Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Short Story: Caught

"So... Both of us know why you are here right?" Clarissa sat silently in front of her teacher's desk, trying to stare anywhere but at her form teacher.

"Yes Mr Lim." She shifted her weight about the chair, wishing this was already over.

"So please tell me what you were doing, Clarissa."

"I just... Wanted... To see him." Clarissa stuttered, knowing that that was a lousy excuse for being in a male's toilet, when she could meet her boyfriend just about anywhere else in school.

"I believe you and I know the amount of trouble you are in, Clarissa. Please be truthful about what exactly you were doing, right from the beginning."

Clarissa thought of how she stumbled into the boys toilet, all giggles and butterflies in her stomach. She grabbed her boyfriend about his waist, squishing him for the first time after the long holidays. She looked to Mr Lim and shook her head.

"Were both of you doing anything that you should not be doing?" Immediately her mind went to the french kiss they shared in the first cubicle, his hands cupping her breast underneath her blouse, her own hands massaging the growing bulge over her boyfriend's pants. Clarissa shook her head more, and looked down at her shoes.

Mr Lim sighed. "Well, I guess I have to call your parents down if you're so uncooperative."

Clarissa panicked, knowing how her parents were strict with her. They would not tolerate any of this nonsense. "Please. No. Don't do that. I will tell you everything."

"Please go on."

Clarissa recounted of how she rearranged to meet her boyfriend on the 4th floor outside the male staff toilet, which they thought no one would use. She said they started kissing at the door, and her boyfriend started to undress her...

"Show me." Clarissa paused. She stared at the phone on Mr Lim's desk, knowing her parents were only a call away. She had to comply.

She continued with her story, sharing with Mr Lim how her boyfriend unbuttoned her blouse button by button, and she unbuttoned her blouse as she described that she liked it like that. There Clarissa stood with her blouse unbuttoned, her fair skin underneath only covered by her bra.

Clarissa continued, telling of how her boyfriend lifted her skirt up. Mr Lim eyed her skirt, and she got the cue. She lifted the hem of her skirt up, revealing a pair of panties that matched her bra.

Goosebumps stood on her exposed legs, and it was not due to the cold of the air conditioned staff room. She traced her fingers across her bare skin, running them along the tiny bumps of her hair folicles. Her senses were heightened and she felt herself twitch a little from the contact.

She tucked the hem of her skirt under the waistband of her panties, elaborating on how her boyfriend touched her. She groped her breasts just as how he did, showing Mr Lim how she liked it.

As she reached down to her panties, she felt her own wetness, something that she did not realise earlier. She was getting aroused from recounting what happened. Clarissa paused for a moment while Mr Lim watched, his attentive eyes on her.

"Did both of you continue?" Clarissa blushed, knowing full well that they did. She nodded. "Show me what he did next."

No words were needed, Clarissa then started to fondle herself, massaging her breast and her pussy. Despite the layer of clothing between her skin and hands, she felt pleasured by the contact, her senses heightened, her face flush with the blood of arousal.

She leaned against Mr Lim's desk just as she leaned against the toilet seat earlier, getting herself comfortable. Lost in the heat of arousal, Clarissa suddenly did not bother about her teacher being there at all.

Her hands moved underneath the fabric of her underwear, feeling the tush of her pubic hair, the mound of her pussy within her hands. Her other hand reached back to unclasp her bra, allowing her breasts to now hang freely.

Clarissa massaged her breast with one hand and found her clit with the other. She felt her pussy, warm and moist. She felt a slight moan exit her lips as she continued to touch herself.

She lifted her bra upwards to expose a pair of young and firm breasts that were still growing. Her nipples stood out from her breasts, and were sensitive to her touch. She circled them with her fingers, from one breast to another, just like drawing an infinity sign. And in that moment, she truly felt infinite.

Her other hand toyed with her pussy, drawing a finger down across her wet slit. Her panty was in the way of her movements, so she pulled on the waistband and let it fall to her ankles, exposing her most private regions.

She watched Mr Lim move his hand over his groin to cover up his unmistakeable bulge slowly forming in his pants. While staring at it, Clarissa started to play with her pussy, circling her sensitive clit with her index. She imagined what it would be like to feel his cock up against her.

