Saturday, February 13, 2016

Jezebel's Diary 6: Chinese New Year

“Auntie, Happy New Year!” She said with a smile, handing forward two mandarin oranges with two hands, a symbolic gesture that represented the blessing of abundant prosperity upon the household. She stood at the doorstep, slowly removing her heels while my wife took the oranges from her with a wide smile, gesturing and yelling for her to come in. I watched as she bent over, her delicate fingers prying one shoe from her heel, one after another. Her skin was fair and looked so soft.

Inside, my other nieces and nephews were already busy gambling away, playing poker while betting with their recently-collected red packet money. My siblings and their spouses were all crowded around the television, watching one of those comedy mahjong shows, occasionally striking up conversation with one another. I watched as she went forward to each one of them, slowly wishing them a happy new year, while collecting red packets along the way.

She did not join her cousins, probably too old for their age group to play with them. My sister gave birth to her rather early, and her next oldest cousin was barely 16, still studying in secondary school while she was already in university. Every Chinese New Year, she joined the adults, watching the usual old Jackie Chan movies or one of those crazy mahjong shows.

I settled down into the last empty seat on the sofa as she helped herself to a container of hazelnut cookies, taking care not to let the crumbs fall onto my red dress. With all the sofas being occupied, she sat on the armrest of the sofa that I was sitting on, her butt leaning against the soft cushion and her legs propping her up upon the narrow armrest. I noted that she took care not to let her skirt ride up too high above her knees, keeping her legs crossed as best as possible to portray a demure image in front of everyone else. Yet, her thighs were right beside me, and I could see for myself her smoothly shaven legs.

In between commercials, many of my brothers and sisters talked about many things, often coming back once again to question my niece, as they so do every year. I noticed as she shifted uncomfortably in her chair every time a sensitive question was asked (probably about her ex-boyfriend), the red hem of her dress riding up, exposing more of her smooth, long legs.

I raised my hands and moved a little closer, feeling for myself the softness of her legs with the back of my hands. My niece seemed to pay no heed to my touch, her eyes fixated upon the television. Her skin was indeed soft and smooth, how I wanted to just run my palms up her skirt, up into the hem of her short dress and reach underneath it.

“Uncle, where’s the toilet ah?” She turned to me, startling me a little, and I noticed that my eyes were a little too obvious about staring at her white thighs.

“Oh, it’s at the back.” I gestured simply. As she started to walk off, her hips swayed as she strutted of to the toilet, and I could catch a wisp of her perfume as she walked past me, light, fruity, the perfume of someone young, much unlike that of my wife.

A sudden thought occurred to me. I stayed in one of those apartments where the toilet actually connected to two doors. These doors opened to both the kitchen and my bedroom, though the door connected to my bedroom was more often locked than not. I excused myself to my bedroom for a while, knowing that I would not be missed, with everyone busy watching the television.

In my room, I saw just in time as the light behind the locked toilet door turned on, the door closing on the other side. For the toilet door, our family decided on having one of those usual sliding doors, doors that had gaps at the side and underneath the door.

I laid my body down upon the cold wooden floor, placing my face beside the door. I aligned my left eye to the gap, a small opening at the bottom of the toilet door. At first, I saw nothing other than the green tiled floor. I adjusted myself a little, and I did not have to try hard to see the red dress out of the corner of my vision of the toilet.

There my niece sat, the usual way that girls sit on the toilet bowl when they were peeing. Her back was towards me, and all I could see were her white thighs. I could not see her head at all, and I was quite sure that she could not see me either. I listened as a hiss sound ensued, the sound of her pee hitting the bottom of the toilet bowl. The hissing varied in its sound and tone, and I could feel my cock slowly stirring as I watched my young niece pee into the toilet bowl.

I lowered my hands to the front of my pants, feeling the bulge between my fingers. I started to massage them, wondering how her pussy would feel like. In old age, my wife’s sex drive has dwindled, and I barely got enough sex to satisfy my sexual appetite.

I continued to watch my niece as she gingerly picked out the toilet paper, folding them into neat squares before spreading her legs to wipe between them. Then, she stood up immediately, smoothing down the sides of her dress. I looked up and down her thighs, and I realised what was weird about her action. She was not wearing any underwear at all?

