Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Busy busy busy~

Dear all,

Hello again! This is Jezebel once more. So sorry for my absence again, but school is starting again soon, and with it, the numerous orientations and whatnot. I thought that I may actually have more free time since I'm a senior and all, but NOPE I'm tired as crap now hahah. Nevertheless, do continue to check back at my blog for more updates! I'll try to update it soon.

Most importantly, thank you to all who have wished me well wishes regarding my breakup and whatnot. Although I may not have the time to reply to all of you, do know that your well wishes are very much appreciated. I think I'm doing better now, so yep. Hahah.

In the midst of so many responses on my Kik, I've decided to invest in another area of social media to filter out those who are simply curious and want to ask me a few questions. I've created an account for you guys and girls to ask me anything, so feel free to spam your questions there. I'll gladly answer all of you in any spare time that I have. Feedback or anything else can throw there too. @JezebelIra

Love you all,

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