Saturday, December 26, 2015

Short Story: Christmas Shopping

(Due to my short hiatus from writing, I think the sexual activities within this story aren’t up to standard. Nevertheless. I hope you guys and girls enjoy reading it!)

Everywhere the girls looked, the scenery screamed “Merry Christmas” at them. Retail stores were blasting Christmas carols, mistletoes and Christmas wreathes hung about the shopping mall upon every wall, bells at every pillar. Felicia and Isabel were out shopping together, soaking in the Christmas spirit, both of them as well dressed as the crowd that surrounded them, everyone hurrying about with their last minute Christmas shopping.

The girls were also out doing their last minute Christmas shopping. Both of them were CCA leaders in their secondary school, and they felt the obligation to get something for their committee members. Felicia was a rather tomboyish girl, adventurous and often hanging out with the ‘naughty’ kids of the school, whereas Isabel was a gentle and extremely feminine girl, one often referred to as the beau of the secondary school, with her flawless skin and beautiful hair that other girls often envied. Even till now, everyone often wondered how they became the best of friends. Honestly, both of them did not know either. They just kind of… Clicked together.

Walking around the large mall, the girls quickly got what they wanted. They were often distracted by the many Christmas sales that were well placed in front of many stores, often stopping to drop by a random store to look at something which they could not really afford to have. Nevertheless, both of the girls managed to get the things they wanted to get for their committee members, and they were very much pleased with their loot of the day.

“Oi Isabel, why don’t I get something for you? It’s Christmas after all. Hahah.” Felicia suggested.

“Huhhh… But the things I want quite expensive leh. Hahah. I don’t know leh.” Isabel whined, her high pitched voice mesmerising enough for some guys to turn around to look at who spoke.

Felicia gave the guys a death stare, scaring most of them away from her best friend. “Aiya come on la, lets go see what you like kay.” Felicia and Isabel continued to roam the shopping mall, hunting for things that Isabel liked. However, with Felicia leading the way, the things and stores she sought after were often returned with Isabel shaking her head and laughing at Felicia’s choice of items for her.

As they continued to walk, Felicia and Isabel walked past a cosmetic store, and Isabel slowed down a little, staring at the assortment of beauty products before her. Despite her beauty, Isabel was actually fascinated with beauty products. She had an older sister, one she looked up to. Isabel always loved how her sister could dress up so nicely for all occasions. Every time she went out, be it for school, with friends, or for her weekly clubbing sessions (of course she told mum and dad she was out doing ‘group project’), she dressed up very well in her variety of dresses, and she would also put on makeup, seeming like a different person to Isabel altogether.

Isabel was extremely intrigued by makeup, but that one time she even went near Jezebel’s makeup kit, she was reprimanded by her sister for attempting to use her makeup, such that she never went near her makeup set once again. As she ogled at the different variety of foundation powders and the different shades of skin tones, Isabel felt lost with the wide range of choices that she had in front of her.

Felicia sighed in dismay. She was totally clueless with what to do with makeup. Being a tomboyish girl, she never bothered to dress up, nor does she have any experience with how makeup actually works. So there Felicia stood, as Isabel strolled through her Christmas wonderland, leaving Felicia looking like a lost kid in the cosmetic aisle.

Isabel started to try on the different powders, trying to find for herself the tones that complimented her skin the best. She took a look at the concealers as well, not that she really needed any, with her skin being unblemished by pimples, something that other girls seemed to get. Felicia continued to trial after her, not exactly sure why Isabel was dabbing the powders and makeup on her hand when makeup was meant for the face.

Done with trying out the different shades of powder and even lipstick, Isabel hurried on to stop in front of a large shelf, seemingly the actual items sold of the testers that she just went through. Her eyes were dreamy, the item that she wanted right in front of her, a small circular case, one that carried both foundation and the concealer fit for Isabel’s skin.

Felicia, being more practical of the two, looked at the price tag first, the only thing she actually understood in the place. The price was incredibly steep, even compared to the range of makeup displayed beside the one that Isabel was looking at. Felicia know that even if they combined their money, both of them would be unable to afford the item that Isabel wanted. Yet Isabel was still gazing dreamily at the item, unaware of the heavy price tag it carried.

