Monday, September 7, 2015

Jezebel's Diary 5: Orientation

I turned to look towards the sea, the sunset casting a warm glow upon my face, the soft sand wedged between my toes. My skin was sticky from the dried sea salt all over me, but at least the wind feels good against my bare stomach and back. I held in my hand my sling bag, carrying the essentials required for a day at the beach with my freshmen at the freshmen orientation camp. The long day at the beach has drawn to a close, seniors and freshmen alike were lazing all around the beach, broken into their small circles, getting to know more about one another though the orientation camp. I was tired as hell, but knowing that everyone had lots of fun at the FOC was all the more worth it, and it was actually quite fulfilling to see everyone grow close to one another despite being total strangers just a few days before.

Moreover, it was good being away from work at last, the stress of fulfilling deadlines and meeting the quotas set by bosses daily finally over. Not to mention the lack of office politics while back at school, only the fun of gossips and stirring rumours about one another. After all, at school, it’s all in the name of fun, isn’t it?

I heaved a sigh at last, and I turned to return to my assigned orientation group, following the hand-made flag that was stuck in the sand. My freshmen and fellow seniors were all really bonded after these few days, and there happened to be really charismatic freshmen in our group as well, such that we as seniors did not have to do much work to gather the freshmen together.

Finding a gap in the circle, I lowered myself to join in with the rest of them, their conversation uninterrupted by my entry.

‘How’s the FOC for you thus far, Pei Yi?’ I asked the quiet freshmen beside me. Pei Yi was kind of zoning out actually, tired from the events of that day. She was sitting on the sand, her arms hugging her legs, her eyes gazing into the distance, half-closed. It took me a while, along with the snapping of my fingers, to get her attention.

‘Oh Jez hello. Hahah I’m fine, I’m just really tired.’ Pei Yi replied with a smile.

‘Ah that’s good to hear.’ I went on to entertain her, talking to her about her fellow freshmen, finding more about each of them through her perspective.

Pei Yi was really adorable, and she has a small petite figure, her skin a similar tone to my fair skin. Her skin seemingly smooth and unspotted, and Pei Yi seemed to appear younger than she really was. Her hair was in a mess from the beach day, the sweat and sea salt sticking her fringe to her face. Just like all her other fellow female freshmen, she wore a singlet and a pair of FBTs, the singlet a little too large for her small frame. Due to the singlet being too large, I could see a little of her bra from the armholes of her singlet, the white cotton material bright against her dark skin tone. Well… The packing list did include a dark coloured sports bra for the freshmen, but I guess she didn’t bother to get it in the end.

Shortly thereafter, dinner arrived for us. It was cai fan as usual again, but the freshmen were too tired to be bothered with whatever they were eating. They gobbled down the food hungrily, fatigued from the events of that day. The seniors and freshmen continued to interact with one another between mouthfuls, the mood in the air chill and family-like.

The sun was really setting by now, the light disappearing on the horizon. The beach started to get dark, and time has begun for us to proceed back to our designated resting areas of that night. Pei Yi and I, as well as many of the other girls, had the privilege of using the chalets that the planning committee has booked for us. We gathered under the shelter, leaving the guys to fend for themselves with their sleeping bags and whatever shelter they could find.

Under the sheltered walkway, I looked to Pei Yi once again, waiting for the rest to gather. She was all happy to return to the chalet, knowing that the tiring day has come to an end. I noted that her skin had a red glow to it, seemingly sunburnt from all the beach games that day.

‘Pei Yi, are you okay? You seem pretty sunburnt.’

‘Yep I get sunburnt pretty easily, since my skin so fair. Hahah.’

‘Ah me too. You didn’t put sunblock earlier ah?’

‘Eh I did leh. But I think after I went into the water so many times, maybe the sunblock got washed off? Or maybe I never put enough.’ I placed my hands upon her skin, feeling the warmth emanate from her dry skin. Pei Yi flinched a little, moving away from my hand. Her skin was pretty sunburnt alright.

‘You know, I get sunburnt pretty often too. Hahah. Would you want to borrow some aloe vera moisturizing gel from me? I prepared some just in case I got sunburnt too.’

‘Hahah alright thanks a lot Jez.’

Upon reaching the chalet, many of the girls rushed straight to the toilet, keen to get the sweat and salt out of their hairs as soon as possible, so that their hairs would dry quickly and hence an earlier and longer rest period for them. Pei Yi as well as a few other girls loitered behind, them being a group of chill girls who’s too lazy to do anything much.

