Monday, August 7, 2017

Short Story: Graduation Celebration Dinner

It was supposed to be a casual weekend dinner. Since my niece recently graduated from university a couple of weeks back, the family wanted to get together for a short dinner together. Not that we had gatherings usually, since everyone was always busy with work and their own lives.

Since my house was the biggest, we all agreed on using my house for the dinner together. Despite it being a celebratory dinner for her graduation, my niece offered to cook for all of us. I was thankful for her offer, since I did not know how to cook myself, and I did not want to splurge money on ordering food for the whole family.

I watched from the kitchen door as she went about preparing the food for the dinner that we were going to have later. The rest of the family were still busy with their weekend plans, so both my niece and I had the house to ourselves.

Seeing her grow up over the years, my niece developed a rather nice figure for herself. From what I saw on social media, she joined some dance team while in university, toning her already slender figure and womanly features. She often wore well-fitting clothes in her outfit photos, clothes that highlighted her slim waist, her slender legs and of course, the two beautiful breasts of hers.

I was already married, but my wife never had the body my niece has right now. More often than not, my niece’s photos were the source of my masturbation material, and sometimes, I imagined that she was the one I was making love to when I was having sex with my wife. To see her in front of my, in my kitchen, was already like a wet dream come true.

I continued to observe as my niece semi-danced about the kitchen, chopping vegetables and slicing meat with grace that I never imagined possible from cooking. The way she prepared the dishes seemed like an artform itself. My focus was not on the food, but from the times she swirled about, her skirt rising just a little, revealing a little more flesh. When she bent over, my eyes travelled downwards from her neck downwards to her chest, or rather, the cavity that formed between her well-developed breasts.

“Uncle, would you like to help?” I was shaken out from my daze as my niece called me over, asking me to sit in front of her and help slice some cloves of garlic for later.

As she bent forward to show me how it should be done, my eyes moved over from the chopping board to her, my eyes between the gap created by her tank top as she leant over. With me in a sitting position right in front of her, I could look all the way down, see her milky breasts heaving with each breath that she took, covered by her bra. I could see further, down her torso and see her slender skin about her waist, unblemished by stretchmarks or age.

If my niece had caught me staring, she did not care to give anything away, not even a falter in her instructions and no effort to hide the excellent view from me. She just smiled at me as she left the garlic to me to mince.

Then, she returned to the stove, her back towards me now. I chopped the garlic as she instructed, mincing them into small bits for frying. Between each chop, I looked up towards my niece, observing how her ass swayed with each movement she made.

From time to time, she would turn around and give me one of those sweet smiles of hers, making sure that I was still chopping the garlic. With my utensil drawer below the stove, she also bent down often to retrieve the wok and utensils, her skirt rising each time she did so. My eyes widened as she bent over, more skin being revealed then what I saw earlier. Her thighs were as fair as the rest of her, and I sweat I could almost see the bottom of her underwear if she bent over any more.

Once done with the garlic, I passed it to her and sat there like a dimwit, not knowing how else I could help out in the kitchen. I just sat there, watching as my niece continued to work about the kitchen.

Then, she proceeded to go behind me to another set of drawers that was behind me, instructing me to look after the stove while she was preparing dishes behind. I stared at the fire, thinking about the beauty behind me, how close she was. I swear, I could almost smell her feminine scent with her within such proximity to me.

Then, without warning, I felt her hands upon my shoulders, and she leaned her weight onto my back. I opened my mouth in shock, but no words came out. I felt her as she leaned forward, her hair draped over one of my shoulders, her mouth beside my ear, her sweet breath falling gently on my cheek.

“Uncle, did you like the view I gave you earlier?” I felt her hands move forward, travelling down my body slowly and surely. Slender hands tracing down the front of my shirt, till it reached the waistband of my shorts. I felt her lips on my ears, each warm breath of her seemingly warmer than the warmth of the kitchen.

My niece moved her hands to my groin, placing her hands lightly over my hardening member. She moved her lips downwards as well, kissing my neck in such a way as my wife never did so. It felt pleasurable, her soft lips upon the back of my neck. I did not know that kisses on my neck could feel so good.

I felt her breasts on my shoulders, her hands replacing themselves on my inner thighs, spreading them apart, as if I was a girl. Yet, somehow it felt good as she moved her hands on sensitive spots that I never imagined, spots that my wife never found despite us being together for so long. It felt like my niece was an expert, knowing where would turn me on.

My cock strained against my tight underwear, hard like I have never felt so before for a long while. As my niece moved her hands back to cup my groin, I could feel precum oozing out of my manhood, wetting the front of my underwear. I never knew I could be wet as well.

I groaned as she continued to tease me through my clothes, her mouth delivering pleasure through light, gentle kisses on my neck.

Not being able to hold off any longer, I took off my shirt, standing up in the process. I looked down at myself, my cock forming a large bulge in front of my shorts. I turned around to face me niece, who had a sheepish grin upon her face, her mouth gently sucking on her index finger innocently.

I took off my shorts and underwear in one smooth action, revealing my full cock to my young niece. I have never seen it so swollen, or so angrily purple before, my cock standing full at attention. Yet my niece did not falter, nor seemed shocked that her uncle just stripped before her.

