Sunday, February 26, 2017

Jezebel's Diary 9: The Interview

The hot sun bore down upon our backs as we carried our luggage off our HR manager’s car, heavy luggage filled with all sorts of freebies that we were going to distribute today. I felt the cool of the morning air against my skin, yet I can feel myself sweating underneath my office wear, with the humidity and all the hard work. Not to mention this idiotic tie that the HR manager insisted we guys all wear.

I was amazed at the size of the university, the amount of space that we used for the career fair seemed so small compared to the size of the school. We took 15 minutes alone navigating through the university, finding the exact location for the career fair.

Entering the large lobby, we were greeted by large banners and spacious booths. There were other companies busy setting up their booths, but my eyes automatically zoomed in on all the pretty ladies that other companies have sent, meant to attract students to their firms. Sad to say, my company did not have much beauties to boast of, being an engineering firm and all.

I stared at the ladies from the other companies, clad in tight little office shirts and shirts that felt too small for their breasts. Many of them wore heavy office makeup, yet I was attracted to them all the same, being used to seeing all the masculinity around my office.

The early part of the morning was quite dull, and most of our visitors were scholars, and people from other companies slacking off trying to get freebies from one another.

I felt like I have been repeating our company’s value chain so frequently that it felt scripted, yet I had to keep entertaining visitors who expressed even the slightest interest in our company.

As lunch approached, the crowd demographic seemed to shift a little, with more formally dressed students coming by to look. Apparently, many business classes ended at 10.30am, meaning that business students would come by to look at the booths for internship opportunities.

The change in demographic was a pleasant one, as the business girls were cute and very well dressed, many of whom seemed like the younger versions of office ladies from the other companies.

Then approached one particular girl, looking lost with her hands full of notebooks from several firms. She stood at a distance from our booth, seemingly out of sight but merely observing us. Her tight skirt hugged her waist tightly, illustrating killer curves despite her petite body. She had a fair skin and the bright red lipstick she wore drew my attention to them almost immediately. Even though she wore a loose shirt, I could see that she had a perfect set of breasts that she had no problem flaunting.

Seeing that most of my colleagues were occupied, I decided to approach her, and seize the opportunity to talk to a cute girl like her.

"Hello, you look lost. May I help you?"

"Oh hello. I was just looking around." Her voice was sweet and delicate, and it felt like a sweet melody humming through my ear.

"Ah. Ah I see." I was a little taken aback by her light brown eyes, now staring intently at me. I could not help but feel my heart rate raise a little, staring into her beautiful eyes.

"Well, our company is an engineering firm, looking to hire fresh grads or students looking for internship opportunities. May I know what you are looking for?" I repeated the exact same line I said to many others before her, yet I felt my heart flutter a bit with every word I said to her.

"Erm..." She diverted her eyes away, tracing a finger across her red luscious lips tenderly. I could not help but feel my heart skip a beat again. "I’m looking for a full-time job actually, I am an Accounting student though, do you think there is any possibility for me to work with you?"

Despite me knowing that her "you" meant the company, I somehow felt like she was referring to me, my head filled with a sudden fantasy of working beside her.

"May... May I see your resume?" I could not think of a proper reply, my mind seemingly in a mental block.

"Opps, I gave out most of my resumes to other companies who asked from me earlier. Is there any other way for you to find out more about me?” Her brown eyes widened a little with the exclamation, distracting me further.

As soon as she was comfortable, she started to move. Even though the blowjob earlier on was good enough, to describe the experience would be mindblowing. It felt like my cock was melting within her as she moved up and down on my shaft, her warm pussy pulling me in further and further with every upthrust. Her tits swung in front of my face, soft and luscious. I placed my hand on her back as I felt her soft, smooth skin, enjoying the smell of her young, feminine body.

I was dumbstruck, without a single response for her. “Erm... Erm...”

“Well, why not you hold an interview with me now? That way, you can ask me whatever you want, and you can get to know me better too?”

