Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Jezebel’s Diary 7: Dance Competition

It was almost our turn to go up onto the stage soon. I was nervous, my hands sweaty, my heart beating hard in my chest. I could see my fellow dancers around me, preparing themselves mentally for the performance that was to come. Some were panicking, this being the first time they were performing, some were relaxed, poised and ready.

I excused myself to the toilet, receiving a little backlash from my dance captain. Nevertheless, she let me go, reminding me once again that time was of the essence. Being late on show would definitely cost us a lot for our dance competition. I hurried to the backstage toilet for the dancers, grabbing my small little bag along the way.

No one paid much heed to a lone dancer breaking away from a group. Everyone was nervous for their performance to come. Teams that were done performing were relaxing in a corner, relieved looks upon their faces. Some of those who were already done have left the backstage, but the backstage was still crowded, with many teams still waiting for their performance to come.

Perhaps due to the tension, the ladies toilet was rather empty, save for a couple of girls huddled over the basin, touching up on their makeup, making forced idle conversation. Choosing the toilet store that was the furthest away from the exit, I settled into the last cubicle, heaving a sigh of relief to be in my own personal space.

Well. I did not have much time to waste. There was only two or three more teams up performing before it was my team’s turn to perform. I placed my small bad on top of the sanitary bin cover beside the toilet bowl, and I lowered the seat cover, making myself at home on top of the cold plastic chair.

I lifted up my costume up above my waist, revealing a pair of safety shorts, worn by all of us to protect whatever that was underneath from the sight of the audience. Tonight, these shorts will serve me another purpose as well. I tucked my fingers under the waistband of my shorts and g-string, pulling them down to between my ankles. I felt my pussy touch against the cold plastic cover of the toilet seat, sticky against my skin.

I placed my left hand unto my slit, as I have done so many times before that it’s only intuitive. I felt down the length of my slit, feeling the slight tingle of pleasure as my hand traced my privates. I started to stroke my pussy, trying my best not to sigh too loudly, since there were still girls outside the cubicle. I could still hear their idle chatter. Yet here I was, stroking my pussy lips.

I spread apart my lips with my left hand, and I started to stroke along my inner labia with my right. Inside, I was sure that I was more sensitive. The pleasant little tingles of arousal was now causing my pussy to become wet in anticipation. I wanted my fingers within me that moment, but I knew I had to wait. I stroked myself a few more times, making sure that I was thoroughly wet enough. The thought of what was to come got me wet enough already though.

I unzipped the small little bag beside me, reaching in to pull out the first toy I laid my hand upon. I felt my fingers fall upon a cold metal toy of mine. I closed my eyes and smiled. I knew what that was. I pulled my butt plug out of my toy bag, carefully licking it with my lips to moisten the metal surface of my butt plug.

I lowered the toy to my anal opening, feeling the cold, wet tip against my ass hole. I started to slip it into me. With my experience in anal play, I relaxed by ass muscles a little, allowing the small metal toy to slide smoothly into me. I felt my anal muscles expand a little, the toy filling me up in my backdoor. I accidentally let out a loud sigh of pleasure, but the girls outside paid no heed. I felt my ass hole closing around the metal handle of my butt plug, the anal toy settled in for the night.

I reached into my bag again, this time being choosier. I found my wireless bullet vibrator, looking like a polished pebble. I slipped that between my legs immediately, this time not needing any lubrication. I felt the tip of my bullet vibe enter me with ease, settling into my wet vagina. I could feel my holes being filled up by both the vibrator and the anal plug, filling me up with pleasure. I moaned a little as I finally felt the entire vibe enter my pussy, leaving only a small loop of string for me to pull it out later on.

Feeling both the butt plug and vibe settled in me, I stood up from the toilet seat and leaned against the cubicle door. The pleasure was almost too much to take. I broke out in sweat, feeling my ass clenching, afraid that the butt plug would fall out of my ass, or the vibrator slip out from my pussy. With shaking hands, I pulled my g-string back to its original position, this time holding in the vibrator over my pussy and securing the butt plug where it was. My safety shorts followed, the tight material reassuring me that neither toy would fall out.