Not missing a beat, she knelt down before me and took my cock into her mouth. I have never received a blowjob from my wife, save my birthdays, and those blowjobs were nothing compared to how my niece was sucking me off right now.

Her tongue moved all about the head of my member, her lips fully wrapped around my rod of flesh. I placed my hands upon her head, feeling my hands full of her soft hair, not dry and thick like my wife’s. I felt as her fingers moved all over my balls, cupping them and gently kneading them with her fingers. It really felt like I was in heaven, and it seemed like she wanted to milk me dry.

I felt uncontrollable pleasure as her tongue moved below my cock head, her hands stroking whatever that was left of my cock outside her mouth. She stroked me hard and fast, fast in a way that I could not control the pleasure.

Soon enough, I felt the unmistakable pleasure as the first wave of orgasm hit me, my warm semen shooting out into her mouth, mixed with her saliva. I looked down at her as she wrapped her lips firmly around my cock, not moving on inch, taking each drop of my semen into her mouth. Her hands continued to stroke me and knead my sack, and I continued to cum, each spurt taken by her without a complain.

As the ravages of my orgasm left me, my niece loosened her mouth about my cock and kept them closed. Grabbing an empty bowl from the table, she spit out my cum, mixed with her saliva, into the bowl.

My cock still stood hard, I was quite surprised that it did not grow flaccid after my explosive orgasm.

Without a word, my niece lifted herself up in one fluid motion and sat on the set of drawers behind her. She sat there and reached out, her hands grabbing me by my shoulders. She pulled me towards herself and slid her hands down to my hands, where she motioned for me to reach under her skirt.

Lifting her skirt up, I was surprised to find her vagina cleanly shaven, her privates totally bare under her skirt. My cock throbbed with excitement as I realised what she wanted me to do next.

I placed my cock at her entrance, my cock seemingly a giant in front of her tiny slit. I could see her slit glistening with her juices, slowly being joined by my own mixture of fluids on my cock head. I eased my cock between the folds of her skin, sliding myself gently into her warmth.

I felt her flesh slowly envelope me into its embrace, the tight young cunt slowly gulping me into its tight crevice. It felt like she was sucking me in slowly and gently, taking my cock deep inside her. It felt like a totally new experience from the sex I am accustomed to with my wife. In fact, after this I was sure that sex with my wife will never feel the same ever again.

My hips made contact with her, and she moaned with a sigh of relief as I was all the way inside her, filling her young pussy up within. I felt like I was having my first sex all over again, and my niece gave me a look as if she was experiencing the best feeling in her life.

I started to thrust into her, stroke after stroke, slowly picking up speed. I hear the wet sound of our bodies hitting against one another, my bare shaft slick with her juices, without the interference of a condom between the both of us.

My cock felt sensitive, having cum before, and the sensitivity made me feel weak in the knees, like it was too much to handle. I have never continued having sex after having orgasmed, but this girl was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I was sure I could not miss.

My cock went deep inside her and she grabbed me by my shoulders, pulling me in after each time I pulled out. I slammed my hips into her with force, exploring her depths, seeing how far my cock can go within her.

Soon enough, I felt another wave of orgasm about to hit. As if on cue, my niece pulled me in and gave me a kiss, a kiss unlike any of those given by my wife before, even at the peak of our passionate moments. I felt her tongue rape the caverns of my mouth, swirling inside me like a whirlwind.

With my lips taken by her, I could not utter a warning as I feel the familiar warm liquid rush through my cock, filling my niece up deep within. I felt the warm fluid gush out, each thrust now pushing a mixture of liquids out of my niece and onto me. I felt the gooey substance stick to my pubic hair, get onto my ballsack.

As the last waves of orgasm left me, I felt myself stumble backwards onto the table behind me, my now flaccid cock flopping out of my niece with a plop sound. With my knees weak, I felt myself slide down to the floor, my old body fatigued from the intense sex that I just experienced.

My eyelids fluttered and I felt sleep taking me as I sat on the floor. Before I went to sleep, I swear I saw my niece gathering up the fluids that were now leaking out of her, and slowly trickling each drop carefully into the bowl that she spit into earlier.


Moments later, I woke up to the sound of people talking right outside the kitchen. I awoke with a start, realising that I was still naked on the floor, my nudity on display for all to see. I panicked as I knew that I could not leave the kitchen without anyone noticing.

To my surprise, I found a stack of clothes, neatly stacked, right beside me. “For you, my dear uncle.” Flipping through the clothes, I found no underwear. Urgh. My cheeky niece. Nevertheless, I heaved a sigh of relief as I put them on, thanking my niece mentally in the process.

I exited the kitchen and greeted my family, my niece already seated at the table. She smiled at me her usual innocent smile and came over, guiding me to my seat. As I sat down, her hands went all over my inner thigh, grabbing my cock through the fabric of my pants. I jumped a little, the contact sensitive and my cock, for the first time, painfully sore from sex.

My niece only gave me a smile and presented me with a dish of my own, telling my family that it’s a way of saying thanks given that I helped out in the kitchen with her today. Revealing her dish, it appeared to be fried fish with salted egg yolk sauce, to the jealousy of my other relatives at the table.

Was it really salted egg yolk sauce? I swear the sauce smells just like my niece… And also of me.

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