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Short Story: The Bad Officer

Justin’s perspective…

“You all trying to be funny is it?” Justin screamed into the night. “You guys took bloody 7 minutes just to take everything out of your field pack! How long you all supposed to take?”

“THREE MINUTES, SIR!” Yelled one of the trainees facing down unto the floor, his body in a push-up position.

“Nevermind, EVERYTHING IN!” There was a frenzy as action followed, the trainees trying their best to pack everything back into their field packs once more, hopefully all to be done within the stipulated time as set by their officer. Justin stood by with a stern face, watching his trainees panic as they failed to remember the proper sequence to pack their bags, their cold sweat as things did not fit.

Justin was a terrible officer in the training school. More often than not, he abused his powers as an officer to set trainees to tasks that were strenuous and tiring, all in the name of upholding the standards of the training schools. Other trainees in the other platoons did not get it as bad. In fact, while it was already 11pm and trainings were supposed to end by 9pm, the other platoons were peacefully sleeping, recouping their energies for their activities the following day. Yet here the trainees were, trying their best to please Justin by ensuring the proper standards for field pack inspection.

For Justin, he felt irritated that he still had to book in to train his recruits, when today was his birthday. He had plans to go out on a day trip with his girlfriend, so he applied for leave from work to celebrate his birthday with her. Yet, just at the last moment, his leave was disapproved, due to certain administrative issues with the admin office. Even though he raged and argued with his Commanding Officer, Justin was not given his well-deserved leave. Sadly, he had to cancel all plans with his girlfriend and watch over these subpar trainees. With his annoyance, he wanted to take out his stress on his platoon, focusing all his anger on making their lives miserable.

Meanwhile at the guardhouse…

Some of Justin’s trainees were excused from the terrible training their platoon mates suffered due to guard duty. Despite standing there as sentry in the middle of the night, sweating under his uniform, Justin’s trainees at the guardhouse were relieved that they were able to skip one session of tekkan (Singapore slang for punishment without valid reason) training with Justin.

Most of them knew that it was his birthday this week. Many of them heard the screaming match between Justin and the Commanding Officer, that his leave was not approved due to certain administrative issues. Well, that bastard got it coming to him, for being so cocky and so vicious all the time. Yet, they kind of got the short end of the stick, suffering as they are now from his anger release. The trainees at the guardhouse could hear Justin screaming in the distance, yet that sent chills down their spine nonetheless.

Despite it being in the middle of the night, the sentry on duty spotted someone walking towards the camp from a distance away. Their camp had only one road in, and it doesn’t seem like this person was lost. Upon closer look, the soldiers realised that it was a girl that was walking towards the camp. Having been deprived from girls for the past few days, the soldiers stared intensely at the girl.

She had makeup on, that was for sure, red luscious lips. She wore one of those straight cut dresses that suited her slender body just nicely, carrying an expensive looking clutch and a matching pair of high heels. Upon closer look, the trainees found her to be quite familiar, yet they could not put a finger as to where they have seen her before.

The girl walked with an air of confidence, knowing that the ogling eyes at the gate were staring at her, lusting after her looks. She didn’t think herself to be very much of a looker or extremely chio (Singapore slag for pretty), but someone when guys in uniform are seem, the stereotype was that they were sexually deprived men with sex in their heads whenever they see a female.

Stopping at the guardhouse, she knew what she had to do, having run through the procedures with her other male friends who were serving army at the same time too. She exchanged her NRIC for an access pass, stating her business was for that of a meeting in camp with certain important personnel.

The trainees at the guardhouse were a little taken aback at the strangeness of her tale. Checking her NRIC, the name upon her card, ‘Tan Wei Ting’ seemed to strike a bell in their heads. Linking the dots together, they knew that Justin’s girlfriend’s name was Wei Ting, and that he often had a photo of her on his office table. That’s where they have seen this girl before.