The seniors allowed the freshmen to go first, since it’s their FOC after all. I went upstairs to the seniors’ room to grab my aloe vera gel, only to see that Pei Yi followed me up as well. Under the well-lighted room, Pei Yi’s skin looks really red from the day out in the sun. Her singlet was loose around her petite figure, and I could clearly see the distinction between her fair skin and her sunburnt areas.

‘Do you want to apply some of the aloe vera first while waiting for the other girls?’ I asked, to which Pei nodded in response. I motioned for her to come closer, as I stretched out my hand to squeeze a little of the aloe vera gel unto my hands. The gel glistened under the light, looking like a droplet of water on the palm of my hands.

I placed my palm against Pei Yi’s skin, lathering her up from her elbows. Pei Yi closed her eyes while she enjoyed the cool aloe vera soothe the burning of her skin. However, she winced a little from time to time whenever I was a little too rough. I tried to be as gentle with her as possible, spreading the aloe vera up her arms.

I continued to lather the cool gel over her arms, taking a look at her body while her eyes were closed. I lifted her arm pretentiously, trying to look at her bare skin through the sides of her singlet. Her cotton bra wrapped her small figure nicely, and Pei Yi didn’t have much assets to boast of. I was easily larger than she was, and her lack of boobs made her look really like a small girl. Under her singlet, her skin was fair, protected from the sunrays by the singlet she wore. Due to the singlet being too big, I could not reach around all her sunburnt areas, especially those around her neck and on her shoulders.

‘There. All done. Let’s go downstairs to join the rest kay. I think the girls may be done with their showers.’ We headed downstairs, to find that the toilet was ready for Pei Yi to use. Many of the other girls were drying their hair, talking in small circles, some laying out their sleeping bags to prepare to turn in early for the night.

‘Pei Yi, I couldn’t reach around your shoulders earlier. Can you apply the rest on your own while you’re in the shower?’ I handed her the aloe vera gel.

‘Er… Jez, if you don’t mind, can you help apply it for me instead? Er… I mean, we’re both girls, so I’m okay with it. Hahah.’ Pei Yi asked quietly, being shy to put her request forward to me.

‘Hahah sure.’ I agreed, escorting her to the toilet, grabbing both of our shower baskets along the way. Nobody really noticed that we’re both going to the toilet together, seeing as how everyone was too busy being focused on their own activities.

Upon entering the toilet, Pei Yi took her singlet off, taking care not to rub the cloth material over her sunburnt areas. I knew she was skinny, but seeing her bare skin without her singlet on really surprised me on how slim she was. With her back turned towards me, I continued to lather the lotion as before, applying it to the areas that I have missed previously.

Standing behind her, I rubbed her shoulders, letting my hand glide over her skin, covering them with aloe vera gel. Out of instinct, I slipped my hands under her bra strap, and continued to lather the gel, moving my hands under the straps. Pei Yi flinched a little from my intrusion under her bra, but she did not say a word, and I continued to apply the gel over her body. To my surprise, Pei Yi lifted her bra straps a little off her shoulders, and Pei Yi let me slip the straps off her shoulders, leaving her shoulders bare.

I wandered my hands and allowed them to continue moving all across the front of her neck, even though that area is not sunburnt, and my hands were already exhausted of the aloe vera gel. I felt her dry skin, dotted with sand and sea salt. I placed my hand under her neck and pulled a little upwards, exposing her throat and stretching her head backwards. I leaned in from behind to kiss Pei Yi on the side of her neck, gently and softly. I tasted her salty skin, but I could smell a hint of her feminine smell from the light kiss.

‘Ahh…’ Pei Yi let out a little moan as I kissed her neck, drawing a line of kisses from her neck, up to behind her ear, where I paused to incite a slightly louder moan from her, before moving my lips down to her shoulder blade, maybe adding a little tongue along the way. I continued to hold her head back, but I left her arms unrestrained. Yet Pei Yi did nothing to stop me from doing what I am doing.

Instead, Pei Yi reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting the white cotton material fall to the floor. I could not see her nakedness, with her back facing me. Bringing one hand to hold Pei Yi’s waist, I moved my hand upwards to feel her smooth breasts, feeling her hardened nipples between my forefinger and my thumb. I rolled her erect nipples in my fingers, causing Pei Yi to moan as I stimulated her senses. I continued to suck on her shoulders with my mouth, leaving light pink marks along her white skin, places where she was not sunburnt.

Pei Yi turned around slowly, facing me with her eyes at the same level as mine, since we’re about the same height. Her body was really slim, her breasts small mounds upon her chest, her nipples upright, aroused from the stimulation. Pei Yi reached behind me and untied by bikini, letting the material fall to the floor to join her cotton bra. My breasts sprung free, exposed to her eyes for the first time. My breasts were larger than hers, more well developed from the course of puberty.