The thought of speaking to this girl one on one excited me, and I almost forgot for a moment that I was here for the career fair, not for her. Yet, she leaned closer to me, expecting a reply. In that moment, I smelt her perfume, a sweet aroma that engulfed me once more.

“Erm... You okay? I know of a great place for an interview. It’s far too noisy here. Would you like to follow me?”

I did not know what came across me in that moment, yet I nodded my head, and I decided to follow her as she led on. I stared at her back as she walked in front of me, her tight ass swaying from left to right as she walked, her perfume wafting behind her as she led me into a quiet classroom not far away from the career fair.

Upon entering the classroom, she placed her bag on a random empty chair, drawing a chair for me to sit before sitting opposite me. I was still in a daze, not knowing what to do, as if I was under a spell to listen to her every word.

“Well, its quieter now, isn’t it?” She smiled at me, her light brown eyes drawing me in. She licked her lips after she said that, her tongue moisturising lips that I felt like kissing at that moment.

“Erm... Well, as I was saying, our company is an engineering firm. I’m not too sure what role you may have in our company. What our company does is ...” As I went on with my usual rant on the value chain of the company to her, she leaned in closer, seemingly attentive to the lecture I was giving her.

As she leaned forward, I could not help but be distracted by her apparent gap in her oversized shirt. The first button was undone, something I did not notice earlier. I stole glances whenever I paused for a breath, hoping that she would not catch me doing so. She wore a black lacy bra, covering her milky white breasts which rose and fell with each breath. Her breasts filled her bra completely, the valley in between seemed to invite me into its caress.

I also noticed her legs, drawn together knee by knee. Her legs were as fair as the rest of her, and smooth, and seemed to emit a faint glow under the dim lights of the empty classroom.
With my lecture coming to my end, I asked “Any questions?”

“Well... From what you mentioned, I did get a good insight on your company.” I smiled, hoping that I did a good job impressing her. “May I ask if there are any qualities that you are looking for in your employees there?” She twirled her hair and leaned closer with expectant eyes. Before I caught myself, I felt my eyes drawn to her cleavage once more.

This time, she seemed to notice me turning to look at her cleavage. Following the gaze of my eyes, she noticed that I was staring at her cleavage openly, much of which was already exposed. She gave me a shy smile before sitting back upright. I decided to look away, my face a warm red, embarrassed of being caught staring at her boobs.

Yet, as I turned back to her once more, she has undone the rest of the buttons on her shirt, her black lace bra fully exposed for me to see. I sat there stunned as she stood up and walked over to me, taking off her shirt in the process. I felt blood rush to my member down below as I observed her breasts in their full magnificence, clad in black, sensual lace. Her body curved gently down, hugged tightly by her black pencil skirt.

“Well, are these attributes that your company is looking for?” She stood directly in front of me, her hands placed upon my shoulders and she leaned forward to look me in the eye, her breasts hanging, only to be supported by her bra. I could feel my erection pressing against my pants, begging for release.

I was at loss of words of how to respond in this situation. Seeing how stunned I was, she took one of my hands and gently placed it upon her back, smooth and flawless. She slid my hands down while staring intently into my eyes. I felt her hand position mine to land above her bra clasp, her brown eyes full of anticipation and longing. “Go on.” She whispered, her sweet breath landing upon my sweaty face.

I did what she expected me to do, and unclasped her bra, letting her glorious mounds fall out of their lacy prison. She stood up straight and let her unclasped bra fall off her breasts, her perfectly round tits directly in front of my face. Despite her innocent face, her breasts were the tits of a young adult. She had round and luscious nipples, hardened in the cold air-con environment, or perhaps from lust. I could feel my penis straining strongly against my pants, and it was starting to hurt a little.

She laid her hand upon my belt, expertly unbuckling it with one hand. Her other hand leaned against my shoulder as she bent downwards, kneeling right in front of me. She looked into my eyes, licking her lips as she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants without so much as a flinch. I felt the pressure release as my cock came free of my pants, still restrained by my underwear.

