Monday, July 17, 2017

Welcome Back

Hello again all,
A warm hello to my old and loyal followers, and an equally warm welcome to all my new followers reading my blog. I haven’t been writing for a while, which explains why I decided to post 3 stories before writing something for myself. I feel like I owe some long overdue stories to those who have been eagerly waiting for me to come back.
For those who have met for for the first time, I am currently a graduate from a local university. I like to cook, bake, read and watch drama, and of course, writing erotica. In reality, I am a very quiet individual, someone who blends into the background, someone that you probably will never notice.
In today’s post, I shall answer some frequently asked questions that I have encountered so far since my return:
1. Hi.
Yes. Hello.
2. Are you dtf / send nudes / rate my dick (with attached photo - which I shall not upload to ruin your eyes) / meetup / FwB / Sexting
3. How do I contact you?
You may contact me through my email at I prefer not to use instant messaging apps unless I’m super comfortable with you. For those who are new to writing emails, take note that e-mail writing format is different from Whatsapp writing format. Please include in your email:
- Polite greetings
- Introduction
- Purpose of emailing me (Your purpose should not be a subset of Q2)
- A proper sign off
Only then will I reply you! Otherwise I don’t know why my email always ends up being redirected by my hand to a folder that I created called “Spam Inbox from Weird People”.
4. Are your stories real?
Just like most novels out there, stories are often written with some basis of reality, with a dose of the author added into its inky pages. So yes, the stories can be real, but only to some extent. Which also means, yes, the stories are fake, and also to some extent. That’s what fantasy is about isn’t it? Realistic dreams.
5. Where do I get my inspiration from?
6. Appreciation messages
Thank you for your kind words! I will take note all your recommendations and feedback as well. Do continue to follow for more stories!
Lots of love,

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