“Oi, crazy woman, you got see the price or not?” Felicia poked at Isabel in her side.

Isabel finally gave the price tag a look, her lower lip falling a little, saddened by the heavy price tag it carried. She took the small cylindrical container down from the shelf, checking that the price tag did indeed belong to the item that she wanted. Felicia could see the disappointment in her eyes, the item she wanted so near yet so far away from her reach.

“Oh mannn.” Isabel whined. Felicia look the container out from Isabel’s hands, and Isabel started to turn away from the shelf, walking away disappointed. Felicia watched as her best friend walked away, feeling a little helpless.

Suddenly feeling a little brave, Felicia knew what she had to do. She did this many times before, when she hung out with her cliques after school hours, participating in their acts and seeing them do it so successfully so many times before.

Felicia quickly caught up with Isabel. Tapping her on her shoulder, Felicia saw for herself Isabel’s disappointed face, mixed with a little confusion, seeing Felicia hold the small cosmetic set on her hands. Leaning close to Isabel, Felicia whispered “Shh.” Before giving Isabel’s shorts a small tug, slipping her hand holding the cosmetic set under the waistband of her shorts, feeling for the waistband of Isabel’s panty.

Before Isabel knew what was happening, Felicia managed to drop the small container into Isabel’s panty, the cosmetic set pressed up against Isabel’s mound. Felicia grinned a silly grin, her hands doing a dual peace sign beside her face. Isabel was slightly stunned by Felicia’s act, but she could do nothing about it, with the cosmetic set pressed up against her privates.

Looking around, Felicia was sure that no one noticed her act of shoplifting, with so many customers around, keeping most of the shopkeepers busy with entertaining them. Furthermore, she has done this many times before with her clique of delinquent friends, never getting caught, not even once. She grabbed Isabel’s hand and started to drag her along, pulling her towards the exit. Isabel face was a shade lighter, not sure what she could possibly do, and increasingly aware of the small circular object pressed up against her pussy.

Felicia started to step out of the store, sure that nothing was going to happen this time, much like the other times that she did this with her friends. Yet, as Isabel followed after, they were met with the shrill ringing of the shop’s alarm. Felicia’s face turned pale along with Isabel, who turned an even paler shade of white. Looking around, Felicia suddenly took notice of the sensors placed strategically beside the wide doors of the cosmetic shop, placed so far apart that she failed to notice them when entering the shop.

Her mind started to work furiously, trying to find a way out of the situation. Some of the Christmas shoppers were turning around to look, interested to know what was happening. Before Felicia thought through, one of the better dressed shopkeepers, a man wearing a suit, came over, coming to stand before Felicia before asking “Miss, is there a problem? Are there any purchases that you have yet to make?” Felicia read his name tag: Senior Manager’

“No… No sir. We were just beginning to leave.” Isabel stuttered, a giveaway to the manager that stood before them.

The manager squinted at the both of them, Isabel doing her best to avoid the manager’s questioning eyes. Felicia didn’t know what to do either, her first time being caught shoplifting. “Miss, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I have to ask both of you to come with me.”

The manager did not grab Isabel nor Felicia, but simply stood to the side to invite both of the girls back into the store once more. Upon stepping past the entrance once again, the shrill alarm rang once more, and Isabel quickly put her hands around her ears, attempting to block out the sound, hoping to block out the stares that both of them were getting by now.

“Follow me.” Without waiting for a response, the manager started to walk towards the back of the store, while Isabel and Felicia followed behind closely. The other shop keepers attempted to grab their customers’ attentions once more, and the store resumed its former chatter as Isabel and Felicia walked through the back door of the shop, coming through a door which read “staff only”.

Boxes lined the area, some open, their contents spilling outwards. The place was rather messy, and there was little space to move around. The girls followed the manager into a separate room, one even smaller than the room before, barely enough space for the office table that sat within. The mangers’ desktop was on screensaver mode, while his table was cluttered with an assortment of office items. The manager sat on the only recliner chair in the room, turning to face the two girls who entered after.