I leaned in to place a light kiss on her lips, feeling her soft lips upon mine. Pei Yi responded in return, returning the kiss on my lips. With one hand behind her back, I pulled her in closer to feel her breasts against mine, kissing her more passionately. I felt our lips get wet from the saliva exchange between us, feeling her lips with my tongue. She tasted sweet, and her kisses felt innocent, as if she was kissing for the first time, unsure of what to do.

With my other hand, I placed my hand upon her bottom, feeling her petite ass under her FBTs. Being skinny, her ass was not meaty, but more of perky and firm. I reached under her shorts, feeling the thin layer of fabric that acted as a second layer of protection under her FBT shorts. I reached under that too, feeling the soft material of her cotton panties. My hand cupped her panty clad bottoms, massaging them and fondling them with my palms.

This time, Pei Yi surprised me by placing both her hands on the waistband of my shorts. She slipped her thumbs under them, and started to tug downwards as much as possible without breaking our kiss. I let her pull down my denim shorts, letting her drag her fingers across my bare skin. She felt my thongs and she pulled at it as well, pulling both my thongs and my denim shorts off my bottoms, revealing me in my full nudity before her eyes, my bare skin, my shaven pussy, my breasts firmly before her eyes.

Our kiss did not break, but we continued to join our lips together, with me in the lead. I felt her teeth with my tongue, pushing inward to explore the warmth of her mouth. Our hands did not stop touching one another, but we continued to fondle one another’s privates, going places not meant for everyone to see. I was already fully nude, so that was not a problem for me. Pei Yi still had her shorts on, but that did not hinder me much. I slipped my hand under the second layer of protection under her FBT shorts, her cotton clad panty against my hand. As I moved further down to explore between her legs, I was greeted with the wetness that I knew so well, sticky and moist to the touch, the cotton material soaked through from her arousal.

‘Let’s get under the shower?’ I broke off from the kiss, gently pushing her under the shower head. I turned the faucet open, letting the lukewarm water fall across both our bare bodies, the water wetting Pei Yi’s FBT shorts in the process. Despite being wet, there was a different feeling between that of water and that of the lubricating fluid coming out of her right now. I could still tell that Pei Yi was aroused. I started to rub circles around her opening over her panties, inciting moans from her. The sound of water hitting the bathroom tiles under our feet masked the sounds of our love-making, such that the others outside would not suspect anything.

Desperate for more attention, Pei Yi stripped her wet FBTs off on her own, letting the soaked material hit the floor with a light ‘Plop’ sound. Now both of us are naked, and I could see clearly what a small person Pei Yi was. Her pussy was untamed, her pubic hair thick above her vagina and clit. Yet I knew where everything was. This was, after all, not the first time I’m making love to a female, was it not?

Kneeling on the floor, my tongue quickly found the sweet spot where I loved to lick. My fingers spread open her tight lips, lifting up her hood to expose that little sensitive clit. It was small and pink, and swollen from her arousal. I gave her clit a little lick, judging her sensitivity. Usually girls who do not masturbate or play with their clit will find this too much to take. Pei Yi moaned a little, but her legs remained open, inviting me to continue. I willingly accepted, licking her clit more fervently, my tongue circling that engorged organ, inciting more moans from her. I travelled downwards to find her wet hole, and I kissed her as I have done so earlier, my tongue penetrating her wet hole, tasting her sweet feminine scent.

I returned to her clit with my mouth once more, and my fingers took the place of my tongue. With one swift movement, I stuck my entire middle finger into her, feeling the wetness within, her tight vaginal walls, squeezing me upon all sides. I assaulted her clit and her pussy concurrently, and Pei Yi leaned against the wall to stabilise herself, her hips thrusted outwards into my face. I felt around in her tight vagina for her g-spot, a little swollen within her vagina. Finding it, I thrusted my fingers in and out of her, making sure to hit her g-spot on each entry. My tongue continued to lick, and my entire mouth was cupped over her vagina, my nose buried with her pubic hair, the water from the shower trickling down her body.

It was soon that I felt that familiar squeezing within Pei Yi, the incoming orgasm that was soon to follow. I felt her body draw tight like a bow, and I felt the release with my fingers, her hips thrusting to and fro with each wave of pleasure that took her. Pei Yi’s eyes were closed, her hair wet from the water raining down upon her. My finger was still buried deep within her, feeling her pussy squeeze me as the waves of her orgasm took over her body. Soon, as I felt the pressure from her vagina start to subside, Pei Yi started to slide down the wet wall, coming to sit below the shower head, this time now eye to eye with me. Her breaths came in short packets, and I was sure that that was a pretty good orgasm.

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