Clarissa started to walk closer to Mr Lim, allowing her lust to take over, letting her teacher see her developing body. A tingle went through her as Mr Lim made the first contact, placing his hands on her thigh.

She placed her hands on his chest, feeling the strong, well-built body of a man much much older than what she was used to. Clarissa leaned in, feeling his quickening breathing on her naked breasts.

Her hand travelled downwards and underneath his hands, feeling the hard bulge through his pants. It felt large, almost unreal.

Mr Lim's hand stroked her thigh, feeling her soft skin under his hands. Clarissa took her hand, wet with her arousal and directed Mr Lim's hand to her mound. She moaned as she felt his hands upon her sensitive spot, his hands cupping over her pussy, as if to collect the juice that was so rapidly leaking out.

She unzipped his pants and felt his cock over his underwear, warm and pulsing with each heartbeat. She leaned her breasts into his face and felt his erection stiffen, as if it was not hard enough already.

Clarissa felt his fingers start to move, sliding along het wet snatch, feeling the between the folds of her skin, spreading her fluids across her slit.

She reached underneath his waistband and pulled it down, revealing a large adult cock, one of a size that she was not used to seeing. She marvelled at the veins around the shaft, the reddish head that was pulsing with arousal. The scent of precum also filled the air, salty and sexy.

Just as she imagined it, she spread her legs on both sides of the chair that Mr Lim was sitting on, slowly lowering herself to feel his cock right against her pussy. She groaned as she felt his hand give way to let her pussy feel the contact of his member, the thick meat sliding between her legs, just on the outside of her vagina.

Her breasts were up against Mr Lim's face now, and she felt the stubble of his chin rubbing against her cleavage, a sign that she was dealing with a real man, not one of those boys that she made out with. The hairs on her neck stood up at the pleasure of his mouth slowly sucking on her skin.

Involuntarily, Clarissa felt her hips start to grind against his cock, the thick meat sliding up and down against her pussy, assistes by her natural lubrication, probbably leaking down onto Mr Lim's cock, mixing his precum and her wetness.

As Mr Lim took her nipple into her mouth, Clarissa jerked forward with the sudden spike in pleasure, her veins running with liquid pleasure. With that jerk, she felt his cock slide into position over her widening vagina, which was gladly inviting him into her velvetly embrace.

She felt the head pop in bit by bit, feeling the familar stretch of her flesh as she accomodated him. Yet it all felt as if she was a virgin all over again, his thick cock straining against the tightness of her pussy, one which was more used to the cocks of boys who were still undergoing puberty.

Clarissa felt full before the head of his cock was even fully in, and she was surprised she could feel even fuller, even more satisfied. Mr Lim did not hurry, as if somehow he knew how tight a pussy of a teenage girl would feel like with an adult cock for the first time.

Clarissa felt a pop as his cock sunk into her, and the rest of the shaft slowly followed, the folds of her pussy slowly sliding over the veins of his member.

With each centimetre of flesh that slid into her, she felt more and more satisfied, feeling Mr Lim's cock reach into her further than anything ever could. It was like an itch that she could not scratch by herself.

She groaned as she finally felt herself sit down fully onto his cock, her butt on top of his balls.

Clarissa slowly eased herself to and fro, feeling the large pulsing member stroke the walls of the warm cavern between her legs. Clarissa slid herself up and down as she has practiced before, feeling again and again the cock hitting into her deepest regions.

She moaned and groaned, building herself up to an oragsm. For once, she felt her legs weaken and tingles along her inner thighs, pleasant and ticklish. Mr Lim full cock plunged into her, each thrust emitting the audible slapping sound of sex.

As she feel herself reach an orgasm, her pussy clenching itself over Mr Lim's cock, squeezing tight on it. She feel his cock tense up as well, as Mr Lim started to ejaculate into her. The warm semen started to hit her inside, mixing with her fluids.

Clarissa groaned as the waves of pleasure rushed over her, as her mind almost went blank from the sheer release. She leaned into Mr Lim, holding his head to her breasts for support, as she felt her legs give way to her weight.

As she feel her breaths coming back to her, she basked in the afterglow of the orgasm, feeling Mr Lim's cock throb inside her, the last drops of cum spilling into her, inside her very fertile womb.

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