Saturday, July 8, 2017

Short Story: Virginity

I was nervous as I twiddled my thumbs over my phone. I wanted this for a while already, did I not? Why do I feel so nervous all of a sudden? There’s a first time for everything, and this was the first time I acted on my desires.

I was jolted from my thoughts as my phone rang once again, the WhatsApp logo appearing on my screen. “I am downstairs.” This was all the message said, the sender a series of numbers that I simply saved as “Unknown”, all to reduce suspicion from whoever who looked through my contacts.

I stood up from my sofa, clenching my house keys in my hands. I took a few attempts before I managed to open the door, my hands shaking, not sure if it was from my nerves or from excitement. As I entered the dimly lit lift, I was suddenly aware of everything around me; the old lift smell accompanied with the stench of multiple people, the silence in the HDB, and my loud beating heart.

The lift door opened and I stepped out, not knowing what to expect. I took a few turns before I noticed what I was expecting. She stood against a wall, wearing a dress that did not highlight any prominent features. I noticed that she wore heavy makeup, bearing red luscious lips, thick eyeliner with matching eyeshadows. Somehow, she vaguely resembled the photo I chose earlier, a slim, delicate figure. Yet, however, she seemed to lack the cleavage I was drawn by, claiming she was an average C-cup.

Not knowing what to say, I stammered “Erm… Hello? It’s me.” She glanced at me and smiled a slight smile, one that matched her petite figure.

“Hello.” That was all she said, and she walked towards me, nodding for me to lead the way.

I walked before her, noting that I was underdressed compared to her, wearing only slippers, shorts and the nearest t-shirt that I could find when I dialled her number. As we stepped into the lift, I stood a distance from her, not knowing if I should place my hands about her or approach her in any way. When she did not initiate, I simply stood leaning against the wall of the lift, standing in awkward silence as the lift rose to my level.

We continued to walk in silence towards my door, and I was secretly hoping for none of my neighbours to look out just as I walked past. Seeing as it was already a pretty late hour, I was thankful that I did not encounter any curious eyes.

I unlocked my door, and waved her in. I barely remember her name. What was it again? She continued to follow me as I led her to my bedroom, the only room in the house with lights on. My family were out on a holiday, leaving me at home to take care of the house.

“Erm... Before we continue, I would like to collect the payment first.” I nodded as I took the cash I already prepared on the table for her. She took the cash in her hands, counted it briefly and inserted them into her bag, which she placed on my study table. “Thank you.” I simply nodded, not knowing what to do next. Here I was, standing awkwardly in my own room.

“Is this your first time?” I nodded. “Will you be shy?” I shook my head. I was familiar with what was going to happen... Right?

She smiled as she casually slipped off the straps of her dress, pulling it over her head and off her body. I simply stood and observed her matching white underwear covering her body. Somehow, the pictures looked better earlier. I kind of expected it, but well, I’ve already paid.

She did not bother asking as she took her panties and bra off, placing her clothes in a neat pile beside her bag. She had a skinny body, and I swear her breasts do not look as large as she claimed it was. She was lightly trimmed, her pubic hair a neat triangle above her private region.

She made herself at home, sitting directly on my messy bed. She smiled and signalled me over, and I gladly obliged, not know what else I could do. Is this where I as allowed to touch? What should I be doing next?

I shivered as she helped me take my t-shirt off, even though it wasn’t cold in the room. I usually walked around half-nude at home, but somehow I felt exposed to the eyes of this complete stranger before me.

Her hands were cold, and she slipped her fingers below the waistband of my shorts and underwear, pulling me free of them. My cock was directly in front of her face, flaccid and waiting for action. She immediately took my cock into her mouth without waiting for me to say anything, eagerly sucking on my cock like a pro.

I moaned and closed my eyes, the feeling unexplainably warm. Her soft lips were around my cock, engulfing them into her wet mouth. With every moment that she pulled out and went down again, she made a slurping sound that indicated the little suction that she was applying to my awakening member. My cock slowly hardened as it was warmed by her delicate mouth.

I continued to stand there not knowing what to do, so I simply placed my hands upon her shoulders, which I felt were cold compared to my hands. She felt really… Tiny in my hands. Delicate, even. I was unfamiliar with how I should be touching her. She continued to suck my cock, as if my touch did not bother her in the slightest. I groaned with pleasure as she gave one hard suck, as if trying to drain all my semen out of me.

