Monday, May 30, 2016

Short Story: Good Morning

I awoke slowly to the morning sun shining in through the window, its gentle rays caressing me, catching the dust floating in the air. My legs were entwined under the white bedsheets comfortable with the warmth it provided me in the air conditioned room.

I propped myself up slowly, taking care not to wake my boyfriend up from his sleep. I continued to watch as he slept, his naked chest heaving with each breath of his, the sound gentle and soothing. I smiled to myself as I leaned into his hair, smelling the smell that I loved so much. I wrapped my arms around his torso, just glad to have my arms filled with someone I love.

He did not stir at all, probably tired from all the fun we had last night. I continued to smell his aroma, a smell I just cannot get enough of. I traced my fingers slowly across his chest, feeling his smooth skin underneath my fingertips. Circling his nipple, I gave it a gentle flick. I turned to look at him as he moaned a little, his eyes still closed and his mouth half-open in mid-moan.

I continued trace my fingers across his body, alternating between my fingertips and my palm. Each time I moved near his nipple, I could sense him tensing a little, hairs on his arms rising, as if in anticipation.

With my other hand, I reached under my silk nightgown, feeling for the parts of me I knew so well. I felt my hand come into contact with my little tuft of hair between my legs, well-trimmed into a triangle pointing towards my most private regions. Parting my legs a little, my hands found the crevice between my legs, a small slit breaking the smooth skin. I probed into the crevice, finding myself moist between my legs. I stifled a moan as I accidentally brushed against my clit. My pussy was still sore from last night, but I was aroused nevertheless.

With my arm upon my boyfriend’s chest, I drifted slowly under the sheets, reaching for the area below his waist. It did not take me long to find what I wanted, a tent already set up using his underwear as a canvas. I laid my hands upon his cock, feeling the warmth of his rod through his underwear. I could feel his blood pulsing through his cock, fuelling his rock hard erection, the same large cock that pierced me just the night before.

 I lifted his tent to the side, springing his cock free of his tight briefs. I felt his warm rod of flesh directly, his cock pulsing within my hands. I could barely wrap my fingers around his thick shaft. How on earth did I get this much cock within me last night? I continued to slide my fingers between my pussy lips, taking care not to touch my sensitive clit. That was too much of a sensory overload for me.

I glided my fingers softly all over his cock, feeling his oozing precum between my fingertips as I paused at his cock head. His foreskin has totally drawn back, and the head of his cock was covered in precum. I ducked under the blanket, seeing for myself his large member, pointing directly up at heaven, the same place he sent me last night. The air underneath the blanket smelled strongly of sex, a mixture of the smells of our arousals.

Both my hands were wet, one drenched in my pussy fluids, the other drenched in his precum. With the amount of fluids on both my hands, I could easily glide my fingers across both my pussy and slide my fingers up and down his thick cock. I moved closer to his cock, the smell of his sex turning me on, the tingling feeling between my legs getting stronger. I stopped with my nose right above his cock, smelling the strong smell of his precum.

Sticking out my tongue a little, I contacted the head of his penis, tasting the salty precum. My pussy was aching, ready to take something within me. Ready, I slid my fingers further down my slit, finding the opening of my vagina, well-lubricated for my entry. Easily, I inserted my fingers into my warm privates, feeling the aching lips parting easily for my fingers. I could feel how sensitive I was down there, easily reacting to the simple penetration of my own fingers. I felt the warm velvety flesh envelop my fingers, my fingers bringing me so much pleasure with its gentle strokes.

With my mind half in euphoria, I took his cock head within my mouth, the entire head barely fitting into my lips. With just his head in my mouth, I could already feel his cock filling up all the space my mouth had to offer. I was barely halfway down his cock. Nevertheless, I sucked, tasting more of his sweet nectar upon my tongue, fingering myself gently underneath the sheets.

What my mouth could not cover, I stroked with my free hand, making use of the mix of saliva and precum tricking down his shaft. I sucked his cock with enthusiasm, my mind totally focused on the pleasure doing this gave me. His moans were also audible now, coming from above the bedsheets. I could hear his deep voice moaning in pleasure, his hand weighing down upon my head through the sheets.

I moaned on his cock as I pleasured myself, my voice box sending vibrations down his shaft, inciting more moans from him even as I moaned. I could feel myself drawing near to my release, my vaginal muscles tightening upon my fingers deep within me, my body tensing and preparing for the unimaginable waves of pleasure.

His cock felt good in my mouth, the large meat almost choking me. I started to stroke his shaft faster, hoping that he will come as I do. With one last thrust into my pussy, I felt my pussy pulse as waves of orgasm swept over me.

At the same time, I felt the cock within my mouth tense up for a while, before spurting its warm load down into my throat, filling up whatever space I had in my mouth. The taste of his semen filling up my mouth could not have come at a better time. The orgasm felt so good, I almost had trouble keeping myself conscious. Waves after waves of pleasure washed over me, as his cock continued to unload his semen into my mouth. I tried my best to keep it all in, enjoying the taste within my mouth as I came.

Before long, I felt the last waves of my orgasm come to an end, leaving a tingling sensation within my pussy. I emerged from the sheets, greeting my boyfriend with a smile. I opened my mouth, showing him the semen that I kept within my mouth. With one gulp, I swallowed his cum, feeling the warm, sticky fluid sliding down my throat.

“Good morning to you too.” He smiled.

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