussy still sensitive from cumming earlier.

She continued to stroke the guy off with he hand, yet slowly directing his cock till he stood right in front of her face, his cock pointing right at her as she was being fucked by another guy. The guy behind Gina grabbed her hips and pounded at her ruthlessly. It was rough, but it was what Gina liked, being treated like a toy, like a slut.

Gina came again as her pussy clenched down on the cock inside her. She moaned loudly now, not caring if anyone could hear her. She felt the cock in he hand swell up, the muscles tensing for an orgasm. Blindfolded, Gina tried as best as possible to aim the cock in her hand at her face, her mouth wide open and her tongue stuck out to receive his load. Her aim was more or less on mark, the first spurt landing inside her mouth, the rest spilling all over, her chin, her cheeks, her neck.

Just as the guy unloaded his cum onto Gina's face, she felt the cock within her tense up as well, and a warm fluid filled her from within, the semen warming up her insides to join her very own fluids. Gina came again, knowing how dirty she was, with cum all over her and within her, her pussy squeezing out every last drop from the guy behind her.

As the two guys pulled away from Gina, she collapsed against the urinal, tired from her orgasm. Her pussy felt sore from all the pounding that received, her legs could barely support herself even as she leaned against the urinal. Gina could not care less, she rested her head on the urinal, gasping for air, despite how smelly the toilet was. At least this toilet was one of the least used among all the toilets, hence not being all that dirty.

Gina could hear the zipping of pants and the scampering of footsteps as the guys left her to her own devices.

After some time, Gina recovered enough energy and she removed the blindfold by herself, feeling the sticky dried cum all over her face. As her eyes adjusted to the dimly lighted toilet, she noted the crumpled uniform she was now in. Her bra and panties were nowhere to be found. As she stood up, she felt the load of cum within her pussy leak out a little, drawing a trickle down her thighs.

Getting herself dressed as decently as she could, Gina swept her hair up into a tight ponytail as before, leaving the toilet to go home. She picked up her phone to call her parents to apologize for being late, but something else caught her attention: a video sent to her whatsapp barely 5 minutes ago.
Playing the video, Gina saw how well she sucked the guy off, how she was taken by guy after guy, how slutty she was. Her moans could be heard clearly, and it was evident that The Gina in the video was enjoying the moment.

Watching herself getting fucked by so many guys, Gina could not help but get wet again simply at the thought of it.

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