Isabel was really scared now. She could feel the plastic material of the cosmetic set up against her pussy, heat slowly building up there as she started to cold sweat, the material of the cosmetic case sticky against her pussy. She couldn’t close her legs properly either, with the circular items between her legs. When the manager indicated the two remaining stools in the room for them to sit, Isabel did not know what to do.

Felicia sat down quickly, turning to realise Isabel’s predicament. The manager was now busy going through things on his computer, and Felicia signed for Isabel to sit down quickly, before he realised anything was amiss. Isabel complied, sitting down as slowly as possible. In the sitting position, Isabel felt the cosmetic set pressed between her pussy and the stool, and she really couldn’t close her legs properly either, the item between her legs preventing her from doing so.

“Girls, do you know why I called you in here?” The manager asked calmly, done fiddling with his computer.

“Er… I don’t know? Hahah. I think the sensor got problem? Or…” Felicia tried to reason as calmly as she could, her voice trembling a little.

The manager sighed, and turned the desktop screen to face the two girls. Felicia and Isabel could see themselves in the paused video, Felicia with her shoulder length hair and a white top, Isabel with a maroon top and her distinctive wavy hair. With a click of a button, video-Felicia and video-Isabel started to move. Felicia saw for herself how Isabel floated through section after section, her best friend coming to a stop before the shelf. She continued to watch as Isabel left that section, while video-Felicia went after to stop her. The camera was placed nicely in the position that saw clearly how Felicia slipped her hand with the cosmetic set into Isabel’s pants, her hand reappearing without the cosmetic set.

Seeing that both girls have looked up from the screen, the manager knew that both girls were done watching their act of crime. The silence in the room now stressed Isabel and Felicia out. There was no running away, now that there is solid evidence on what they have done.

“Girls, you do know that shoplifting is a very serious offence, right?” The manager asked as gently as he could, seeing how young the two girls were. Yet his voice caused them to feel even more scared. The girls could only nod gently. Felicia knew that there was no way out now, and she simply remained quiet.

“Well, I have to inform the police about this you know.” The manager sighed. The two girls looked at once another from the corner of their eyes, fearful of the consequences. With this rash act, this could go down on their criminal records, ruining their lives forever. Not to mention they were CCA leaders. Isabel would also be shamed. Isabel felt the smooth surface of the cosmetic set sticky against her pussy, the source of their trouble.

“Please… Please don’t do that.” Isabel broke the silence, stunning Felicia for a while, since Felicia was often the braver one. “Anything… Anything but… But that please.”

Felicia could see the manager pursing his lips, contemplating her request. “Now, why don’t you start by returning the item first?” Glad to comply, Isabel stood up from her chair. Yet, in that small room, there was nowhere private for Isabel to reach her hands into her shorts to retrieve the circular case, which was by down much further down, right up against her pussy.

“Hmm. Since your friend put it there, I would like your friend to retrieve it and pass it back to me instead.” Felicia opened her mouth, starting to utter a form of protest, but the manager simply placed his hand on the phone next to him and said “Or would you rather we go back to calling the police?”

Felicia knew both of them were trapped. Well. It’s either this, or their future. Felicia nodded her head in defeat. “Good girl. Now, you follow everything I say, or I’ll go back to calling the police instead. I would like you to return me the item you put into your friend’s possession.”

Felicia stood beside Isabel, aware that the manager was watching every action that she was making. Giving Isabel an apologetic look, Felicia placed her hands about Isabel’s waist once more, moving her fingers under the waistband of her shorts. She could feel Isabel shaking a little, scared of what was to happen. Moving her fingers a little more, she felt the soft material of Isabel’s panty.

Reaching her hand inward, she started to feel Isabel’s flawless mound against her fingers, the space getting tighter and harder to reach due to the tightness of Isabel’s shorts. Trying as hard as she could, she finally felt Isabel’s pubic hair, soft to her touch. Isabel squirmed a little, feeling Felicia’s hand starting to venture into her private regions. Yet, Felicia could not reach further in, tight as Isabel’s shorts were against her body.