Despite her reasons being of that for the purpose of a meeting, the trainees knew that Wei Ting was here to surprise Justin on his birthday, seeing as he was stuck in camp, unable to go out to celebrate his birthday. The trainees knew that they could not deny someone entry unless they notify an officer of the ‘situation’. With the Commanding Officers out and Justin being the Officer-in-charge, the trainees could not do anything, as they knew that Justin would get his way anyway.

However, one of the trainees thought of something…

Wei Ting’s perspective…

Wei Ting walked past the gate, relieved that she was able to get pass the guardhouse with not much of a hassle. Indeed, most of her male friends were right. The security in the camps here are really lax. She knew that he was angry and annoyed that he couldn’t celebrate his birthday with her. She wanted to surprise Justin at night, knowing that this was the least of all places that he would expect her to be.

She held in her bag his present for tonight, a pack of 12 of condoms. Upon his initial plan, Justin’s day trip ended with a hotel stay at a local boutique hotel. She knew that he booked the hotel for a romantic night, a grand plan for their first sex together. Wei Ting was glad to give away her virginity to Justin, she loved him more than any other guy that has come across her life in the past.

Following the source of the screaming, she found Justin to be in the middle of the parade square, instructing the trainees to run around the parade square, guiding them in their strenuous training. She admired him in his uniform and his beret, looking all swag and mighty compared to the sweaty trainees in their sweat drenched uniforms, their faces looking all shag and tired behind their mask of camo cream.

Wei Ting stood in the shadow far away, keen not to be seen by Justin before midnight has passed. Sitting down on the stone ledge on the roadside, she placed her clutch by her feet and she watched as Justin continued to train his platoon through random acts of training, more screaming, and more trainings. After some time, Justin finally called it a day at 30 minutes past midnight, ending the training for his platoon and heading back to his bunk to rest for the night.

Wei Ting followed closely behind, ensuring that she was not seen by either the trainees nor by Justin himself. Upon entering the cover of the building, she removed her high heels, trying to make as little noise as possible while tailing Justin. She noted the room that he entered, the bunk that was supposedly his. Wei Ting knew that Justin had the privilege of having a room all to himself, him being an officer and all.

Sitting at a stairwell in the secluded corner, Wei Ting continued to watch as Justin went about his usual activities, bathing, dressing for night, and he even sent her a goodnight text before she noted that his lights have turned off and Justin has turned in for the night. Wei Ting waited a while longer, ensuring that her boy is asleep, before picking up her bag and heading off towards the direction of his room.

Trainee’s perspective…

For the past hour, the pair of guards that were supposed to be patrolling the camp perimeters stationed themselves near their own building, watching Wei Ting from around the corner. She was sitting on the stairwell, oblivious to her surroundings, often turning her head towards the Officer’s bunks to check on Justin.

The rest of their platoon had their lights off, but the pair of them have already let in on what they were going to do, and they knew that the entire of Justin’s platoon were upstairs, keeping themselves awake to prepare themselves for what was about to come.

As Justin’s lights were turned off in his room, Wei Ting waited a while longer before making her move. The trainees stared from the darkness behind the bush they were both camping at, notifying the rest of their platoon that their plan would be set into motion soon.

The patrols have managed to get rid of all their gear at the guard house, trying to minimize the noise that they would make while stalking Wei Ting. Nevertheless, both patrols took whatever that was necessary for their plan to work.

Wei Ting’s perspective…

Wei Ting headed up the stairs to the second floor, towards the dead-end corridor that had Justin’s room. She looked around her surroundings once more, noting that it was all quiet around the camp. As she turned to the door and placed her hands upon the handle of Justin’s door, she was suddenly greeted with a hand that wrapped around her mouth, silencing her from making any audible sound other than her muffled screams.

In her frenzy, Wei Ting tried to struggle against the muscled hands of her captors, but her captors simply lifted her up with his arm around her waist. Wei Ting was greeted, in front of her eyes, with a cold piece of metal that was pushed up against her forehead. She stopped struggling to look down the length of the rifle pointing at her to see a pair of eyes, both staring at her intently, threatening her into silence. Behind him, Wei Ting saw that an entire bunch of guys have showed up, each of them muscular and strong, all of them in the prime of their fitness.

