Thursday, June 30, 2016

Short Story: Sunday Afternoon Swimming

There she lay again, her hair a neat bun behind her head. Today, she was wearing a matching set of neon blue bikini, her slender body wrapped by those small pieces of cloth. I had no idea what her name was, much less anything about her. Over the past few weeks, I studied her weekly schedule. She was a creature of habit, always taking a Sunday late afternoon swim, thereafter drying herself in the light of the setting sun. Week after week I lusted after her, watching her closely each week.

I was watching her all afternoon as she dipped in and out of the water, her long slender legs cutting through the water as she moved forward. I watched as she rested after every five laps, the skin around her chest catching the light of the setting sun. How I wanted to run my hands down her chest, feel those mounds around my hands.

Instead, I felt myself instinctively drop my pants and underwear, my hands stroking my cock as I continued to watch her take her weekly swim. I imagined her hands upon me instead of my rough hands, softly touching me at places where I was sensitive. I played with my balls the way I imagined she would, running my hands over the rough skin beneath my cock. I could feel my precum oozing out of me, the warm fluid coating my entire cock head.

I did not let myself draw near to my orgasm. I wanted to thoroughly enjoy my experience of fantasizing while watching the girl of my fantasy right in front of me. I slowly alternated between stroking my cock and teasing myself, as she continued to do her laps. Soon, she finished and she got out of the water, the water dripping off her skin.

Her ass was as slender as the rest of her, and I felt my hard cock throb at the excitement of seeing her lower body out of the water. I noted her thigh gap as she started to dry herself with her towel, her breasts and pussy mound prominent as she stretched upwards to dry her back with her towel. I stroked my cock slowly, feeling the warm rod of flesh within my hands.

She walked towards the nearest lounge chair and laid down upon it, basking in the setting sun as she took a break from her swim. I watched as she continued to lie there, and I could barely see her chest moving up and down from where I was on my balcony. I was on the third floor, my pants a heap around my ankles, my cock in my hands. I continued to stroke my cock as I admired her young body, imagining all sorts of things I would do to her.

Her skin was young and flawless, and her legs were crossed in a ladylike manner, obscuring her pussy mound from my view. Yet all I needed was my imagination. I imagined pulling her bikini bottoms off her, revealing her pussy to me. Was it shaved? Was it naturally hairy? It didn’t matter. The excitement of seeing her naked would turn me on. I continued to stroke my cock harder, feeling myself draw close to an orgasm.

I wanted to feel her breasts, to knead them gently within my fingers, and smell the aroma of her skin. I imagined her nipples perked upon her breasts, my mouth enveloping them, gently sucking on her sensitive spots. I can see her in my mind’s eye, hear her moan gently as I felt her up between her legs, warm and wet.

I felt my cock swell up as the warmth gathered up within my cock, escaping spurt by spurt unto a wad of tissue I held upon my cock head. I felt my heart beat hard in my chest, relieved as the waves of orgasm rocked my body, my hands feeling the warm fluid soaked up by the tissue.

I stared out of the window, and there she was. Yet this time she was not laying down anymore, and for an instant I thought her eyes connected with mine before she looked away. I continued to watch her, my cock still hard and throbbing after cumming. She gathered up her towel and her belongings, her long legs stretching out from the lounging chair. God she was beautifully slim.

Little by little, she disappeared out of sight from my view.

I gathered up my things as well, throwing away the cum-filled tissue into the dustbin near me. I did not bother to wear my pants back, as I wanted to shower after a good masturbation session. My cock was turning flaccid already, and I was feeling cold from feeling the evening wind against by bare skin. I wrapped a towel around my waist, and as I prepared to enter into the toilet, my doorbell rang.

Sigh. Who could it be at this hour? I walked towards the door, my towel around my waist. As I opened the door, the same girl in her neon blue bikini stood before me. I was stunned a little by her beautiful body, and I was speechless.

There she stood, barely an arm’s reach away from me, her dark brown hair in a bun, her bright eyes staring right at me, as if she was exposing all my secrets with just her stare. Her skin was just as beautiful as I imagined it to be up close, fair and smooth. Her legs shone with a certain gleam, as if they were freshly waxed. Her lips were a luscious red, red that stood out from her fair skin. I noted her bikini, the cloth that covered all her sensitive and forbidden parts, yet I mentally stripped her all the same.

What could she want…?
Dear reader,

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this short story! As you may have noticed (or may not have due to your excitement), the story is still incomplete. I am leaving the second half of the story to you readers to imagine and write. Are you going to dominate her and take her for yourself? Or is she the dominant one? Will it be rough or gentle? What type of girl is she like?

I am hereby opening the second half of the story for anyone to write in and let me know what they think will happen. Do note the few pointers I have below for the second half of the story:
- It should be written from a female point of view
- Foreplay should be well-written. I love a good foreplay.
- A considerable length, about 1,000-1,500 words
- Anything socially acceptable is fine. No cannibalism, bestiality, blood or gore. This isn’t Game of Thrones.

The best entry will be posted as a continuation to the first half of the story (and maybe get to know me better too?). I’ll be accepting your stories till 8 July 2016, 2359, so do email me your entries at! I hope to hear from all you readers soon!

PS: Emails with junk/one sentences/requests will be strictly ignored. Other than the above requirements, the rest is up to your imagination.

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