Saturday, November 7, 2015

Short Story: A Late Night

*Beep beep* Shirley jumped a little at the sound, stunned by how loud her watch was with the silence around her. Her watch read 3am. It was the middle of the night, and it was no surprise that Shirley was one of the few souls awake in school, walking around the large compound. Certain lights in some of the common studying areas in school were on, and there were also a few pockets of people sitting around the common studying benches, having late night – early morning meetings in view of the upcoming project submission datelines and approaching final examinations.

This type of situation was what Shirley hoped for, what she planned for. As Shirley continued to walk to her destination, her footsteps echoed around the empty corridors, her sandals loud upon the cold concrete. With it being in the middle of the night, and given her short skirt and loose crop top blouse, Shirley felt cold whenever the wind came. She shivered a little from the cold, but also from excitement, anticipating of what was to come. The wind embraced her presence, exploring her bare skin under her clothes. Her heart beat loudly in her chest, a mixture of fear and anticipation.

Climbing up the long flight of stairs that led from the South to North spine, Shirley came to Coffee Bean. She was very near her destination now. She walked down the steps that led down to Nanyang Auditorium, coming to the front of the School of Biological Sciences, where the Quad was darkly lit, the entire open area blurry due to the haze as well. Here, the wind was a little stronger, a light draft nevertheless. The quad was an open area, situated right in the middle of the school. In the distance, she could still see dimly lit lights of the study rooms and of the common areas. Yet no one was in sight, and she was the only soul standing in the middle of the open area so late at night.

Shirley placed her clutch at one side in the Quad, against a tree that was in front of the Auditorium. She walked about aimlessly, making sure that there was indeed no one in sight. She checked her watch once again. It was 3.15am. There was bound to be no one around so late at night in school anyway. Yet, since it was better to be safe than sorry, she wanted to ensure that the coast was clear and the stage was safe for what she was about to do.

After walking about aimlessly for about 5 minutes, Shirley could not wait any longer. She came to a rest at the centre of the star that marked the floor at the Quad, right smack in the middle of the open area. Well, she thought to herself, I have done this before in public, just never… In such an open area? Well… Nothing new I guess, it’s relatively safe too huh.

Standing in the middle of the Quad, Shirley started to do what she was relatively familiar with. With one hand, she started to stroke her lips softly, feeling her own soft lips upon her fingertips, a little bit of her lipstick coming off with the touch. She felt her body start to loosen up, yet her heart continued to beat fiercely within her, fuelling the rushing of blood throughout her body. Shirley felt herself slightly turned on by the touch, her body starting to warm up a little, the feeling of something over her mouth. Shirley parted her lips gently, feeling the touch of her finger on both her upper and lower lip. She sighed a breath of pleasure, the warm breath exhaling from her mouth, warming her cold hands.

With her other hand, Shirley reached below her crop tee to feel her bare stomach, her hands cold against her warm body. Her skin was smooth under her crop tee, flawless and tight over her well exercised body. Well, she wasn’t a sporty girl, but Shirley did enough running to ensure that she wasn’t too fat either. Shirley started to reach a little higher, touching the areas that she knew was unseen by others even though she wore a crop tee. She felt the bottom of her ribs, and at the same time, she felt more of her stomach being exposed to the cold. Placing her palm fully against her body, she imagined herself being touched by someone else, her body being molested by someone else.

Shirley closed her eyes and let her imagination run wild, her lips being parted by a tongue instead of her finger. She licked her fingertip hesitantly, feeling the soft touch of her fingers within her mouth. At the same time, her other hand was exploring her torso, her bare palm running across her body. As she continued to explore, she felt with her thumb the soft lace of her bra under her crop tee. Shirley felt a little tingle, her body responding to being touched at intimate areas. Why is it that so many girls would want to wear crop tees, if exposing themselves so would turn one on so much?

She reached a little further, her hand this time moving across her breast, cupping one of them within her hands. She felt the soft mound, her breast filled up within her intricately designed lace bra. She was sure that her torso was almost fully exposed now, yet she did not feel cold despite having so much of her skin being exposed to the cold. In fact, as she exposed herself more, Shirley felt her body warming up with her arousal. With her other hand, Shirley reached under her crop tee for her other breast, feeling both of her breasts through her bra with her hands. She moulded them, feeling the fullness of her breasts in her hands.