Wei Ting felt fear coursing through her. Even as the guy carried her around her waist, she felt her stomach give way. There was a warm feeling of liquid passing between her legs, and Wei Ting realised that she peed herself in her fear, fear of what was going to happen. As her warm pee flowed down her legs and formed a pool of her shame around her captors feet, and the men around her grinned in amusement that she peed herself in fear.

She knew that she could not run away now, now that she was at a dead-end. In her fear, Wei Ting kind of forgot what she came her for. While the rifle still pointed at her, the men around her removed her expensive clutch from her, dropping it into the pool of pee that she created. She was then slowly lowered to the floor, her hands tied behind her back with some cable tie provided by the men.

The signal was given for Wei Ting to keep quiet, while the men infiltrated Justin’s bunk, where Justin slept soundly on the bed. Wei Ting wanted to warn him, that something bad was going to happen. Yet she could not bear to let Justin see her like this, the bottom half of her dress wet by her own pee, her makeup smeared with a few tears running from her eyes. Moreover, the rifle was still pointed at her.

The men moved around Justin’s bed quietly, slowly surrounding him in the night. Justin, being tired from the activities just a while ago, was sound asleep. He didn’t notice even when the men tied his hands together to the bed frame above his head. Justin continued to sleep, his dreams undisturbed.

Once again, the signal came for Wei Ting to keep quiet. One of the men squatted in front of her, with his face directly in front of her pee stained skirt. With his hands, he gently started to stroke her legs upwards from her ankles, running across her smooth skin, from time to time intersecting with the stickiness of her pee, stained upon her legs. Even as fear filled her heart and head, Wei Ting felt herself getting a little aroused from the gentle touch running up her thighs beneath her skirt.

As the hands reached her waist, they found the hemline of her thongs, a matching pair of red lace underwear that she brought from La Senza just a few days earlier for this occasion. Slowly, the man removed her panties, the wet and soaked lace separating from her body, her vagina feeling the breath of cold air as the panty soaked with her warm urine was removed from her.

Taking her panty away from her, Wei Ting saw the man squeeze the panty into a tight ball, before pasting one side of it into a duct tape prepared earlier by one of the other men in the bunk. She saw them signal 1… 2… 3... While one of the guys grabbed Justin’s head, Justin was shocked awake and his mouth opened to yell. Yet, opening his mouth was the mistake he made, because it was soon covered with Wei Ting’s urine soaked panties, the duct tape covered over the rest of his mouth to ensure that Justin was well gagged. Justin could not move, his hands were tied to the bed frame. His eyes were open wide in shock, staring at his girlfriend in front of him in disbelief.

Wei Ting started to sob silently, knowing that the night was far from over. With more cable ties, the men cooperated and tied Justin’s legs down to the bedframe as well, heavily restricting his movements. A pair of scissors ensued, and the men made shreds of Justin’s sleepwear, removing all his clothes off him.

Wei Ting stood there sobbing into her hands silently, he makeup smeared by her hands. Her boy was lying there naked, his body still well-built despite his dire situation. Nevertheless, no matter how Justin struggled against the bonds of his captors, he could not break free of the cable tie. His cock lay limp on his balls, the first live cock that Wei Ting has seen in her life, the cock that was supposed to take her virginity from her tonight.

With Justin being tied down, the men brought Wei Ting over to his bed, her face before his. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t, not with the rifle pointing at her, the threat of the sheer number of guys in the room who could harm her really badly. Wei Ting could only tear, her teardrops streaming down the sides of her face.

With the same pair of scissors, Wei Ting felt the scissor go about her shoulders, cutting through the thin material of her dress around her shoulders. Wei Ting felt one side of her dress come off with the shoulder sleeves cut, and with another few clips, the other shoulder came off too, the entire dress falling down to form a circle around her knees.

Wei Ting was naked in the room full of guys with nothing but her bra on. Even then, her bra was a translucent red lace, and everyone in the room could clearly see her nipples through the sheer material even though it’s dark inside the room. As best as possible, Wei Ting tried to bend a little, hiding her bald pussy between her thighs. A few days prior, Wei Ting also went for a waxing treatment, to prepare herself for losing her virginity to the man she loved.