When I thought she was about to leave, my niece turned around, this time facing the toilet bowl. This time, she was facing me, though I could only see up to her waist. She tore neat little squares of toilet paper off the roll beside the wall once more, and she lifted up her skirt. I could see clearly for myself her smoothly shaven mound, as white as the rest of her legs. I could feel my cock hardening further, seeing the young pussy in front of me. I lowered my hands once more to the front of my pants and felt my hard cock, pulsating within my grasp.

As if it could not be worse, my niece spread her legs, revealing to me a tiny little slit between her legs. I gave my cock a little squeeze, leaning against the gap in the door to see a little more. My niece started to spread apart her pussy lips ever so slowly and gently, bringing the small square of toilet paper down between her pussy lips to give her pussy a more through wipe. My cock strained against my pants, trying to push a way out.

I continued to watch as she straightened down her dress once more and turned to leave. The toilet door on the other side opened, and I watched as her white thighs disappeared from view. There I laid on the floor, my hard cock almost bursting from my pants.

From where I was seated, my back leaning against the toilet door on my side, I started to unbuckle my pants, taking out my cock from my underwear, holding the throbbing rod within my hands. I could feel my cock head a little wet from the precum oozing out from the tip of my cock. I started to stroke my cock up and down, wondering how it will feel as it enters my niece’s tight little slit. I moaned and I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of my hand upon my swollen member.

Just then, the door to my bedroom opened, and there my niece stood, staring straight at me, my hands upon my cock. I was stunned in the moment, but she said nothing and closed the door. I could not keep my cock back into my pants. It was too obvious what I was doing earlier.

“Uncle, you were watching me is it?” My niece asked gently, no anger in her voice, seemingly oblivious to the fact that my swollen cock was out in front of her. Ashamed, I turned to look away, anywhere to avoid her gaze.

Stepping forward till she was right in front of me, my niece bent down and squatted in front of me. I knew that if I turned to face her now, my eyes would wander downwards to the gap between her legs, that small little slit that I saw earlier. I had to avoid the temptation. I continued to look away. Then I felt her fingers upon my cock and I shuddered. Her little fingers slowly tracing up and down my cock.

She did not grab it, but she merely took her index finger to run it up from the base of my cock, up to my cock head, circling the cock head a little before tracing her way back down once more. Failing to temptation, I turned to look at her, looking straight into her eyes in the dim light of the bedroom. My eyes moved downward upon temptation, looking to the gap between her legs. Having squat down right in front of me, my niece exposed everything to me, her small little slit, inches away from my cock. My cock throbbed at the sight of the young pussy. Her fingers were driving me close to my climax.

“Uncle, do you want to cum?” Ashamed, I nodded my head, my eyes still staring at her small slit. With a sudden movement, my niece wrapped her fingers around my cock, directing the swollen cock straight, pointing at her little slit between her legs. She started to jerk my cock off really fast, building upon the foreplay that she has already played on me.

I could barely resist or even think as my body started to tense up. In that moment, I felt my cum travelling up from my balls, down the entire shaft of my cock, the warm semen hitting right on target upon her tiny little slit. I watched as I drenched my niece’s pussy in my cum, the whitish gooey liquid coating the exterior of her pussy.

I lay panting even as she stood up, grabbing a tissue from my bedside table. Standing in front of me, her pussy at my eye level, my niece spread out her pussy once more, and she wiped my semen off her pussy right in front of me, for me to see.

“Uncle, I hope you liked it. I enjoyed it very much too.” My niece straightened down her dress once more as I’ve seen her done earlier, and she turned to leave the bedroom, returning to the festivities once more.

I cleaned myself up, tucking my now flaccid cock back into my underwear, buckling my pants. As I stepped out of the bedroom, I saw that my niece and her family were getting ready to leave. My niece turned around as she was wearing her heels at the door step, and she saw me standing at the door frame of my bedroom.

“Uncle, we’ll come over to visit again sometime soon kay?” My niece yelled across the living room.

With stammering nervousness, I replied. “Yes, Jezebel.”


  1. Wow you really did that?? How I wish I could experience this hahaha!

    1. Hello. My writings are mostly made up of fantasy. Nevertheless, of course some of the fantasy is based on reality. Feel free to leave it up to your imagination! I hope you enjoyed reading my stories. :D