Straightening my costume out, I unlocked the toilet door and walked out. The two girls were still there talking, touching up on their makeup. I tried to act as normal as possible, walking past them with a slight stumble in my steps. The butt plug swished around in my ass, while I could also feel that something was in my pussy, where I really wanted to be filled. The girls did not suspect a thing, and I walked back to my dance team again without any problems.

My dance captain acknowledged my return, and told me that our team was almost up soon. The team outside was doing a spectacular performance, as we heard the cheers from stage left, where I was supposed to enter.

I slipped my hands under my costume, feeling for the small device that I have clipped onto my safety shorts beneath it. I felt the small, black device, and I found the one button that was on the device. Pressing it, I felt the vibrator in my pussy start to vibrate, my arousal increasing almost instantaneously. There were dancers all about me, friends from my dance team, all nervous for the performance to come. I was also breaking out in sweat, though not from nervousness, but rather the excitement of masturbating with so many people around.

Cheers broke out as the earlier group finished their performance. Stage lights dimmed and the earlier group exited the stage, their sweaty bodies pressing past us on exit. I staggered forward to where my position was, feeling the butt plug and my vibrator move in me, unseen by everyone else, felt only by me. The butt plug pushed against my g-string and safety shorts, but they held their place.

Lights came on, and I knew I had to move. I stretched forth my body and legs, moving in the position practiced so often before, yet never with a vibrator going crazy within me. I swayed left and right in unison with the dancers in front of me, following their actions with my mind almost going blank from the pleasure. The crowd was watching, and I was sure that the bottoms of my safety shorts were wet from arousal.

As we got into positions where we stretched our legs, I felt the vibrator press against my g-spot within me, my butt plug filling me up really well. Yet I held my position, knowing that a mistake would be fatal.

In moments of lull, where we held our positions, I truly enjoyed as the vibrator vibrated within me, tingling my pussy all around it. I stood there with my hands raised and body upright, breasts thrown out, and the little toy within me did its thing.

Very soon, I knew that we have reached half of our performance, with the other half more to go. Huddled with my fellow dancers, we continued to move in our practiced formations, moving across the stage with light jumps and steps. I felt myself almost stumble, my orgasm on the edge of my senses. I could almost feel it coming unto me, yet I had to hold on.

I continued to dance, clenching my pussy as tightly as I could, holding my orgasm at bay. However, with my tightened pussy, I could clearly feel the vibrator within me, my butt plug pressing against my pussy from behind. Every time I stretched forth my legs for a split, my butt landed on the floor, pushing the butt plus ever so slightly deeper into me. I tried to grind my hips on the floor, as discretely as possible. When I stood up to dance once more, I noted the wet puddle on the floor, where I was laying on a moment before.

I could feel my pussy vibrating, my engorged clit within my g-string begging for release. I felt really filled up from behind and in front, my mind oblivious to the crowd before me, caught up in the pleasure of my own.

Ah. The drumbeats, the starting of the end. I wished for time to hurry on, the last 10 seconds of our performance coming to an end, yet it felt like an eternity. The crowd continued to watch on, as female bodies came together in a tight circle, trying to come into a formation to end off our dance.

I could not falter not, not having come so close, not only to the end of the dance, but also close to my orgasm. I felt myself truly tight and drawn like a bow, my body ready for the orgasm that was to come.

As the final few drum beats are heard, I was already in position with the rest of my friends. I knew I no longer needed to move any more from my current position, my hands in the air, surrounded by sweaty bodies of my friends. I stared straight into the crowd, feeling the vibrations of the vibrator within me.

My body let go, and I felt the wave of pleasure wash over me, my moan sounding like a cheer from the crowd, blending in with it. My body continued to cum, the second wave of my pleasure riding across my body like a rushing wave of water. I felt my pussy become wet a lot more, a gush of liquid came out from my pussy. I must have squirted into my g-string.

Even as the crowd continued to clap and cheer, we began to exit the stage. I reached into my costume just as the lights dimmed, my hands searching for the small device, turning the vibration of my vibrator off.

In the dark, I lifted up the front of my costume, feeling my safety shorts underneath. My safety shorts were drenched. Even though the vibrator was already off, I could still feel the aftermath of the vibration in my pussy, tingling me from within.

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