Her attempts of hiding herself was futile. With ease, the men threw her onto the bed right above Justin, her body hovering over his, her thighs spread apart with Justin’s body between them. Yet while Justin’s cock lay limp with fear, Wei Ting knew the rest of the room could clearly see her pussy, probably glistening with her pee and a little from her arousal from earlier on. Wei Ting looked into Justin’s eyes for help, but she only saw a helpless fear in him.

Out of the corner of her eye, Wei Ting saw one of the men step forward, taking off his pants in the process. Justin’s cock was limp but his was at full erection, his erected cock large compared to that of Justin’s. Getting onto the bed behind her, Wei Ting knew what was going to happen. Justin tried to scream into the gag, but he couldn’t stop what was going to take place. Wei Ting looked into Justin’s eyes, as she felt the tip of the man’s cock position itself at her opening. His eyes were angry, they were helpless.

The man grabbed her waist, and with one forceful motion, shoved his cock into Wei Ting in one swift motion. Wei Ting let out a little shriek, the pain coursing through her pussy as her first cock entered her, stretching apart her virgin hole. She felt the thick meat pulsate within her, the cock head large against the inner walls of her vagina. Yet she knew that this was not the cock she wanted. It was a stranger’s raw cock that was entering her, penetrating into her deepest, private areas. Wei Ting cried a little, her tears falling onto Justin’s forehead, all while he yelled muffled screams into his gag.

Slowly but surely, the man inside her started to pump in and out of her, his large cock head moving deep within her pussy. Wei Ting felt her virgin vaginal walls wrap around his cock, pleasuring him without her consent. She felt his hands upon her waist pulling her down onto his cock, his balls slapping her against her clitoris, her most sensitive of areas. While she looked into Justin’s face, Wei Ting could not help but moan in pleasure and release high pitched squeals of pain as the large cock ravaged her.

Soon, she felt the man pick up the pace, pulling her faster and deeper down onto his cock. She felt his shaft pulsate one last time as a spurt of liquid travelled up his shaft, depositing itself into her inner most areas, filling her up inside with warm liquid. As he pulled out from her, Wei Ting noticed at once that almost all the guys around her had their pants taken off, hands were stroking cocks, and the smell of lust and sex filled the entire room. Justin noted that too, but no matter how he struggled, the cable tie would not break.

Another man replaced the previous man, and Wei Ting felt another cock enter her once more, her insides stirred up once again. This time, with the warm semen within her, her vagina felt really full, and it also felt guiltily good to her. Another man approached the bed and set himself in front of Wei Ting’s face, another large cock obscured her vision. Pulling her head back by her hair, Wei Ting felt the thick flesh move past her lips, her lipstick smearing all over the smelly cock that was in her mouth, a taste of pee and pre-cum. Justin was below Wei Ting’s face, watching the balls smack flat right against her chin.

The other men started to surround the bed as well, and Justin could only watch while his girlfriend’s body was pushed to and fro between the two cocks, her pussy dripping warm semen unto his cock and balls, her mouth too small to close fully around the dick within her mouth, the spit and pre-cum falling out unto his face, unto the duct tape and all over his chest. Wei Ting gagged upon the cock, her throat relaxing to accommodate the huge length of cock in her tiny mouth. Her pussy felt sore from the banging, but her tight pussy still took it in alright.

Despite being taken my men she totally did not know, Wei Ting felt herself slowly being pushed over the edge as the cocks stretched apart her pussy and her mouth, making her feel like a slut right in front of her boy. Yet she could see that Justin was a little turned on by her fucking as well, his cock slowly rising to the occasion, yet getting nothing.

As Wei Ting came, she felt her body spasm, her pussy trying its best to choke on the man’s cock, squeezing it tightly. This sent the man behind her spurting the second stream of semen into her, once more warming up her sore insides. Yet, there was no rest for her. The next man quickly replaced her, shoving another dick into her even before Wei Ting finished recovering from her orgasm.