“Well, if you’re having problems, why don’t you help her take it off?” The manager still had his eyes on the two girls, watching Felicia struggle with the effort. Felicia wanted to retort again, but the act of the manager simply putting his hand on the phone silenced her.

Felicia removed her hand from Isabel’s shorts, giving Isabel an apologetic look once more. This time, tears welled up a little in Isabel’s eyes, knowing that her best friend had to undress her in front of the manager. Felicia started to unbuckle Isabel’s shorts, pulling the zip downwards to expose her skin underneath. She could clearly see the dark pink material of Isabel’s panties, and she was sure that the manager could see it from where he was sitting too.

Felicia let Isabel’s pants drop to around her ankles, her panty clad bottoms totally exposed to the manager. Isabel held her head in her hands. Sobbing a little into them, ashamed of being exposed. Felicia could see the cosmetic set, wedged between Isabel’s legs, right at her crotch. She tried not to expose Isabel as much as possible, slipping her fingers into the sides of her panties, feeling the cosmetic set, warmed by Isabel’s body heat.

She tried to slide it out gently, but Felicia realised that the object as slightly sticky with the sweat produced between the surface of the cosmetic set and Isabel’s pussy. Isabel felt Felicia tugging at her pussy, and she opened her legs a little, making it easier for Isabel to remove the cosmetic set. In that small, quiet room, Felicia and Isabelle were sure that the manager could hear the wet ‘squelch’ sound as Felicia removed the cosmetic set from Isabel’s crotch.

The plastic case felt warm and slightly wet, and Felicia placed it upon the manager’s hand, as he stretched out his hand for the item. She passed it over, watching as the manager took it between both of his hands and held it up in front of him. Unbeknownst to Felicia and Isabel, who were both quite scared at the moment, the manager could smell the scent of Isabel’s pussy upon the cosmetic case, a sweet, young and pleasant smell. How he wished he could have her. Well… He could?

“Well girls, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now, I want you to strip search your friend.” The manager said, causing Felicia to gape in shock.

“But that was all we…” Felicia started, but the manager cut her off.

“Or would you rather I strip search her myself? Afterall, seeing as you already tried to shoplift, I can’t be sure that you aren’t hiding other items elsewhere either, right?” Felicia wanted to argue back, but she knew that the odds were against her.

Isabel still had her heads behind her hands, this time the sobbing a little more audible than before. Felicia turned to her once again, her hands pulling at the thick wool material of Isabel’s top. The manager watched as her best friend reluctantly took the top off her, exposing bit by bit her slim waist, her flawless skin underneath. Her matching pink bra soon came into sight, and Felicia took Isabel’s clothes off her, leaving her in her matching pink underwear.

Felicia turned to the manager once more, hoping that he was satisfied. Yet the manager sat in his recliner chair, looking expectantly at her, and motioned for her to continue. Reluctantly now, Felicia whispered into Isabel’s ear a gentle sorry, before reaching behind her to unclasp her bra hooks. Isabel felt the tension of her bra holding up her breasts fall free, her breasts perky and upright nevertheless. With her face behind her hands, she could only feel the eyes upon her breasts as Felicia took the bra off her, the cold air causing her nipples to stand upright and outwards from her breasts.

The manager was amazed by the sheer beauty of Isabelle’s body, her unmarked skin and her round, ample breasts. Her areolae were light brown, and her small nipples stood out from her breasts, the sight of her nude body sending blood into his cock, causing it to stir in his pants. Felicia admired the beauty of her best friend’s body, but she was angered that she was seeing it under such conditions. She turned around once more, only to see the manager motion for her to continue to strip off the last piece of item that covered Isabel’s dignity.

Felicia returned to work, kneeling down before Isabel, peeling her panty off her, bit by bit. Soon, her small tuft of pubic hair came into sight, her pubic hair soft and smooth, leading downwards towards her pussy. Her panties came off quite easily, sliding past her smooth skin to come to a rest at her ankles. The manager stared at the young pussy before him, seemingly untouched by anyone else. The manager felt his cock pulsating, pushing outwards, and causing a tent to form in his pants.

