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Short Story: Recruit Sam Part 1

I would like to thank a very kind reader for contributing these pictures for me to write a story for this one. All the pictures here are from him, and I would very much like to credit him here. However, privacy is of utmost importance, and I will not reveal anything unless he wants me to. Nevertheless, do enjoy the short story! ~ With love, Jezebel

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Book out day! At long last, Sam stepped down the bus that brought him to Pasir Ris. He felt like a free man again, free of the strict regiments and of the daily physical training that he had to do. Sam was a recruit at Basic Military Training (BMT), and he has been there for about a month already. Sadly, the medical check-up a few months back determined him to be a little bit overweight, hence dispatching him for a BMT about 4 months and 2 weeks long.

But at long last, he was out! Well, out for only two days, but feels like freedom nonetheless. Sam walked towards the MRT with his field pack on his back, walking alongside his army peers. Everyone was sweaty from the walking and their heavy field packs, the mood in the air vibrant, light-hearted and full of cheer and laughter, a feeling that precedes every book out.

Sam looked forward to spending his weekend with his family and friends, whom he has never seen the whole week. It was really weird to him, not having seen his family for so long despite spending almost every day with them in the past few months before enlistment.

As he stood at the MRT waiting for the train to come, he and his friends chatted, talking about anything and everything, which of course, always comes to the topic of girls. They managed to book out that day at around noon, where schools also end on Friday. Sam and his friends ogled at the JC girls from Meridian Junior College nearby, their high pitched voice and laughter a big improvement from all the screaming and shouting they have heard so much in the past week of training. Girls were almost non-existent in army, hence much more appreciated and desired by guys serving their time in the army.

Of course, Sam was not an exception to this. He desired a girl of his own, someone to call his girlfriend. He wanted to hold a cute petite girl in his arms, smell the fragrance of her shampoo and her warm skin against him. Most of all, he wanted to have sex, to hear a girl moan his name while she came with his cock buried deep inside her. He wanted to feel her vagina walls clenching around his cock instead of his hands all the time, to plunge his cock into a warm, wet hole.

Sam stared at the girls and imagined fucking them. Yes he was a little overweight, and he was easily double their size. He fantasized about overpowering one of them, taking her forcefully. Sam felt his cock stir a little, but thankfully his uniform was a little baggy and his briefs helped to help his erection unnoticed. He knew he would never be able to land himself one of those hot girls, him being chubby and not as good looking as other guys.

Sam stood at the side of the crowded MRT, packed with students who have ended classes at noon. He spent most of his time travelling to look at the JC girls and even some secondary school girls, with their short skirts and well-toned legs. How he imagined a pair of those legs tightened around his waist while they made out, his rod against their secret place.

After what seemed like a long journey, Sam finally reached home. He fumbled with the door keys and entered the house, smelling the familiar smell of home once again. He became aware of the smelly uniform that he was wearing, and went straight to the shower, and of course, nothing beats a shower at home after a long and tiring week at camp. Sam walked out of the toilet, a towel wrapped around his waist, and made his way to his room.

His parents and older brother weren't home, but his sister's door was locked. Sam's older sister was Agnes. She has already graduated from university and has started working already. However, recently she broke up with her boyfriend Chris, and Sam heard from his parents that Agnes spent the past few days moping around, mostly locked up in her room. Sam tried her door, and indeed it was locked. Too lazy to bother too much, Sam went ahead to his room to take a nap.

A long nap later...

Sam was awoken with all the noise that came with people coming home. His mother preparing food in the kitchen, his brother chatting with his dad in the living room. Sam pulled himself up from bed reluctantly, going to the living room to join the rest of his family.

Agnes was there as well. Her face looked like a wreck. She was sitting alone at the corner of the room her eyes a little red and swollen, with dark circles underneath them. Her eyes were upon the television but unseeing and in her own quiet bubble. She was in casual t-shirt and shorts, her hair in a wet mess, looking like she just took a shower and has yet to comb her hair. It took dad almost 10 tries to get her out of her trance.

