Saturday, October 10, 2015

Short Story: An Afternoon of Studying

Finals were drawing ever closer, but Nicole has barely studied for anything for her examinations. Nicole was a dancer, in heart, body, mind and soul. She loved dancing. Dancing made her feel free, as if nothing else mattered in the world at all. Exams were not everything that mattered in life… right? Yet that was not the case. In a practical society like ours, Nicole had little choice other than to study, for she could not make a living by dancing… Or so her parents nagged.

So here she was, studying in her boyfriend’s air-conditioned study room. Nicole was from the express stream, while her boyfriend was from Normal Academic. Despite the speculated differences that their education gap may cause, both Nicole and Darren got along quite well. Everyone thought they were a great couple, and she liked him too. She loved all the funny things he did, and she loved the way he would cheer her on from the side lines, with all his ‘beng’ friends, in whatever she would strive to achieve.

Yet studying has never been their forte. Both of them were equally bad in their subjects, struggling just as much with their grades in school. Both of their families thought they were trying their best, seeing as how they studied together all the time, either at her place, or his. Yet, their relationship was a secret to none other than their families. In the eyes of both their families, Nicole and Darren were merely good friends who studied together with one another.

But between both of them, they knew things were of course, different.

‘Ah. I can’t take this anymore la.’ Nicole sighed, throwing her pen onto her table, and she put her head down, ruffling her fringe with her hands. She was studying Mathematics that afternoon, or rather, trying very hard to study Mathematics. It was one of her weaker subjects. The algebra simply did not make sense to her, and she could not understand what was going on simply by looking at the solutions provided by her teachers.

Darren continued to do his work, the music in his headphones audible from where Nicole sat. He was sitting opposite her, his back against the window, where the sky was a whitish grey with all the haze all over in these past few days. His look was that of concentration, yet Nicole knew that the frowns on his forehead meant that he was facing as much difficulty as she was.

Nicole stood up from her chair and went over, ruffled his hair and did her best to annoy him from his work. Yet Darren paid attention to his work, trying his best to ignore her persistence. Nicole wanted his attention. She was really bored from studying. With her agile and light body, she used Darren’s chair as a foot stool, stepped up and sat directly on top of Darren’s worksheet, her legs spread apart, with Darren between her legs.

Darren had no choice but to stop work, his hands under Nicole’s ass. Nicole removed his earpieces, and Darren asked “Ah… What you want? I doing work leh.”

“I want your attention lehhh.” Nicole whined. “Entertain me leh… I damn bored can.”

Nicole knew that Darren’s hands were trapped beneath her, and he couldn’t do anything to her with his hands stuck under her. She leaned in for a quick peck on Darren’s forehead, smelling the scent of his shampoo from his shower earlier.

With that action, Darren glanced over Nicole’s army green tank top, noting the bulge that were her breasts, seeing her bellybutton and the waistband of her shorts around her slim waist. Nicole was still young, but her breasts were quite large, especially since she was wearing a slim fit tank top then, defining the size of her boobs.

Being a teenage boy with raging hormones, Darren could feel his cock growing inside the shorts which he wore. Nevertheless, they did not make much of an impression since his shorts were pretty loose. He hoped that Nicole would not notice his arousal, for fear that she may judge him as a pervert.

“Oi. Enough already not?” Darren pretended to be annoyed, trying to get rid of Nicole before his erection gets noticed.

“Hee hee.” Nicole grinned after she gave Darren a light kiss, having achieved the attention she wanted. Darren was still stuck under her, so she figured she could play with him a little longer. Knowing how horny guys could get, Nicole wanted to test this out for a long time. She could see a little bulge in Darren’s shorts, but she wasn’t sure if that represented his arousal or not.

Nicole leaned in once again, this time for a kiss on his lips. She licked her lips wet before kissing him, her damp lips upon his. Darren responded by kissing her back, a usual mouth-to-mouth kiss. Yet Darren did not expect Nicole to kiss so differently this time.

Nicole grabbed Darren by the back of his head, weaving her fingers through the ruffle of his hair. She gave the back of his head a light tug, pulling Darren’s head back a little, causing a little playful pain. Darren opened his mouth to complain, but Nicole seized the opportunity to stick her tongue into his mouth, giving him a French kiss for the first time since they started dating.

Nicole tasted the insides of his mouth, feeling his teeth and his tongue. She twirled her tongue fiercely inside his mouth, as wild as one of her freestyle dances. Darren couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling of Nicole invading his mouth, even the short pain was all the more arousing if this was what he could get. Helpless, Darren felt his cock getting more filled with warm blood, his cock heating up and growing engorged with the blood fuelling his erection.

Breaking away from the kiss, Nicole grinned a stupid grin, hoping that she achieved what she wanted. Looking down, she saw for herself that the bulge has grown a little, highlighting Darren’s cock in his pants. Darren followed the line of sight of Nicole’s eyes to his erection, and he knew that she was looking at his cock. His face started to glow rec with embarrassment, and his mind was wild trying to think of what to say to save himself.

“Hee hee what’s this…?” Nicole pointed at the bulge with her free hand.

“Err…” Darren was speechless, he couldn’t even cover it with his hands stuck under her butt.