Standing up from his recliner chair, the two girls were startled by his sudden movement. Felicia was still kneeling before Isabel, waiting to see what the manager would do. The manager stood between the door and the girls, standing between them and the exit. “Good girl. Now, please go over to my desk and bend over so I can check better.”

Isabel complied while Felicia simply watched, as Isabel placed her arms upon the desk, burying her face in her hands once again. With her long legs, Isabel had to spread her legs and bend over just a little bit to lean unto the table. With that, the manager had a totally clear view of Isabel’s pussy, pink, raw and dry, an innocent pussy indeed.

“Now, you see that?” He indicated Isabel’s pussy to Felicia. “I would like you to help me check if she has anything in that hole.” Felicia was shocked that she had to do that to her best friend. Yet, it was much better that she did it rather than the manager. Kneeling in front of Isabel’s private regions, Felicia placed her index finger at the entrance of her pussy, starting to push in bit by bit.

Isabel felt Felicia’s fingers sink into her, her fingertip spreading apart her virgin hole, the friction from her dryness hurting her inside. Felicia could hear Isabel whimper slightly from the pain of having her hole invaded. This was probably her first time being fingered too. Knowing what she could do, she withdrew her fingers, coating them with a layer of her own saliva before attempting to finger her once more. The manager watched as the best friend fingered her.

Reaching downwards, he unzipped his pants to pull out his aching cock, which was begging for release. He started to stroke his cock as he watched the girl sink her finger into the other girl’s pussy, aroused by the two young girls in his office, especially the nude one.

Out of the corner of her eye, Felicia saw what she feared would come. She saw the manager stroking his cock, his precum coating the head of his cock. She could smell his precum and arousal even from where she was kneeling, digging her fingers into Isabel as the manager ordered her to do. It was not an unfamiliar smell to her, but it probably is to Isabel.

“Girl, you aren’t exactly going deep enough with your finger. Let me show you.” Felicia tried to stop the manager, but her strength was not enough to push him off Isabel. Holding Isabel by her hips, the manager positioned his cock before Isabel’s tiny pussy, and he started to push forward, his cock spreading her pussy lips apart, invading her pussy bit by bit.

Isabel felt her hips being grabbed, the managers’ cock positioned at her pussy, being pushed into her. It hurt her, with her pussy being as dry as it is. Yet, she knew it hurt less due to Felicia’s saliva earlier on. She felt the cock try to squeeze its entire length into her, spreading her out within, pushing against her inner vaginal walls.

The manager groaned as he felt his cock enter the tightest hole he ever felt, the girl’s pussy almost clamping down on his rod. The other girl was kneeling at the side, her eyes starting to tear as well. Shifting a little, the manager made sure that his cock and her best friend’s pussy were at her eyelevel, even as he started to push his cock in and out of her.

The manager felt the tight pussy stroking him in all the right places, attempting to squeeze his cock dry of any cum it had to offer. Reaching to the front, he held her breasts, kneading her soft tits with his palms. Her body was his to take, and she and her friend could do nothing about it.

Isabel felt the large adult cock pumping in and out of her, the pain slowly fading, turning into a feeling akin to that of an overstretched muscle, a sore muscle between her legs. She felt the hot cock going in and out of her, lubricated by Felicia’s saliva and his precum. Isabel bit down on her teeth, even as she felt her breasts being molested by the manager. She wished for this to be over soon.

Not long later, her wish was quickly satisfied, as she felt the manager give one last finals shove, pushing his cock all the way into her once more, before she suddenly felt warm gushes of liquid within her, his semen filling her up within. Felicia simply knelt down on the floor and watched as the manager emptied his balls into her best friend, his semen filling her up. Even as he withdrew his cock from her, his semen started to drop out of her pussy and unto the floor.

As the manager sat on the recliner chair once more, he said “I hope that teaches both you girls from ever shoplifting again.” 


  1. hey! is this a real story?

    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply! While most of my stories are fantasy, of course some of it is based on reality. I'll leave it up to your imagination to wander and work wonders! (:

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  3. Nice story to jerk off