"Agnes, dinner?' Dad asked. Agnes did not say a word, but she got up from the sofa and moved herself to the dining table to take her meal. Dad looked at her with sad eyes, knowing that he was unable to help her cope with her recent breakup. Sam looked at his sister, sad that she was feeling sad. He also wanted to cheer her up in some way, to make her happy. Agnes poked at her food during dinner, taking little food, mostly looking down at her legs.

After dinner, Sam retreated to the toilet, attending to his needs. He wanted to masturbate actually. He couldn't masturbate in camp as it was against the rules. Weekend was the time when he could finally find time to play with his cock and unload all the semen accumulated throughout the week. Moreover, it's not like he even had the time to masturbate. Sam excused himself to the toilet on pretense of a stomachache. On the way to the toilet, he noted the laundry that was just nearby. Agnes just showered, so her clothes were dumped in a mess on top of the pile of laundry that was about to be washed. An idea suddenly struck Sam. Sam stopped a while and listened. His family was still having dinner, the clatter of utensils against the plates. Checking that no one was behind him, he grabbed his sister's clothes and snuck them into the toilet.

As he sat on the white throne, he took out the clothes that Agnes was wearing just a while ago. There was a white tank top and a pair of black FBTs. But of course, there was still other things to be found. He found her black panty and her pink bra, holding them like little treasures in his hand. Well, indeed they were treasures. His sister was close to his age, a figure that could match that of the JC girls he saw earlier that day. He imagined holding their underwear, these clothes hiding their most private areas. Without stimulation, Sam's cock has already started to rise a little.

Sam checked his sister's bra. She was a 38B. He didn't know what that meant, but he knew she had small and firm breasts. Holding the bra in his hand, he felt the smoothness of the cup and fantasized of the breasts that they held earlier. He held his sister's bra to his nose and inhaled, smelling her feminine body smell, a sweet aroma to his nose. He stroked his cock while his head was buried in her bra, one cup cupping his mouth, still a little oily from dinner earlier. His cock was getting a little wet from the pre-cum oozing out from his cock, providing lubrication as he stroked his cock.

Sam then traded her bra for her panty, squeezing the small piece of underwear into a ball and putting it under his nose. He inhaled the scent through his nostrils. This time the feminine smell was stronger, coupled with what Sam thought was the smell of her pee and a little unidentified musky smell. Sam was really turned on, knowing that Agnes probably wore that panty just less than an hour ago. He stroked his cock harder, smelling the aroma of his sister's pussy.

Sam held Agnes's panty at his cock, positioning his dick head at the crotch of his sister's panty, where there was a little white vaginal discharge. The soft cotton material felt good against his cock. As he continued to rub his cock against the material, the material added friction around his cock head. Sam could see his pre-cum glistening on the crotch of his sister's panties, where her pussy was positioned earlier.

With dirty thoughts and intense rubbing, Sam wrapped his cock head with his sister's panty just as he felt himself go past the point of no return. He came into the crotch of his sister's panty, his semen creating a damp circle of cum on the crotch of his sister's panty while Sam held his cock firmly within his cotton sleeve. He could see a few droplets of cum seep out through the panty, which was already wet with all his cum. Sam lay panting, shivering a little from the orgasm. He slowly uncovered his cock, the little pink head shining from the mix of cum and pre-cum. On Agnes's panty was a mess of his cum and pre-cum, the black cotton material soaked through.

Sam flushed the toilet, pulled up his pants and left the toilet. He threw Agnes's cum stained panty and her bra on top of the laundry, hiding them under the tank top and her FBTs. As he joined the dinner table once more, Agnes has barely touched her food since Sam excused himself. He looked her over and once again noted her slender figure, so much like a young JC girl. Her body was really well maintained, and Sam could still see a hint of her breasts despite her oversized t-shirt. The orgasm felt really good to Sam. Perhaps… If Agnes had a good orgasm... She would be happy again?

(At this point in time, the story shall continue on from Agnes's point of view.)