Nicole wanted to take this further. She was a little turned on seeing his bulge, and she wondered how big he was down there. She did come across her fair share of porn and nudity despite her age, but she has never seen a real life-sized one. While boys at her school often disturbed one another about their cock sizes and all the dirty jokes, Nicole hasn’t seen anyone’s cock.

Nicole grabbed the bulge, inciting a gasp from Darren. Darren gasped as he felt Nicole’s hands around his cock, the girl of his many fantasies touching his cock. Darren has spent many countless nights masturbating to thoughts of Nicole, but never had the thought occurred to him of a sexual relationship between them as of yet. Yet her hands on his cock felt good, and he could feel his cock pulsing in her hands, pulsing alongside his racing heartbeat.

Nicole could feel Darren’s dick throbbing under her fingers, yet Darren did not say a thing. Taking that as permission to continue, Nicole reached her hands under the waistband of Darren’s shorts, feeling his erection through his briefs. His cock was also leaking pre-cum by now, wetting the briefs with the tip of his cock.

Removing her hands from his shorts, Nicole could see glistening spot of her index fingertip, the pre-cum she collected from within his shorts. Giving it a light smell, Nicole liked the sweet, musky smell it had, giving it a lick, tasting Darren’s pre-cum on her index finger. Seeing this, Darren could have almost sworn he was that breadth’s away from cumming in his shorts right there and then. Yet Darren still said nothing, hoping to get more out of this.

Darren was not to be disappointed. Nicole grabbed the waist band of his shorts and his briefs and pulled them downwards, seeing the first cock of that she has ever seen in reality. Darren’s pubic hair was growing out quite sparsely, but and his cock was that of a teenager going through puberty. It was stumpy, and definitely not comparable to all the dicks that she has seen online, yet it looked decent enough to Nicole all the same.

“Hee hee. Someone horny ah.” Nicole grinned again, disturbing Darren.

“Walao don’t expose me leh.” Darren tried to remove his hands to cover his cock, but he only managed to pull his hands a little more out from under Nicole. Nicole sat her weight down on his hands, trapping Darren’s hands under her bottoms as best as she could. Given the change in position, Nicole could now feel Darren’s knuckles up against the bottom of her pussy.

Nicole grabbed Darren’s cock, wrapping her fingers around his length. In the porn that she browsed, she could never imagine her hands going around those large cocks she has seen online, yet Darren’s size was just right for her. She could still join her index fingers to her thumb in a ring around his cock. Darren moaned again, feeling Nicole’s hands around his manhood.

Nicole then started moving her hands up and down, mimicking the action she saw online as men masturbated, an action that was also frequently done in school to disturb one another. This was having obvious effects on Darren, as she noted his breath getting faster, his erection getting harder, pre-cum oozing out from the tip of his cock.

Soon, Darren suddenly tensed up, and white stuff came bursting out of the tip of his cock, landing on Nicole’s tank top, dancing pants and all over her arm. One… Two… Three… Four… Five shots came shooting out of his cock as Nicole continued to milk Darren’s cock. With each shot, the amount of cum coming out became lesser, till a small pool of cum formed around Nicole’s hand.

Nicole lifted her cum struck hand to her nose as she did to Darren’s pre-cum earlier, but this time she did not bother giving it a sniff. She licked Darren’s cum from her hand, tasting the sweet nectar upon her lips and on her tongue. Darren was stunned by Nicole, and while he felt turned on by a cum stained girl licking his semen off her hands, his cock could no longer maintain its erection, shrinking from an engorged state to lie flaccid against his balls.

“Hee hee. That was interesting.” Nicole said. This time, Nicole was the one feeling horny, turned on by being covered in Darren’s cum. With Darren’s hands against her pussy, she started to grind her hips against his hand, letting the knuckle brush against her pussy lips, covered by her panties and her dancing shorts.

Nicole could feel herself getting wet down there, and she was sure Darren could feel it too. Whenever she masturbated, Nicole needed a towel to make sure her pussy juice didn’t wet her bed or anything she was sitting on. It also sucked that her school skirt was of a dark brown material that showed when it was wet, which meant that Nicole has to be careful when getting horny or masturbating in school.

Darren left his hands where they were, as Nicole grinded her hips against his knuckles. He could feel her soft flesh above his hand, brushing past his knuckle, to and fro. He could feel that his knuckle was getting a little wetter. As time passed. With his hands under her, Darren could not do much. Time to time, Darren would raise his knuckle just a little, causing Nicole to close her eyes and enjoy the pleasure as she rubbed herself off his knuckles. Darren leaned his head in closer, smelling the scent of Nicole’s arousal. He dancing shorts were spotted with his cum from earlier on, but Darren could see that the crotch of Nicole’s dancing pants were getting wetter.

Soon, Nicole’s body tensed up like he did just now, and Darren felt Nicole reach orgasm as her body shuddered as the waves of pleasure took her. Nicole had her eyes closed, and her legs were pressed against Darren’s shoulders, stabilising herself as she came over his hands. As if his hands could not get any wetter, Darren felt a small trickle of liquid coming down and out of Nicole through her dancing pants.

As Nicole rested from her orgasm and got off from Darren, Darren could barely feel his hands anymore, the blood drained from his hands from being trapped under Nicole. As best as he could, he readjusted his cock back into his briefs and shorts, and Nicole returned to her books.

Well, Nicole thought, that was a good break from studying. 

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