Opening her eyes a little, Shirley wanted to make sure that no one was around to watch her. Despite her act of caution, she didn’t really pay much attention to her surroundings, but she merely checked for the sake of checking, caught up in the state of her arousal. With one hand kneading her breast through her lace bra, she removed the other hand to explore the other areas of her body. Shirley lowered her other hand to the hem of her skirt, feeling the thick material between her forefingers. She felt the soft skin of her thighs, feeling her way up the side of her thighs, tracking a line upwards towards her hip. Shirley felt the hem of her short skirt lift up as she moved upwards, feeling more of her skin being exposed to the elements, her bare stomach, her right thigh.

She felt the matching lace material of her panties, her senses tingling for what she was about to do. Shirley ran her thumb over the waistband of her panties, and she slipped her thumb underneath, slowly tugging at the coarse material keeping her privates hidden away from eyes that so often looked up her skirt. Yet as she slowly tugged her panties down, Shirley felt the cotton material of her crotch stick to her vagina a little, the sticky moisture of her pussy causing the material to stick a little to her crotch before coming off. There was a sigh of relief and arousal, one which came with a drool of liquid linking her pussy to the cotton crotch area, as well as a feeling of cold air upon her shaven mound.

Shirley stepped out slowly of her lace material, at the same time checking her surroundings to make sure no one was really there. The school remained a dead quiet, nothing stirred save for her heavy breathing in the dark. Walking towards her bag, Shirley placed her wet lace panties upon the top of her bag. Reaching backwards, she unclasped the hooks of her bra, placing them neatly on top of her bag. Her breasts fell free of their constraints, and Shirley felt that sense of relief, having her bra removed from her, letting her breasts breathe freely in the cold night air. She could feel her nipples sore and hard against the cold night, and she was definitely sure that her nipples were sticking out, prominent against her soft cotton crop tee. Once more making sure that no one was around, Shirley once more walked out into the open, feeling her breasts bounce freely with each step, the air between her legs, a wet moister between her vagina lips.

Once more, Shirley immersed herself into her fantasy once more, reaching automatically for her breasts and for her pussy underneath her skirt. She continued where she left off, groping her breasts over her crop tee, feeling her other hand inching closer to her pussy once more. She kneaded her breasts playfully with her hands, drawing circles around her sensitive nipples. From time to time, Shirley gave her nipples a playful and slightly forceful pinch, feeling the twinge of lust and a short spark of ecstasy flowing through her body, releasing a soft moan into the night. Here she was, fondling with her breasts and getting off in the middle of the school compound. Well, public acts of masturbation turned her on and relieved her more than anything else. She could imagine the hidden eyes in the dark upon her body of lust, the hot body that many guys lusted after and some girls envied.

Her other hand started to approach her pussy, feeling her soft mound, freshly shaven just barely a few hours before, as she prepared for this evening, masturbating in public. Shirley always enjoyed her pussy shaven, the smooth feeling over her vagina, her finger gently sliding across her narrow slit between her legs. Between her slit, Shirley could feel the warm fluid slowly seeping out from within her pussy, moisturising her finger tips and warming them up. The quad was still empty save for the swaying of some leaves in the gentle breeze, and even in the dark, Shirley could see for herself that the floor between her feet caught a few drops of the liquid oozing out from her pussy, the warm fluid creating little droplets of wet dark grey patches on the stone floor.

Shirley continued to trace her slit and fondle with her breasts, letting her moan resound louder bit by bit in the dark, her breath getting faster with each up and down stroke, along the top of her pussy, along her clit, all the way to the entrance of her vagina, her hole warm and welcoming to her touch. She could feel the urge to stick her finger right in there and then, to feel her own pussy being invaded by her fingers. She wanted to feel her insides squirm up as she pleasured herself publicly, to feel the insides of her vaginal walls, the most private of her areas, being touched in the middle of the open-air Quad. Yet Shirley resisted, knowing that the urge could be fulfilled later, that delaying her desires would enhance the experience of her own orgasm.