Agnes continued to poke at her food, shifting the piece of chicken around her plate. She raised the meat to her mouth, but she was unable to take it in. Her taste buds were a little useless right now, she couldn't taste the delicious home cooked food in front of her. All these food wouldn't heal the dull ache in her heart, a hole left behind when Chris broke up with her.

Mumbling something about being done with her meal, she excused herself to the toilet. Ah the light was on. Sam must have forgotten to off it when he left. He adopted this habit ever since enlistment. Do they not off lights in camp? Hmm... Wasn't Sam at dinner? When did he last visit the toilet again? Ah… Whatever.

Agnes peed and left the toilet, noticing that her worn clothes from her shower earlier was still on top of the laundry. However, it seemed like it was touched. Agnes always rolled up her clothes into a ball before placing it in the laundry, so that her panties and bra will be kept out of sight. Picking up her clothes, her bra and panty fell out of the pile that she held.

Agnes bent over to pick up her underwear, noting that her panty was still a little wet. She held her own panty to her nose and took a whiff. She smelt a hint of herself, as well as her rampant masturbation sessions that helped her cope with her breakup, and also… An unmistakable scent of cum. She frowned and thought that couldn't be right...?

Bringing the panty closer, Agnes stuck out we tongue and tasted the wet area, the taste that Chris often put into her mouth whenever she felt like giving him a blowjob. It tasted a little salty and sweet, a taste that she longed for now. She placed the underwear over her nose, feeling her own panty against her skin, the wetness still a little warm. Agnes inhaled the all too familiar smell of sex, her heart aching of loss. She felt herself getting a little more wet again between her legs, and she wanted to fuck herself so bad, to lessen the ache in her heart. She licked the entire wet area, tasting her own sex and what she imagined to be semen. Ah... It's still a long way to go to ever get over Chris. Perhaps it's just a part of her imagination, the smell of cum and of good sex long past.

Agnes returned her clothes back to the pile again, and walked past her family and returned to her room. She closed the door right behind her, and jumped right into bed. She reached down to between her legs now, over her shorts, to feel her pussy, feeling her clit stick out like a sore thumb over the thin fabric of her shorts, a part of her that she has been reaching to so frequently in the past few days. Her crotch was now a little damp as well, and she could even hear a slight squish as she pressed against her pussy.

Agnes was so used to her pussy now. She knew the hairs above her pussy, now unkempt and not maintained, the previously neat triangle growing into a tangle of black above her pussy. She knew where her pubic hair ended, and where her pleasure would began. She kicked her shorts and her panty off, feeling her pussy directly with her bare hands, her fingers touching the right places expertly. Agnes closed her eyes and felt her own fingers giving her pleasure, release from the pain that she felt when she broke up.

She arched her back and bit down on her teeth, moaning soft moans through gritted teeth and letting her fingers do the job. She felt for her own wet hole, the soft flesh around it giving way to her finger. She needed no lubrication. Her pussy was wet enough. Pushing in, Agnes's stuck her middle and ring finger inside herself, feeling her smooth vaginal walls and of course, the pleasure of being filled with something down under. With the skilled practice of the past few days, she managed to find her g-spot with ease by arching her finger upwards towards herself. She tapped the sensitive spot gently, rubbing the tip of her forefinger in small circles around her g-spot.

With her panty and shorts lying on the floor, her bra and shirt followed soon after. Agnes continued to finger herself and she played with her breasts, toying with her nipples, which were already hard and ready for her. She continued to moan through gritted teeth, feeling her fingers moving inside her pussy, her breasts responding to her gentle touches at all the right places.

Agnes felt her orgasm approaching, the mind blowing pleasure taking over her body temporarily, clouding her mind with just the release of her orgasm. In that moment, she could forget all of the heartaches, the troubles of the world, just for a while. Wave after wave of satisfaction came over Agnes she arched upon her bed, her fingers buried deep inside herself, massaging her g-spot inside her pussy.

As her orgasm came to an end, Agnes could feel herself drifting off to her troubled sleep once more, the fatigue taking over her body.

To be continued…

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