I felt her fingers trace over my raging erection, feeling the wetness at the tip. She turned her attention downwards to my swollen member, her lips kissing the tip of my damp underwear. I felt her hair between my fingers as I held her, I watched the heaving of her breasts as she took in the scent of my arousal.

Hooking her fingers about the elastic band of my underwear, she lifted it up bit by bit, her face ever closer to my skin. I felt the fabric of my underwear hold my cock down till the edge… When poof, my cock sprung free of all constraints, hitting her demure looking face on her cheeks. I felt the cool air against my warm member, a string of pre-cum on the side of her face.

“Opps. Sorry” I whispered even as she smiled and took my cock into her mouth, plunging the entire piece of meat in, shaft and all. I felt her teeth against the base of my cock, the warmth of her mouth engulfing me in sheer bliss for a moment. I felt her throat tighten around my member as she held her breath, and then she pulled back, only to do down again.

All the while, her tongue circled around the head of my cock, sending waves of pleasure through my body that I have never felt before. I shivered, not from the cold, but from the pleasure. Goosebumps stood up on my arm as I felt the tingling sensation over and over again as she pleasured my cock, her head of soft hair going up and down on me. Each time she went down, I felt her mouth take me in all the way against my groin, then she lingered for a moment, my full length fully within her for a few seconds.

Then, she stood up and tucked her hands around her pencil skirt, pulling it down to fall at her ankles in a circle of black cloth. Before me she stood in a matching black lace underwear, made of sheer material. Through her thongs, I could see her cleanly shaven pussy. She shifted the crotch of her thong aside as she stood over me, positioning herself over my cock, still wet from her saliva and throbbing in the cool air. I saw a gleam of clear liquid as she pried the lacy material away from her tiny slit, one that looked like the vagina of a young girl.

She steadied herself with her hands around my shoulders as she eased herself downwards, her pussy now against my warm cock. I felt my cock against her warm pussy, my breath held within me, preparing for the penetration. My cock parted her pussy lips just a little, and I could feel the friction between both of us despite my cock being well-lubricated.

It hurt a little as she eased my large member around her entrance, her face scrunched up in some sort of pain. Then with a sudden slip, I felt the head of my cock entering her, soft and warm inside her. Slowly, she slid down on my shaft, bit by bit, till her groin was fully against mine. I sighed as my cock rested fully within her tight hole, pleasured on all sides by her warm flesh.

She moaned softly above my head as she rode me, one hand grabbing my hair and the other upon my back. I felt her lean her body against me, grinding her pussy against my groin. My cock moved in and out of her, tight and better than any masturbation session I had. I felt the tightening of my balls as I began to reach my limit, my voice barely able to hold in my groans as I could hold in my orgasm.

“I… I… I might… cum”. I groaned as she moved on top of me, each bounce seemingly harder than the last. Hearing that, she moved even faster, her pussy sliding on my shaft faster than I imagined possible. She gave me a swift nod of the head as she continued to ride me, trying to suck out every drop of cum into her thirsty pussy.

I felt my thighs tingle, my balls tightened as I allowed my muscles to let go, my penis shooting string after stream of cum deep inside her. I could barely hold myself together as held my cock dee within her as she felt the first string of cum, her pussy tightening over my shaft as I came. Wave after wave of pleasure came over me as I emptied my balls into this young lady in front of me, my head buried between her breasts.

As I felt the last vibration of cum shoot out from me, I sat there awhile, with this beauty upon my lap, my seed deep within her deepest parts. I continued to sit down there, drained of all energy as she stood up, readjusted her thong back onto her pussy, a droplet of white fluid starting to show around the entrance.

After dressing up just as she did previously, she leant down and give my shrinking cock a kiss, before passing me her resume. “Jezebel Ira?” I read, as she walked out of the room in her high heels.