The man in her mouth shoved one last time into her throat, causing her to gag onto the thick meat. Yet as she gagged, she felt the cock clench up in her mouth, the muscles relaxing to give way to a spurt of liquid that travelled down the shaft, out of the cock head and directly into her throat. Yet as the cock removed itself from her mouth, Wei Ting could not help but spill some of the semen out, which landed on Justin’s nose and face, which was already covered in her spit.

One of the men removed Wei Ting’s bra, taking the pair of scissors to cut off the straps. Wei Ting’s breasts swung freely now, the soft mound swinging to and fro in the doggy position that she was in, her mouth still left open, sore from having a cock in it previously. The man at her now was still banging her ferociously, occasionally sending spurts of semen from the previous two leaking out from her pussy.

Some of the men around Wei Ting could not wait for their turn, but they simply finished off with their hands, spurting strings of semen unto her hair, back and her face. All the excess cum streamed down and around her body, falling upon Justin, who already gave up on struggling against the cable tie, but merely looked as his girlfriend was raped by the men in the bunk one by one.

Another guy finished within her, and another took his place again, and another also joined in by shoving a cock into her mouth. This continued while Justin looked on helplessly. Wei Ting couldn’t think straight. All she felt now was cock after cock after cock, cocks of different sizes penetrating in and out of her. She felt her insides all filled up, her stomach filled with cum too. As the next two finished, Wei Ting collapsed unto Justin, feeling his erect cock pressed against her pussy, where semen was slowly leaking out of her pussy onto his dick.

Another guy took over once more, but this time the guy took his cock to position it right in front of Wei Ting’s anus. Slowly, He started to push into her, inciting a small scream from Wei Ting into Justin’s face, screaming at the discomfort of a cock penetrating her virgin asshole. Soon, as Wei Ting’s ass was filled, the guy started to pump in and out of her dry anus, forcing her entire body to jerk forward, her breasts sandwiching Justin’s face. Soon, this guy came as well, filling up her other hole with more warm semen.

Justin’s Perspective…

Justin lost count of the number of guys who came within Wei Ting that night, but it was a really long night. As the guys started to be satisfied with her body, they started to sit around the bunk, as if waiting for something. As the last guy finished off in Wei Ting and wore his pants back on, Wei Ting lay against Justin, her body soaked in the cum of men, smelling really like sex. She could see Justin slowly crying, his tears mixed with the semen and spit that were on his face.

As the other men watched on, two of them approached Justin’s bed. Wei Ting and Justin did not bother much as to what they were going to do now, seeing as they have done so much damage already. Yet, Justin jerked back to his senses once again, as his cock was grabbed by one of the men, the hand spreading a cool gel coating his cock and balls. It was not long later that he realised what it was, when his cock and balls started to feel like it was heating up.

The men had applied lots of counter-pain unto Justin’s cock, causing the burning sensation. Justin teared as he felt his cock burn up, his limbs struggled against the bonds. He tasted the pee soaked panties in his mouth, his eyes teared at the anguish. Wei Ting could not help, being tired from all the banging that she received. Justin saw the two men pick up a clutch, one that he often see Wei Ting carry around. They took out a bag of condoms from her clutch and tore a packet open. Once more, they applied counter pain on the inner cap of the condom, and Justin prepared for the worse. In one swift motion, the men rolled the condom down unto Justin’s cock, sealing the counter-pain onto his cock.

Thereafter, more counter-pain was applied onto the outer layer of the condom, and when they lifted Wei Ting up again, Justin silently begged for them not to do it. Yet, he could only silently watch as they lowered Wei Ting and her cum filled pussy unto Justin’s cock, coated with the counter-pain. The pain was almost immediate for Wei Ting. The men muffled her scream with their hands as they helped her press her hips down upon his burning cock, engulfing both of their privates in the burning sensation.

Justin could see some morning light streaming through the curtains, and in the light, he noticed that some of the men were busy taking photos of the situation, his humiliation.

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