Friday, June 30, 2017

Jezebel's Diary 10: No Hello, No Goodbye

I stared up at the ceiling of yet another unfamiliar room, the dull ache in my head fading away bit by bit. Slowly, I eased myself upright, the blanket falling off me to reveal my naked breasts. I looked around myself and found a cup of water sitting on the bedside table. Well, at least I had some sense to pour myself a cup of water last night. I drenched my dry throat and looked to the other side, greeted by yet another unfamiliar face.

He was still fast asleep, and in the dim light of the breaking dawn, he was not good looking at all. Seeing his neat haircut, well-toned muscles and apparent youth upon his facial features, I made him out to be about twenty years old… Probably serving the nation then? My observation was confirmed by the set of pixelated uniform hanging behind the bedroom door. Not that it mattered anyway.

I lifted the sheets above his body, only to find that he was just as naked as I was, the rest of his body just as well-built as his shoulders were. Slowly, I lifted the sheets off the rest of him, leaving him bare upon the bed. His morning wood stood upright, straight upwards from his clump of untended pubic hair.

I spent the next few minutes staring at his body, observing his cock throb with each pulse of blood that flowed through him. He had an averagely large member, uncircumcised as most Chinese usually are. I propped my leg upright, feeling downwards for my own secret region. I traced past my recently waxed mound and found my silt between my legs, which still felt a bit sore from the night before.

Slowly, I traced my finger up and down the crease of my flesh, feeling my cool fingers slowly getting warmed by my warm pussy. My vagina reacted to my cold touch, slowly getting moist, my vagina lips spreading slightly apart with arousal. I could feel a tingle of arousal within my nether regions, the need to have something inside me slowly building up.

I stared at his cock, still hard, swollen and upright, and just right there to satisfy my needs. Gently, I got up on all fours and leaned downwards towards this stranger’s cock, letting my long wavy hair glide across his abs as I did so. I combed my hair aside in a bunch, exposing my neck towards his face. Well, not that he was awake… Yet.

Coming closer to his cock, I saw his precum glistening upon the reddish purplish head, coating his cock with a light sheen of bodily fluids. I gave it a light whiff, the salty smell all too familiar to me. I reached between my legs for my vagina once more, feeling my ready wetness. I lowered my head to his cock, my lips gently kissing the moist tip of his member. With my neck arched upwards, I saw that my stranger from the night before has yet to wake up.

I slipped my tongue outwards, tasting his salty precum upon my tastebuds. I swirled his taste about my lips, smelling his arousal. I tilted my head and shifted downwards, licking his shaft as I went along. His shaft was bare of any bodily fluids, so I coated them with my saliva, expertly shifting my head one big round to try to get as much of his cock coated with my saliva as possible.

With his cock coated in my spit, I started to lick his shaft, gently prodding my soft tongue on the underside of his cock. I started from the base where his cock met his balls, and then I slowly licked upwards, ending off with a light flick of my tongue against the underside of his cock head. Then, I topped it off by planting a light kiss upon the tip of his swollen member, which seemed to be oozing out more precum by the moment.

I heard him moan a light at my gentle teasing, his cock throbbing a little more with the added stimulation to his morning wood. I closed my lips around his cock and gently sucked, inciting a moan once more. I continued to stroke my slit beneath me, feeling my clit getting engorged with blood as I started to get aroused from sucking cock.

As I plunged a finger into myself, I engulfed his cock into my mouth, starting upwards and downwards upon his hard cock. My soft lips upon his cock proved to be very effective on him, as I heard him moan and groan, his hips trying to thrust deeper into my wet mouth. I enjoyed hearing his manly groans, feeling myself get wetter at the prospect of having him inside me.

I continued to move my soft lips up and down his shaft, my tongue pressed against the underside of his cock within for the maximum effect. I was quite sure he was awake, with his facial muscles clenched into a grimace, enjoying the pleasure of his morning blowjob.

I lifted my head up from his cock, hearing him sigh a breath of expiration, his cock ready for more sucking. I stretched out my long legs to reposition myself, getting ready to get my fair share from this soldier. I got into the sixty-nine position, and my mouth returned to his cock again once more.

I expected him to get up and start eating my out, yet he took no initiative. In my mind, I rolled my eyes as I sat my face down upon his face, thankful that my flexibility allowed me to do so with ease. I felt his feeble attempts at licking me, all off centre.

I resorted to grind my pussy upon any facial features I could find, venting my frustrations by sucking on his cock even harder than before. With that, he could barely concentrate, his body arched and stiff from the pleasure I was delivering to his sex.

Seeing as he sucked at eating me out, I got up from my position and decided to just settle for my main course for the morning. I straddled his body and aimed his cock along my slit, sliding his wet member along my vagina. I eased into him slowly, but he thrusted upwards at me, sinking his whole flesh rod deep into me.

I felt my gaping vagina being filled, his cock stretching me out inside me. Ah… At least this still feels good. I started to ride his cock, pressing my hands down upon his chest, stopping him from moving around too much while I was treating his cock like a real-life dildo.

I tilted my body at an angle, just nice for the head of the cock to hit against my sensitive spots whenever I moved to and fro. I could feel his meat rod warm inside me, throbbing with the heat of blood flowing through his member. I continued to ease myself forward and backward, grinding my hips against his pelvic region, stimulating my clit further.

I could feel it slowly building up, the tension of the morning release coursing through my veins. With a gasp of relieve, I feel my entire body give out a spasm of pleasure throughout, liquid pleasure flowing through my entire body, emanating from my pussy. As I came down from my first wave of pleasure, I moaned again as the second wave hit, more gentle then the previous, but intense all the same.

With each wave of pleasure, my pussy clenched its muscles about his thick cock, engulfing him with my womanly warmth. I felt his cock shudder and give way as the fourth wave of pleasure throbbed within me, his rod sowing seeds deep within me. I felt his warm semen fill me, squirt after squirt deep into my body.

As I subsided from my orgasm, I felt his meat rod throb inside me as it slowly deflated, the man before me exhausted from his morning exercise. His face was a sheen of sweat upon perfectly normal features, not one that I would stick around with for much longer.

I made sure to note where my panties were – on the floor on the other side of the bed – before I got up, pulling his flaccid cock out from me as I did do. I always enjoyed this feeling, the semen slowly leaking out as I pulled out the stopper from my pussy. I pulled my underwear back on, wearing the crumpled clothes that I wore from the night before.

I checked out if I have gotten all my belongings, and I left quietly, without a single goodbye. Not that it began with a hello anyway.

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