Instead, Shirley raised her wet fingertips to her lips, tasting her sweet nectar being produced. She tasted the warm fluid, the sweet taste that she was so accustomed to, the smell of her own arousal strong on her fingertips. At the same time, Shirley wanted to be more daring, and she raised her crop tee to expose her breasts a little, fondling them directly with her bare hands. The warmth of her breasts against her cold hands felt good, and her cold hands also turned her own further, the cold causing her nipples to stand out strongly outwards. Using her index fingers, Shirley flicked her nipples to and fro, causing her to moan into her fingertips with each twitch. She felt her pussy really craving for her attention, craving for satisfaction.

Reaching downwards, Shirley found her clit slightly engorged and poking outwards from her hood, evidently aroused by the situation. As she gave her clit a tentative flick, her body shivered with the intense pleasure that she felt upon contact. Her body squirmed and she hunched over, overwhelmed by the pleasure. Her pussy lips were slightly parted now, inviting her hand into the fold. Shirley continued to massage her breasts as she stroked her fingers slowly downwards, parting her lips, wetting her fingers once more with her fingertips.

She traced her slit downwards, slowly and surely, and finally came to a rest before her vagina opening. She could feel the warm fluid start to soak up her hand, a drop of two slowly travelling down the length of her finger. Slowly, Shirley enjoyed the feeling of her finger sliding in. She felt her finger move into her open pussy, well-prepared by her arousal. She felt the warmth within her as she hunched over once more, reaching deeper within her pussy and the little waves of ecstasy overcoming her bit by bit.
Shirley started to move her finger slowly in and out of herself, feeling her index finger moving in and out of her, the feeling of it brushing past her pussy lips. As she pushed her finger into herself, Shirley would also wiggle her fingers a little, rubbing her palms over her clit. The sensation was quite a lot for her to bear. Shirley moaned louder into the dark now, her eyes closed, ignoring her surroundings, immune to the cold air around her.

She continued to knead her breasts, switching between one breast and the other. Both of her breasts were exposed now. Shirley didn’t care who saw her or whether there was even anyone there at all. Her legs were bent a little at her knees, her thighs kept closed together to better feel her fingers within her pussy. In that position, Shirley started to feel herself coming close to her orgasm, despite only a few thrusts of her fingers in and out of her.

As she peaked, Shirley felt her legs almost give way below her as the first wave of pleasure came over her. She felt her pussy clench upon her fingers within her, yet she continued to wiggle her fingers within, stimulating it further during her second and third waves of pleasure. Her body shuddered upon each wave of pleasure, her breath caught upon each wave, exhaling with a moan as each wave passed over her. The clenching of her pussy also squeezed out any excess fluid being produced by her arousal. Soon, as her breathing came to a rest, Shirley could feel her heart beating strongly within her chest, all while she breathed heavily.

Shirley unclenched her thighs and spread them apart, removing her fingers and her hands away from her privates. Her hand was entirely soaked in the fluid produced by her arousal. Even holding it at arm’s length away, Shirley was sure that she could smell the fragrant scent of her own arousal upon the cold night air.

As she walked with shivering steps back to her bag, Shirley picked up her lingerie, which happened to be in a different state as compared to earlier when she left it. Moreover, her bra happens to be nowhere in sight. She noted that her panties had a white pool of a certain liquid upon it which she did not note earlier. Touching it with her hands, Shirley felt the liquid still warm to her touch. Smelling it, she smelt the familiar smell of someone’s semen left upon her panties.

Oh well, it seems that she wasn’t the only person to go down in history who has experienced an orgasm in the Quad anymore. She looked around once more, trying to find the culprit in the dark. She didn’t see anything as far as she could see. Regardless, Shirley put on her panties, feeling the warm semen smudge against her mound and all over her pussy. She checked her watch once again. She could barely see the time, 4.30am, past the fluids that were all over her watch face. With a light bounce in her breasts, Shirley headed back to Hall for a good night’s rest before revision lessons the next day.

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