She was rough with my cock, yet it was obvious that she knew what she was doing. She flicked her tongue about my cock head, which felt a bit rough initially, yet I slowly got used to the feeling of her tongue going rough over my erect penis. It felt good, to be honest. Her cock gave me a suction that my hands alone could not provide.

Up and down, up and down she went, engulfing my cock. I was surprised that she could take so much of my cock into her mouth, given her petite figure. It did feel a bit tight about my cock head when she went down all the way, so I guess this is what a deepthroat feels like. I moaned and groaned, my hands tightening around her slender shoulders with each twinge of pleasure I felt.

Soon enough, she got up from my cock, leaving my member pointing upwards at the ceiling, my entire rod of flesh coated with her saliva from tip to base. She expertly grabbed a package near her, tearing the cover off quickly. When did she put the condom there? I didn’t even realise she took anything out of her bag.

With her fingers slowly wrapped around my shaft, she slid the rubber over my engorged cock head, rolling gently down my well lubricated shaft. My cock head throbbed and seemed angrily red, a colour that I have never seen before.

She pushed me down onto the bed, and then proceeded to get right on top of me. I reached out to grab her tits, which felt really small in my hands, given her petite figure. Her breasts were pointy, ending off with a cute looking nipple at the end. I gave her nipples a few playful flicks, but she did not react at all.

Reaching back, she grabbed my cock and eased herself down unto me, all without looking. Instead, she stared directly at me, batting her eyelashes and her mouth forming an ‘O’, letting out a cute moan as she sank into me.

Despite not having any foreplay, her vagina seemed to be wet enough to take me inside her. It felt really good as her warm vagina lips slipped around my cock, swallowing my thick member right into her. I was amazed at how well she took it in, despite her small stature.

Then she begun to ride me, going up and down on my cock. All the while, she moaned and rocked her hips to and fro. I was unsure if I was pleasuring her enough, but damn she felt good about my cock. I felt her wetness on my swollen member, perhaps even wetting my balls.

Piak. Ahhh… Piak. Ahhh… The sounds of our flesh colliding and her moans echoed throughout my room. I was partially afraid my neighbours would complain, but then I realised that sex was pretty normal in a HDB. Moreover, its not like anyone would know the sound was coming from my flat… Right?

I shoved my cock into her harder and harder, feeling the imminent orgasm coming, a feeling I was all too familiar with. Yet, this time, it did not feel the same. It felt a bit different, coupled with the girl riding cowboy on top of me, my meat shaft deep inside her.

I continued to push my meat into her, trying to feel for myself how hard and how deep it could go. A couple of times she moaned a little louder, perhaps I was doing the right thing? It felt really soft and tight within, and it felt really good for me, thinking that I was giving her pleasure as well.

With the orgasm approaching, I thrust harder and faster, using her as a sex object and nothing more, like a meat sleeve that just went over my cock. I wanted to ravish her, to make her mine, even just for an hour. I pushed my cock all the way in, pulled out and pushed it as far as it can go again, my hips hitting her inner thigh with a satisfactory piak sound.

I arched my back and groaned one last time as I felt the warm fluid streak through my penis and deep into her, her warm flesh still going up and down upon me as I came. I felt like I was experiencing forbidden pleasure, emptying my balls deep into this girl whose name I did not know.

As soon as she saw that I was cumming, she started to slow herself down, from rocking on my cock to slowly grinding her pussy on me. I was fatigued from the sex, and my entire body felt relaxed, like a strung bow that was now unstrung.

She stood up, allowing my flaccid cock to slide out of her now gaping hole. She got dressed very quickly putting her panties over her wet pussy without even bothering to clean up after herself. She dressed very quickly, faster than I imagined a girl would take. I stood up from my bedside, sending her to my front door with wobbly legs.

I tried to lean in for a kiss to end of the session, but she shunned my advances and simply stepped out of the metal gate, which I held open for her. She smiled a polite smile, turned and left without another word.

As she left, I was suddenly aware of how empty my house was. In the darkness, I pulled off the wet condom off my once again limp cock, the only reminder that she was here moments ago. I thought to myself: I just paid money to lose my virginity, but was it worth it?

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